Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2960


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“pu! “

At the same time the statue exploded, the illusionary Luo suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, and his face was instantly pale to the extreme, and the whole person withdrew a dozen steps in succession before regaining stability. Body shape.

“How is it possible!”

Standing in shape, his eyes are still filled with unbelievable colors: “My Curse Killing technique was actually broken by this guy!”

“This person is so capable!”

Not only the Fantasia Luo, but the rest of the Hemo Sect also showed a terrified look.

Among the five of them, Bianluo Luo’s strength is enough to be ranked third, and the magic spells he masters are very strange, you can’t guard against it. You once killed countless powerhouses at the same level, but today , But it was broken by Lin Yu so easily!

“Look at me!”

next moment, the powerhouse coldly snorted holding the three hell dog statues, quickly chanting the weird incantation, then bowed at the Three Headed Hound statue in hell, a touch of blood light, and suddenly looked from the eyes of the Three Headed Hound in hell Emerged from the eyes.


The terrifying aura spreads like a communication with the Nine Netherlands, the mists are tumbling, the wind is blowing, and a silhouette of the Three Headed Hound emerges in it, rushing to Lin Yu like black lightning!

“merely this!”

In the face of the culling of the Three Headed Hound in this hell, Lin Yu looked indifferent. Although the speed of the opponent was amazing, his reaction was faster, immediately counter-attacked!


A fierce burst of sword light, containing an amazing baleful qi, instantly splits the endless haze, such as Flying Sword from the sky, and directly cuts the three headed Hound of that hell into two!

Deng deng deng!

Not far away, the powerhouse groaned quickly exploded in shape, and at the same time, the surface of the Three Headed Hound statue in his hand also showed signs of one after another fragmentation.

“Hei Mo, is this the only way?”

Lin Yu’s cold voice sounded after the two forced to retreat to Fantasia Luo, and suddenly the Fantasia Luo and the others were furious.

Even in the dark and dark holy world ranked second in the Mingguang Ten Realms, the Hemo religion is the second Great Influence. It has always been overbearing, no one dared to provoke easily, but now, in this trifling Chixiao holy world , Was actually underestimated instead?

“You are in courting death!”

The icy voice sounded, and all four of them, including Fantasia Luo, took a step forward, and they had to join forces to attack Lin Yu.

“All back!”

But at this moment, the leader of the Hemo Church coldly shouted, Sen Leng’s voice rang out: “I haven’t seen such an arrogant guy in a long time, and dare to provoke my majesty, this person, I personally Come deal!”


Hearing these words, all four of them, such as Bianhua Luo, were heart shivered with cold, and then they all sneered, looking at Lin Yu’s eyes, as if they were looking at a dead person.

Be able to become the leader of several of them. The strength of the leader of the Hemo religion is naturally extremely out of the ordinary. His name is Jiri, which is only one step away from the Perfection Realm. He is also a priest of the Hemo religion. Direct Disciple!

Know that the Patriarch of the Hemo religion is at least the powerhouse of the true holy level. As the direct disciple of the powerhouse of the true holy power, the means mastered by Chanri Luo is naturally out of the ordinary, and it is almost invincible in the same rank The presence!

“Boy, from the moment you provoke my Hemoism, you are already a dead man!”

next moment, Kanjiro’s eyes turned to Lin Yu, Morineng opened the mouth and said: “Of course, before you die, I will dig out all the secrets from you!”

While speaking, his eyes suddenly flooded with a thick black light, and there was a black roulette slowly rotating, like six grinding discs, emitting a horrible aura.

“Six Seals of Heaven and Man, Seal of Eyes!”

The icy great shout sounded, and the black roulette hong long long in his eyes turned, and a black divine light burst out, unable to dodge at all, and Lin Yu was enveloped in an instant.

In an instant, Lin Yu only feels that he has fallen into the endless darkness, which is somewhat similar to the previous Curse Killing method that binds the magical Luo, but this feeling is still more clear and obvious!

In the endless darkness, Lin Yu can no longer see anything. His vision is deprived, and he can only feel endless depression and despair.

“Six Seals of Heaven and Man, Seal of Ears!”

Chen Rilu’s indifferent voice sounded again. In an instant, Lin Yu’s hearing was also directly deprived. He seemed to be isolated from the whole world, and he could not see or hear it. The feeling of despair and depression became More obvious.

“Six Seals of Heaven and Man, Nose Sealing!”

“Six Sealing Techniques of Heaven and Man, Sealing Your Tongue!”

“Six Seals of Heaven and Man, Sealing Yourself!”

Later, Jian Riluo shouted again, Lin Yu’s five senses were completely deprived, he could no longer feel everything from the outside world, the whole world seemed to be left alone, this feeling was normal enough The cultivator was crazy, Divine Soul broke up directly!

However, in this endless despair, Lin Yu seems not to be affected by the slightest, the soul is still very stable, and there is no meaning of collapse.

After all, from Lin Yu cultivation to the present, I have experienced countless wind and rain grinding, and cultivated a cultivation technique such as Ningyi Jue. Soul Willpower’s tenacious degree is not comparable to that of ordinary cultivators. Even the five senses are deprived. , Is not enough to really affect him.


In this scene, Zhanri Luo’s face sank, and soon said with a sneer: “Six Seals of Heaven and Man, Seal of Consciousness!”


Another black divine light erupted from the roulette in his eyes. Under the envelope of this black light, Lin Yu’s consciousness seemed to have been sealed off in a separate Heaven and Earth, separated from Divine Physique .

At this moment, he could not even feel his fleshy body, let alone manipulate his body!

“Your will is indeed tenacious, but you can’t even control your Divine Physique. What can you change?”

Looking at Lin Yu, whose eyes lost their luster and falling into a muddled state, a frosty rays of light emerged in the eyes of Kanjiro, and he sneered and said: “send you off!”

While speaking, he moved towards Lin Yu, either fast nor slow, and there was a black mist in his palm, which turned into one black blade, and the cold aura suddenly spread out.

“Blood You!”

Seeing this scene, Lan Yuan and several others’ faces suddenly changed.

Although apart from Lan Yuan, their relationship with Lin Yu has broken down, but if Lin Yu is beheaded, then a few of them can’t escape the fall. At this moment, they naturally are Don’t want to see Lin Yu killed!

“Blood secluded, wake up quickly!”

One after another great shout sounded at the same time, however, no matter how they shouted, Lin Yu, who had been deprived of the six senses, could not hear their shouts at all.

In a blink of an eye, Jiri is already less than three feet away from Lin Yu, and the black blade in his hand is already raised!

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