Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2961


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“Blood You!”

This scene made Lan Yuan and the others show their despair.

Jiang Luo has now approached Lin Yu and even raised the black blade in his hand, but Lin Yu still hasn’t regained consciousness, which means that Lin Yu is probably unable to escape!


Jiang Riluo’s black blade was about to fall off, but at this moment, an amazing sword chant suddenly burst out, and then, the fierce Sword Intent went straight to the sky, and it was torn apart in an instant. The sky!

At the critical moment, the holy sword in Lin Yu’s hands suddenly shook violently, and the monstrous baleful qi burst out. For a time, the whole Heaven and Earth was full of amazing Sword Intent.

Divine Sword is spirited. In the old days, the Moyu Skeleton helped Lin Yu re-sacrifice the Shengyuan Sword, and established a special connection between Lin Yu and the Shengyuan Sword.

Now, as Lin Yu is about to be robbed, Sheng Yuan Jian feels, and a monstrous Sword Intent erupts. Lin Yu is to be awakened!


In an endless dark space, Lin Yu’s consciousness suddenly felt a call originating from the soul. At the same time, he faintly felt that the dark space around him seemed to show a trace of fragmentation. .

Although the trace of the crack is extremely slight, under normal circumstances it is simply imperceptible, but with Lin Yu’s powerful Soul Willpower, it immediately sensed the crack!

“It’s the Holy Sword!”

In his heart, a clear comprehension was born in an instant, and then a burst of light erupted in his eyes. Since Shengyuan Sword had already shot him a chance, he had no reason to let this opportunity pass!

“Alaya knows the sword!”

He was loudly shouted, and an invisible sword light suddenly broke out, slashing to the surrounding Dark Space.

Although the fleshy body and consciousness are isolated, Alaya’s knowledge of the sword itself is an invisible sword qi, and it can be used without the fleshy body. The fierce sword light explodes, and the surrounding Dark Space is suddenly broken crazy!

ka-cha! ka-cha!

One after another The loud noise keeps coming, and in a short while, the Dark Space is completely broken!


At the same time, Lin Yu’s great shout kept ringing, and the invisible sword light spread to all directions. The space that sealed his five consciousnesses, such as his eyes and ears, exploded. It’s recovered!


next moment, his eyes suddenly opened, and the dazzling rays of light burst out of his eyes, and at this moment, the black blade in the hand of Jiri was just moved towards him and he fell!

“get lost!”

The icy drink sounded, Lin Yu made a counterattack in an instant, that Shengyuanjian seemed to be integrated with his whole person, and the amazing sword light exploded, which directly smashed the hands of Jangri black blade!

“pu! “

Not only that, but the fierce sword light was directly chopped on the body of Jangri, a blood flower bloomed, and at the chest of Jangri was directly chopped into a huge sword scar, even The heart is almost pierced!

“Damn, go!”

Jan Riluo complexion greatly changed, he never imagined that Lin Yu could actually crack his six-man technique of Heaven and Man at a critical moment, and almost hit him hard!

Without any hesitation, he directly broke a scroll. The Six Seals of Heaven and Man is already the strongest tool he has mastered. If he can’t even handle Lin Yu with this method, he will only stay. Is the defeated party!

“Let’s go!”

Seeing this, Bianluo Luo and the others are also in full color, and then the same moment is to break a scroll, the next moment is to disappear in place with Longi Luoqiqi.

“Going fast enough!”

This scene made Lin Yu look dull. He had originally not at all planned to let Jiri and the others so easily, but the other party was decisive enough, saw that the situation was far from good and fled immediately, He couldn’t force him to stay.

However, after this battle, he also realized that although his strength reached the Peak level of the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment, in the Taiping mining area, the powerhouse that could threaten him is still not less.

Like this Jiri, if there is no summon of the holy element sword, he is probably already folded into the opponent’s hand, and similar to the powerhouse of this level of Jiri, although there will not be too many, but it will not be less Where to go.

Obviously, he will continue to improve his strength!

“Xueyou, this time many thanks you!”

next moment, a deep voice suddenly sounded, and I saw Yu Wenfeng and the others looking awkwardly at Lin Yu, his eyes full of complexity.

In the beginning, they were abandoned by Lin Yu because of the threat of the Black God robber group, but now Lin Lin’s strength is far more than all of them, and just saved the lives of several of them just now.

“No need to thank me.”

Looking like this, Lin Yu’s expression was extremely bland. He shook the head and said: “This time, the grievances between us will be regarded as a total cancellation. Since then, if you have any troubles, I will not Ignore it.”

“Brother Lan Yuan.”

Lin Yu’s eyes were on Lan Yuan, and he said, “If you want to, then you can cultivate with me.”

“No need.”

Hearing this, Lan Yuan slightly startedled and immediately shook his head: “I am a member of Feng Liling after all. If I leave this, I am sorry for Lord Fengli’s kindness to me.”

“even more how, the strength gap between you and me is too big. If I force you to act with you, I can only become a burden.”

“It’s okay.”

Lin Yu ordered nodded. He knew that what Lan Yuan said was fact. When even taking out a communication sound stone, he said: “If you have any trouble, you can find me through this communication sound stone. I will Try your best to come.”

After finishing, Lin Yu did not stay in place any more. After saying goodbye to Lanyuan, he left.


This scene made Yu Wenfeng’s faces complex, but he couldn’t say anything.

In all fairness, Lin Yu is absolutely righteous to them. Instead, it is them. I am afraid that they will be even better than Lin Yu. If you want to blame them, you can only blame them for their poor vision. I chose to abandon Lin Yu.


In the next time, Lin Yu is still in the Golden Holy Mountain, he has encountered several waves of powerhouse, but with his current strength, these waves of powerhouse can not pose any threat to him.

At the same time, in the process, Lin Yu got some chances again, which which is included two incomplete divine medicines, some precious spirit materials that have the effect of enhancing the holy sword, and a sword inscribed with several swords Scar’s Divine Tablet.

With the help of these opportunities, Lin Yu’s strength is continuously improving steadily, and his reputation has gradually spread.


The time is in a hurry, and more than half a month has passed. On this day, mutation suddenly emerged, and a thick bloody lightning suddenly landed, tearing the sky, as if splitting the entire Holy Mountain!

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