Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2962


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Heavy bloody lightning bolts shattered, as if the entire sky had been shattered open. At the same time, the pouring rain poured down, bright red and glistening, with a strong bloody smell, bloody rain!

Blood rain, like Heaven and Earth crying, this scene is extremely weird, so that everyone in Holy Mountain is chilling, and only feels the scalp tingling.

next moment, under everyone’s horrifying eyes, in the pouring blood rain, an extremely magnificent and huge ancient city emerged, and the majestic aura filled out, flooding the whole Heaven and Earth!


Looking at the ancient city in the blood rain, everyone’s mind is more horrified, and the heart is really terrified.

The ancient city, as if it had come from the distant immemorial era, exudes a very ancient and majestic aura, its surface is stained with countless blood, and I don’t know how many epochs have been experienced Scattered.

At the same time, there are many broken marks on the city wall of this ancient city, and some broken weapons are embedded on the city wall. The aura emitted by those weapons is also terrifying!


Long feeling the aura of the broken weapon, Lin Yu could not help holding breath cold air.

The weapons, he feels no less inferior to the weapons like the halberd in the broken ship, and even better.

There is no doubt that these weapons were once terrifying existence, even if they are now broken, but they are still not touchable by the quasi-holy powerhouse.

The ancient city is obviously the same as the broken ship, all with heaven-shaking, earth-shattering!


Under the shocking eyes of Lin Yu and the others, in the pouring blood rain, the huge ancient city gradually fell. With a loud noise, the ancient city had fallen to the deepest part of Holy Mountain.

At the same time, the pouring blood rain all around suddenly dissipated, and in a moment it completely dissipated in between Heaven and Earth, just like the rain and the sky, and nothing happened just now.

However, the ancient city, still located in the deepest part of Holy Mountain, proves that all this is not an illusion!


Without much hesitation, Lin Yu even swept in the direction of the ancient city.

A moment later, Lin Yu’s figure appeared in front of the ancient city. Beside him, hundreds of cultivators also arrived here. Each and everyone looked solemnly at the ancient city in front of them.

“This ancient city is afraid of ominousness!”

An old man with a dignified face and a deep voice said to himself: “Blood rain, Heaven and Earth cry, what is the origin of this ancient city, and how dangerous is it inside?”

His self-talk was not loud, but it was clearly communicated, making everyone present shivered with cold.

It is true that this ancient city’s appearance is indeed very strange, even a little infiltrating, even if everyone is a quasi-holy level powerhouse, this is also full of fear.

The old man sighed before. He stopped staying at the city gate and turned to walk along the streets of ancient city.

Not only this old man, but at the same time, dozens of people like Lin Yu also moved.

Since then the road has been cut off, it doesn’t make much sense to stay here and complain about it. At the moment, they have only one way out. They are to explore this ancient city!

Under the leadership of Lin Yu and the others, the rest of them also reacted, no matter what kind of hatred they had before, at this moment, under all unknown circumstances, the people have maintained a rare peace and moved towards Go ahead carefully.

“en? What is that?”

Just a moment later, a low voice sounded, and Lin Yu and the others all changed color suddenly, looking forward together.

There, a group of Yin Soldiers wearing black armor, with a cold and ruthless face and no human emotion, walked slowly in black war and appeared in front of everyone!

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