Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2963


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A group of ancient Yin Soldier expressionless, the black armor and warring are rusty, exuding the ancient aura, there is no sound during the movement, the direction of moved towards Lin Yu and the others came slowly .

“Not good!”

In a flash, Lin Yu and the others’ hairs stood upright.

The Yin Soldier, not at all exudes a terrible aura, and it can even be said that there is no sense of existence, but at this moment, they all have a feeling of have one’s hair stand on end, as if being cold. The poisonous snake is staring at me!

For a time, many people were able to bear backwards. However, the street they were on happened to be a one-way street. Anyway, they would be impossible to avoid the oncoming Yin Soldier. !


Under the turmoil, many people could not help moving towards the sides of the street, and at this moment, a terrible cry suddenly sounded.

A blue-haired middle-aged woman, one foot has just left the street, and a palm full of black animal hair emerges, directly pulling the blue-haired middle-aged woman away from the street!


This scene changed everyone’s color, and many cultivators who were close to the edge of the street, even if they retreated.

However, there were still a few people who responded a little slower, and in a few moments, a few black animal hair palms suddenly appeared, dragging them all into the sides of the street.

next moment, the figure of those people with black animal hair palms all disappeared in the sight of everyone, as if it was directly disappear from the face of the earth.

These scenes are really weird to the extreme. What makes people have one’s hair stand on end is the next moment, which is very gloomy, like the sound of some kind of creature chewing on flesh and blood!


Everyone felt scalp tingling for a while, even Lin Yu did not change color, and his heart was awe-inspiring.

The sudden disappearance of the blue-haired middle-aged woman and the others, the palm full of black animal hair, and the sound of biting the flesh, although they did not see it with their own eyes, they can also guess what happened.

This ancient city is really not a good place!

“Don’t leave this street!”

The old man said in a deep voice again. His name is Yushang. Although he is a Loose Cultivator, its strength is quite weak. It is only one step away from the quasi-Sheng Perfection, and it is also an Array Dao. Master, there is a lot of fame in the entire Chixiao Holy World.

“An independent space mezzanine is hidden outside this street. Normally, it will be isolated from this street, but once you step out of this street, the creatures in the space mezzanine will be able to shoot and drag me into In the space mezzanine.”

Yu Shang’s facial expression grave quickly made a judgment, and Lin Yu also secretly nodded.

He and Yushang made the same judgment. In this street, they are still safe, but once they leave this street, even if they only take a step, they are afraid that they will not be in control.

“Since this is the case, what should I do now?”

One of the crowds was pale, unable to bear opened the mouth and said: “Those Yin Soldiers are already very close to us, I don’t think it’s a casual presence!”

“Try to lean on the edge of the street and make way for those Yin Soldiers!”

Yu Shang’s voice began to speak, but the voice hadn’t fallen yet. Lin Yu and the others had already retreated to the sides, and the others looked at each other in blank dismay. At the edge.

When the crowd stood up, the Yin Soldiers were already less than ten zhang away from the crowd. They lined up and occupied almost the entire street, even the crowds on the edge of the street, and the Yin on the far side. Soldiers are only less than an inch away!

At this moment, everyone’s minds are tense, and they are too close to those Yin Soldiers, and they can even feel the cold aura emitted from the other person, even with their own body, there is a kind of Feeling frozen.

Everyone held their breath and did not dare to move at all. I was afraid that a little carelessness would attract the attention of these Yin Soldiers, so that they would provoke surprises for themselves!

Fortunately, these Yin Soldiers seem not at all to notice the presence of the crowd. They are holding war warriors and walking slowly in the streets. Under the intense gaze of the crowd, they quickly passed through the crowd. The place.

Later, these Yin Soldiers seem to have stepped into some unknown space, and they have disappeared directly into the eyes of everyone, as if they have never appeared before!


Seeing this, the crowd finally sighed in relief, and at the same time could not help but feel terrified.

Although those Yin Soldiers have disappeared, everything seems to be unsurprising, but this is also a lucky element. If those Yin Soldiers discover them, what will the results be, I am afraid no one can say clearly.

In short, after experiencing this accidental change, everyone became more cautious, daring not to have the slightest care, moving carefully towards the front.

A moment later, a group of Yin Soldiers appeared in front of the crowd. They moved towards them, and when they saw it, they waited until someone spoke, and everyone consciously retreated to the sides of the street.


In the process of retreating to the edge of the street, Lin Yu’s thoughts suddenly moved, and his eyes suddenly became dignified.

“Someone has moved!”

A burst of cold light erupted in his eyes, and he instantly noticed the space fluctuations in front of him.

Although the fluctuations in this space are extremely weak, the general cultivator can’t even detect it, but as an Array Dao Master, such fluctuations can’t be concealed from him.

This is a miniature Transmission Array method. Although the effect is extremely weak, it can only send a person out of a distance of two or three steps. Under normal circumstances, it is nothing at all, but at the moment, it is extremely malicious!

It is conceivable that if Lin Yu accidentally stepped into it, he would be transported out of this street, even if it was only half a step away, he would fall into the footsteps of the previous people and be black hair Drag your palm into the space mezzanine!


His eyes were cold, but it was not at all opening. Between his fingers, an invisible vein of divine force diffused, quickly destroying the tiny Transmission Array method. At the same time, his Soul Power diffused out, Sensing the source of that spatial fluctuation.

“It’s him!”

next moment, Lin Yu looked at a hunched old man not far away, and his eyes suddenly became extremely cold.

This humpback old man, standing beside the two, He Mo and He Zi Na, is the Jiang Master of the Black God Robber Group!

Obviously, it was he who quietly used the method to lay the Transmission Array method in front of Lin Yu. He wanted to use this street to kill Lin Yu in an unconsciously way. This kind of thought was extremely poisonous!

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