Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2964


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“If you want to kill me with the help of the environment here, then you must use your own way and return your own body!”

Lin Yu’s eyes were cold, even if there was a decision.

His fingers flicked slightly, the invisible divine force veins spread out, and a micro Transmission Array method was quickly placed in front of the hunchback old man, and this Array was even more secret than the other party’s previous arrangement.

Even if the hunched old man is an Array Dao Master, he barely noticed that one foot had already stepped in the air, and it was about to fall.


But at this moment, an extremely ominous hunch suddenly poured out of his heart, making him stop forcibly, and his face became ugly.

After all, he is not an ordinary Array Dao Master. At the critical moment, he finally realized the existence of the miniature Transmission Array method, and he stepped back from the gates of hell!

“It’s you!”

His eyes were instantly locked in Lin Yu, and the pupil light was extremely cold. However, the Yin Soldier in front was already very close to everyone. After all, he didn’t dare to attack. After destroying the micro Transmission Array method, Is standing on the edge of the street.


next moment, the group of Yin Soldier slowly passed by the crowd, the cold aura spread, and finally, disappeared at the end of the street.

“Blood You, you shameless scum!”

Seeing that all Yin Soldiers have disappeared, the hunched old man When even stepping out, he pointed to Lin Yu, showing his indignation and anger, shouted: “In this ancient city, life and death are unknown, everything It’s an unknown number. I should have worked with a common purpose and worked together.”

“However, just now, when those Yin Soldiers walked towards me, you secretly used your means and wanted to send me out of this street, your vicious heart!”


As soon as this remark came out, many people around him changed their faces, and their eyes fell on Lin Yu in an instant.

The secret showdown between Lin Yu and the hunchback old man is extremely secret after all, and the rest of the people didn’t notice it. At this moment, when they heard the hunchback old man’s words, they were subconsciously born with fear.

Everyone knows that there is a great danger hidden outside the street. Once it is outside the street, it is almost mortal. In this case, such secret calculations are obviously unacceptable to everyone. thing!


Looking at the eyes that everyone looked at, Lin Yu’s face did not change. He looked coldly at the humpback old man and said: “Who is the one who counts the other? Are you unclear?”

“Now, you have turned your head around and raked in, and the people of the Black God robber band, don’t even have a face?”

“You dare to insult me ​​Black God Robber Group!”

Beside the old man with hunchback, Yi Mo’s face sank, coldly said: “Jiang Master is the famous Array Dao Master in the entire Yuantian mining area. In his capacity, is it still necessary to secretly calculate you?”

“Obviously, you secretly failed to master Jiang Master, and in turn wanted to slander Jiang Master’s reputation.

“Well, I think it makes sense!”

Not far away, a black robed man suddenly opened his mouth, he is the leader of the Hemo Sect, Zhira, said with a sneer: “I have had some dealings with this person, this guy is not good I’m not surprised that I’m doing something secretly about others!”

“You, I am now in this ancient city, and I am already taking great risks. If I still want to mention the secret calculations of the people on the side of self-protection, wouldn’t it be too sad?”

next moment, another person spoke, and there was a purple black petal in his eyebrows, which was a powerhouse from Void Cult!

“I think that for such a person, we should first clear him out in advance, so as to save the future, and unconsciously be calculated by others!”

He was expressionless, his voice seemed extremely calm, but it was a terrifying murderous intention.

Sure enough, as soon as this remark came out, many people looked towards Lin Yu’s eyes full of fear and hostility.

It’s not unreasonable to examine the words of the and the others. By now, it’s not important how the matter really matters. The key is that a guy with the ability to calculate others, for everyone, is It is a huge threat!


Lin Yu’s eyes became colder as he felt the eyes of everyone.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or something. The Black God Robber Group, Hemo Sect, and Void Cult, these three forces that have hatred against him stand up at the same time and work together to target him, and invisible, it is indeed Let him become the object of hostility!

“Is it bloody?”

A deep voice sounded, and a square-faced big man looked at Lin Yu, said solemnly: “Whether you should give me an explanation about everything just now!”


Lin Yu shook the head, said indifferently: “I should have said what I said. Previously, it was Master Na Jiang who secretly calculated with me and wanted to send me out of the street, but I just made a normal counterattack. that’s all .”

“I believe everything that Xueyou said!”

next moment, that Yushang’s voice suddenly rang, and his face was solemn, saying: “Just now, I did feel the fluctuation of the Transmission Array method. I can testify that it was indeed the Master of Jiang who calculated the blood first. You!”


As soon as this remark came out, a lot of people were shocked, and the looks of the Mo and the others also changed instantly.

If it is others who say this, they may not care, but Yushang is the famous Array Dao Master in the entire Chixiao Holy Realm, and as a Loose Cultivator, it will not be biased towards a certain force.

Previously, the judgment he made also helped everyone avoid the Yin Soldier robbery, and it has a certain prestige among the people. His words still have great credibility.

“According to what you said, the guy who plots against others secretly should be cleared out first.”

He looked to the Mo and the others, indifferently said: “If so, should you clean up this Jiang Master first and then say?”

“Yu Shang, you have to think clearly before you speak!”

Qian Mo’s complexion became extremely gloomy, coldly said: “Just stigmatizing Jiang Master’s reputation, this is not a trivial matter, do you want to fight my black god robber group?”

“I think you are arrogant and arrogant!”

Yu Shang coldly snorted, looking at the rest of the people, opened the mouth and said: “Which one is not notorious, the Black God Robbers, Hemo Cult, Void Cult, do you believe their words?”


After hearing this, many people were shaken, and one of them was unable to bear to say: “This black god robber group has always done evil things. The so-called Jiang Master is not at all. What a good thing, his words are not trustworthy at all!”

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