Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2965


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“I agree!”

After one person spoke, the rest of the crowd no longer flinched, when even someone opened the mouth and said: “At the beginning, the sect I was in was secretly calculated by this so-called Jiang Master, and the entire sect was in one night. In between.”

“The so-called Master is just the name that’s all forcibly installed by the Black God Robbers. This is simply a butcher, a scum!”


“Black God Robber Group, Hemo Cult, Void Cult, all are not trustworthy!”

one after another The sound kept ringing, and for a time, the faces of both Mo and the others all became extremely difficult to look at.

Originally, they had guided everyone to point their finger at Lin Yu, and it seemed that they would succeed, but because of his relationship with Yushang, everything had been abandoned, but instead they were met with hostility from the crowd and seemed to become Out of the crowd!

“You, at this time, do you want to go to war?”

As the medicinal smell of fire between the people became more and more heavy, finally a peacemaker came out, opened the mouth and said: “If you have a war, this street has an accident, all of us Can’t escape!”

“No matter what the contradictions are, it is not a time when you are going to do a lot of work, at least, you have to wait until the safety zone!”

After that, several people stood up one after another, gradually letting everyone calm down.

It’s true that things have come to this step, and then continue to give tit for tat. It’s not a good thing for everyone. Even if you are dissatisfied in your heart, at this moment, you can only temporarily put aside these emotions.

Under the mediation of those people, everyone stopped talking, and finally, the two factions were entirely different and continued moving towards the front.

Of course, as the fuse of this matter, the Liang Zi between the Lin Yu and the Black God Robbers is undoubtedly deeper. It can be said that they are incompatible as fire and water between the two parties. Once there is a chance, There must be a life and death!


After a while, everyone’s footsteps stopped suddenly. The road ahead of them gradually opened up, and there was an empty space in front of them. The scene in it made everyone feel shocked.

The huge open space is full of corpses, most of which have been weathered, only a small part of them are also decayed, and I don’t know how long they have been through.

Among the large corpses, there are hundreds of stone tablets. Each stone tablet has at least thousands of Zhang high, standing like a huge mountain, exuding an ancient and amazing aura.

On each stone tablet, there are divine patterns, Trident out of the sea, four swords hanging upside down in the air, and a treasure tree with colorful rays of light…

Different patterns appear on the stone tablet. However, the surface of the stone tablet has cracks and it has experienced the endless years of wear and tear, and it is difficult to see in many places.

Although the pattern is generally complete, it obviously loses its core charm, but even so, it still contains a great mystery, which instantly shocked everyone on the scene!

“These stone tablets…”

Everyone’s eyes burst into a gleam, and their eyes were quickly attracted to different stone tablets. Even if several people were subconsciously close to the stone tablet in front, they wanted to feel the proximity of them in close proximity. mystery.

Boom! boom! boom!

However, when they stepped away from the stone tablet less than ten zhang, an invisible force suddenly diffused, and then, the few people had no time to make any response, and the figure was directly burst. Come on!

Blood mist diffused into the stone tablet quickly, and then merged into the stone tablet, as if nothing had happened, this kind of picture suddenly let many people start heart startled, subconsciously backward .

“As long as it is not close to those stone tablets, far from comprehend, it should not matter.”

But soon, Yu Shang and several other Array Dao Masters made a judgment. Immediately, everyone was looking for their respective comprehend goals, and they were comprehend on their knees.

In this, Lin Yu also quickly found his comprehend target, which is the stone tablet inscribed with four swords.

The four-handed sword is hanging upside down in the air, the sword is long and narrow, and it is extremely fierce. Although it is only a stone tablet, it can be seen through the stone tablet, but it can still feel the Sword Intent, which is enough to sweep between the Exterminating Heaven and Earth. all.

If it hadn’t lost its charm, these four swords might be more terrifying. The powerhouse of the quasi-saint level might not be eligible for comprehend!

“Get started.”

Soon, Lin Yu has been completely immersed in it. Although there is a long distance away, invisible, he and the stone tablet seem to form some kind of tacit agreement, aura faintly merges into one.


next moment, the four-handed sword in the stone tablet turned out to be like a recovery. The crisp sword cry sound was resounded. Then, a streak of divine light rushed out of the stone tablet and instantly integrated into it. The saint Yuan sword in Lin Yu’s hand.

The amazing Sword Intent broke out, and in an instant, the baleful qi emitted from the surface of the Shengyuan sword was nearly twice as rich as before, and its aura became more tyrannical!

Not only that, Lin Yu’s mind is filled with endless feelings, all kinds of Sword Art emerged in his heart, so that he instantly entered a state of sudden enlightenment.

After a breath, an amazing divine light erupted in his eyes. Although it seemed that it was only sudden enlightenment to take a breathing time, in fact, he spent almost half a year in his mind.

With this sudden enlightenment, his strength has once again improved a lot, and with the Divine Light’s Holy Sword, his current strength has almost reached the extreme of the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment level. Possible breakthrough to the quasi-perfect Perfection level!

“Unfortunately, this place is not suitable for shots!”

Immediately, Lin Yu looked at the Mo and the others not far away, a cold color flashed in his eyes.

With his current strength, he is completely confident of killing the flow of Fimo and Master Jiang, even if he is facing the Three Great Influences such as the Black God Robber Group, Black Mojiao, Void Cult, etc. at the same time. fear.

Unfortunately, when it is indeed not time to shoot, he hooked the head, after all, he converged the killing intent in his heart.

“This guy has such luck!”

At the same time, Qi Mo and the others also noticed the change of Lin Yu’s aura. For a time, their faces became more gloomy.

The stronger Lin Yu is, the less good news is for them, but, for the same reason, they can only forcefully kill their killing intent.

Of course, it is not only Lin Yu who has benefited from those stone tablets. With the ebbing of time, people are constantly acquiring different opportunities, and their strength has been improved at different levels.

dong! dong! dong!

At this moment, the sound of one after another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering suddenly sounded from the depths of the ancient city, as if countless war drums were beating!

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