Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2966


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dong! dong! dong!

The loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering keeps coming, like countless war drums throbbing, solemn killing aura rushes out from the depths of the ancient city, like the autumn wind scattered leaves, making the whole ancient city tremble !

Not only that, even everyone’s heart was beating violently, the amplitude of the beating turned out to be exactly the same as the sound of the drum of war, and it was almost to burst!


next moment, everyone’s face changed dramatically. With the amazing sound of drums, a team of Yin Soldier emerged from different directions, except for the direction of the stone tablet, completely surrounding them.

And unlike before, the Yin Soldiers were all expressionless before, as if they couldn’t sense the presence around them, but now they are all murderous-looking, holding up the war Ge in their hands, they are instantly eyeing Lin Yu and the others.


Afterwards, countless Yin Soldiers rushed out in unison, and the monstrous aura swept up like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, and the murderous aura went straight to the sky, so that Lin Yu and the others’ minds were all It was trembling!

“Not good!”

This scene changed everyone’s color. When these Yin Soldiers exuded their own auras, they were really violent to the extreme. Only the auras, dozens of people who were shocked were unable to stand still!

Know that being able to stand here is almost a powerhouse of quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level, but even this aura is almost unbearable, enough to see the terrifying places of these Yin Soldier!


next moment, those Yin Soldiers were already rushed to a distance of less than 50 zhang from everyone. I saw Yin Soldier loudly shouted at the forefront, waving the war in their hands together, the horrible divine glow suddenly broke out, strikes To Lin Yu and the others.

Boom! boom! boom!

In a flash, more than twenty people’s figures burst directly, and in front of that terrible divine glow, there was no resistance at all!


This scene makes the rest of the people even more terrified. Those Yin Soldiers have not rushed in front of them, just a rush of a few ten zhang apart, which directly caused more than 20 people to fall. Such strength is unavoidable. It’s too scary!

“What to do!”

“It’s finished!”

For a time, many people’s faces were showing despair. At the moment, the direction around them was surrounded by Yin Soldier. The only direction without Yin Soldier was where the stone tablets were, the same It is a dead end!

“There is another way…over the sky!”

Several bursts of light erupted in the eyes of several of them. Even if their shapes rose into the sky, however, their shapes had just been swept up and they saw an invisible ripple spreading out.

Then, with the sound of “pu”, the figures of the powerhouses all exploded into a cloud of mist, dissipating in the void!


Yu Shang, Lin Yu and the others loudly shouts. In the strange and strange Domain, flying at random is a taboo. The practice of these people can be described as a panic, directly burying their lives, and may even harm all the rest. people.

Fortunately, after those few people were killed, the invisible ripples dissipated. However, the biggest threat of the people was not lifted at all. The large number of Yin Soldiers were already rushed to them!


The shouting shouts kept ringing, and in just a few moments, more than twenty powerhouses were penetrated by the battle war in the hands of Yin Soldier. They were raised up and then burst into bursts.

But before and after two breaths were lost, nearly fifty powerhouses had fallen into the hands of this group of Yin Soldiers!

“Damn it!”

“How could this be!”

one after another The roar of despair sounded. Previously, since they entered the ancient city, they have been regarded as panic and insecurity, but now, once the crisis breaks out, it is almost a dead end enough for everyone to annihilate!


“Fight with them!”

next moment, everyone was forced to fight countless Yin Soldiers, but the strength of these Yin Soldiers was terrifying, and the number of far surpasses was present. This was almost a one-sided slaughter!

In just a few breaths, dozens of powerhouses have been bombarded. To date, the number of powerhouses that have fallen has exceeded 100 people!

In the crowd, Lin Yu was also caught in a bitter battle. He was holding the Shengyuan sword and was constantly attacking with the Yin Soldier in front of him. At the same time, the five-handed sword surrounded him, and the sword qi was vertical and horizontal. Yin Soldier is isolated.

However, he also obviously fell into the disadvantage. Under the siege of several Yin Soldier, his situation is precarious and he may fall at any time!


At this moment, he suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart, his eyes unable to bear looking at the group of stone tablets, and finally fell on the stone tablets of the four-handed sword.

At this moment, if there is an invisible gas machine connecting him with the stone tablet, he has a feeling that he seems to be able to control the stone tablet!


With his thoughts move, the stone tablet actually trembles violently, and the four-handed upside-down sword rises into the sky, even appearing directly in the void, and the shocking Sword Intent!

Not only the stone tablet with four handles, but at the same time, there were dozens of other stone tablets trembling together, and the amazing aura surge, all kinds of pictures, appeared almost at the same time!

The waves are surging, the Trident exuding the aura is breaking out of the sea, the colorful treasure trees are swaying, exuding the blazing divine light, the lotus display of the twelve petals, the soft Buddha’s radiance pervading all directions…

All kinds of bizarre natural phenomena appeared in between Heaven and Earth, spreading to all directions, and in a few moments, hundreds of Yin Soldier scattered ashes and dispersed smoke disappeared in between Heaven and Earth!

These natural phenomena are like those of Yin Soldier. All Yin Soldiers dissipate directly, and there is no resistance at all.

next moment, the countless Yin Soldier turned around and fled, and in a blink of an eye, they receded like a tide and completely disappeared in front of everyone!


Such a scene shocked everyone in the room.

Originally, they all thought they were going to be over, but didn’t expect retrieved a life in this way, and survived the crisis with no danger.


While the mood of the people calmed down, those natural phenomena converged again, and then turned into one after another beam, which fell on different people.

Including Lin Yu, there are more than 30 people, which happens to be exactly equal to the number of stone tablets of the previous mutation, and on their palms, there is an extra mark that is exactly the same as the pattern.


After that, all the stone tablets rose into the sky, the power of terror spread out, and a blood-stained road broke apart and appeared in the sight of everyone!

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