Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2967


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Looking at the blood-stained road ahead, everyone present could not help holding breath cold air.

This path is really paved with blood. Every inch of the road is contaminated with blood. The blood is still as bright as a gem, and I don’t know how long it has been, but it has never dried up.

Not only that, but the road was covered with corpses and piled up like mountains. Unlike the corpses seen before, these corpses were extremely complete and showed no signs of fragmentation.

Among them, some of the corpse bones are as large as hills, and some are not even the size of ants, but the remaining aura is still terrifying!

“What kind of ancient city is this…”

Someone in the crowd was trembling and opened the mouth and said in a low voice.

The powerful Yin Soldier, the mysterious space interlayer, the bizarre stone tablet, and the corpse blood road in front of them. Since entering the ancient city, they have experienced incredible scenes!

“To this day, only to continue on!”

Someone brace oneself opened the mouth and said, since the moment they entered the ancient city, they have no escape route, no matter what happened, they can only continue to move forward.

“Let’s go.”

In comparison, a few people like Lin Yu and Yu Shang are still calm. They quickly suppressed their emotions and embarked on that bloody path.

wu wu wu!

As soon as I stepped on that bloody road, there was a gust of wind blowing, as stern as a night owl, and crying like a baby, and the sound seemed to have some invisible magic power, even if everyone on the scene was a quasi-holy powerhouse, I still felt Chilling all over, scalp tingling.

“Kill!” “Kill!” “Kill!”

Among the stern voice, suddenly one after another slammed, the sound seemed to originate from Ancient Battlefield, and the rushing sounds of countless sky soldiers shocked the world, causing some of them to be frightened and yelled. Suddenly, Divine Soul broke apart!

Simple rushing and killing sounds will not scare the quasi-holy level powerhouse. In fact, these sounds also contain a kind of soul-specific lethality and a weaker cultivator, which is simply unbearable!

“Jianjia is green, white dew is frost…”

next moment, a sad song sounded again, the voice was very beautiful and pleasant, but also very sad, making the heart unable to bear a great sadness.

Unconsciously, more than a dozen people were covered with tears on their faces, with a sad color, tranced away from the blood, and walked to the nearby Skeleton Mountain.

While walking towards Skeleton Mountain, their flesh and blood continued to fall off, and eventually disappeared cleanly, leaving only a corpse, which blended into the nearby Skeleton Mountain.


In this scene, the scalp of the unaffected people is numb. Unable to bear is suck in a breath of cold air.

Dignified Quasi-St. Powerhouse, it fell so quietly, and the state of death was still so miserable, but I didn’t even notice it at all. Such a scene is really terrifying.

This blood path is really strange to the extreme, it can be called a real road to death!

However, even if the heart thrills to the extreme, everyone has no retreat at all, only to continue to move forward.

Next, the roar of anger, the charge of the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, the wailing wailing, and various demon sounds emerged continuously, taking the lives of everyone present.

In the end, the price of dozens of people was paid, and all the talents finally reached the end of this bloody road!


next moment, the road in front of everyone suddenly became spacious, a huge square appeared in the sight of everyone, and the picture in the square suddenly exclaimed the remaining people.

In that huge square, stood two seven huge pillars, each of which had the diameter of several hundred zhang, and the height was unimaginable, and there was no end in sight, it seemed to be connected with void Together.

seventy two heavenspan giant pillars, exuding a magnificent aura, Heaven and Earth seem to become small in front of these auras, and on each giant pillar, there is an incomparably great shore and tall Silhouette!

The silhouettes are all cast from bronze, but they are all lifelike, as if they are no different from real people, just falling into a deep sleep.

Their looks have nothing common with each other, some have strong faces, brows are like swords, they bear four long swords, and they have aura strong enough to tear the universe, and some sit on the lotus platform, solemn and solemn , Giving an inviolable feeling.

There are also beautiful women in Tsing Yi. A blue silk falls like a waterfall at 30,000 feet. Although it is extremely beautiful, it makes people completely blasphemous.

seventy two heavenspan giant pillars represent seven different powerhouses, even if they are only bronze statues, but each one is out of the ordinary to the extreme, completely shocked everyone present !

“What is happening in this ancient city? What is the origin of these powerhouses?”

At this moment, such thoughts poured out in everyone’s hearts. There is no doubt that the existence of this ancient city is far beyond their level of contact!


At this moment, the palm of one of them suddenly showed a rays of light, and the mark left by the stone tablet was lit up.

In an instant, a strange force enveloped it, and then he rose involuntarily into the sky and integrated into one of Heavenspan Pillar’s ​​powerhouse within the body.

In an instant, the powerhouse eyebrows in Heavenspan Pillar became transparent, and the man was just in his eyebrows just now, as if he was accepting some kind of inheritance!

“This is…”

“The stone tablet imprint seems to be able to get in touch with those Heavenspan Pillars and get their inheritance!”

This scene caused a burst of brilliance in the eyes of the rest of the people. What subconsciously looked at was the dozens of people who had the stone tablet imprint.

The powerhouse among the seven Heavenspan Pillars is obviously the existence of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and their inheritance is extremely out of the ordinary. To this, who can be indifferent to the people present?

“Stop them!”

“Find a way to deprive them of the stone tablet imprint and get the chance of inheritance!”

Without any accident, the great battle broke out directly, and all powerhouses with stone tablet marks were under siege from at least a few people!

“Finally waiting for this moment!”

A icy voice sounded, and in Mo Mo’s eyes were full of killing intent, the first time was forced to Lin Yu: “Blood You, endure so long, I can finally just and honorable shot against you, Solve all grudges!”

“Blood, you damn it!”

Not far away, Hemo’s Jiro is also a step out, coldly said: “Dare to do it to me, today, no one can save you!”

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