Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2968


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“Blood You, didn’t expect you ran to Chixiao Holy World!”

At the same time, several of Void Cult’s people were also forced to Lin Yu, the leader was a purple-haired old woman, her voice was cold, and Sensen said: “The remnants of Beilin Holy World have been almost eliminated. , Waiting for you, the natives of this realm, can be completely wiped out!”


The words of the old woman with purple hair suddenly shocked Lin Yu. What does this mean? Does it mean that the stupid old man and the others left behind in the Holy Land of Beilin have an accident?

“It turned out to be from Beilin Holy World?”

“The weakest of the ten realms of Mingguang, the Beilin Holy Realm that has been captured by the vacuum Holy Realm?”

At the same time, both Jiri and Mimo and the others were also started. They did not really know the origin of Lin Yu. Only now did they finally know that next moment, their faces all sneered. Color.

“trifling a guy from Beilin Holy World, dare to be so high-profile, arrogant, and kill!”

“The chance in this ancient city is destined to be missed with you, take your life!”

In the sneer, Fan Mo, Chang Ri Luo, and the others all surrounded Lin Yu, and the rich murderous intention broke out, already locking Lin Yu’s aura.

“Then fight!”

This scene caused Lin Yu to suppress the concerns about the old man and the others, and a sharp rays of light broke out in his eyes, indifferently said: “Just right, I also intend to liquidate with you!”

Lin Yu may not have grasped at the same time without the feeling in the stone tablet, but now, even if the Three Great Influences besiege him at the same time, he has no fear at all!

“God kills!”

next moment, he directly stepped out, and actually took the initiative to kill Qi Mo and the others. His body flashed through the void like lightning, and he was extremely powerful. Of Momo!


The fierce sword light broke out, accompanied by the fierce whistling sound, moved towards Qi Mo fell down, and suddenly made his face change!

“Not good!”

His body suddenly retreated. However, this sword light completely enveloped him. No matter how he retreated, he could not escape the envelope of sword light.

Under his horrified look, the sword light fell down, carrying a destructive trend, almost cutting him directly!


His face was ugly to the extreme. When he first entered Golden Holy Mountain, he had played with Lin Yu. At that time, their strength was at the same level, but didn’t expect. Now, he is not Lin at all. Yu’s opponent!

At the same time, the faces of Chang Riluo and the others also changed slightly, and only one face-to-face, Qi Mo was almost cut by Lin Yu. Lin Yu’s strength was obviously far beyond all of them. Expected.

“This child cannot be kept!”

He Zimei’s eyes glowed with a cold glow. He originally not at all intended to participate in the grievance between Lin Yu and Fimo, but when he saw the scene in front of him, he immediately changed his mind.

“Shoot together and kill him!”

Jan Riluo and Zi Fa old woman and the others also quickly made a decision. The leaders of the Three Great Influences stepped out at the same time. The cold aura spread out, and suddenly everyone around them forced them to retreat. Subconsciously away from Lin Yu and the others.

Even among hundreds of quasi-sacred powerhouses, the alliance formed by the Three Great Influences, such as the Black God Robbers, still has a strong deterrent effect, and no one is willing to provoke them without the need!

At the same time, the rest of the powerhouses of Three Great Influences also surrounded Lin Yu, and then shot at the same time, the horrible divine force suddenly broke out!


A variety of killing moves are unfolding together, turning into a torrent of wanton torrents, and Lin Yu is instantly enveloped in it. Among them, three such as He Ziming are the most powerful!

One god spear emerged from the hands of He Ziming, releasing a dazzling divine glow. He seemed to have turned into a Divine Crane, with a swift body shape, and continued to walk in the void, wielding dozens of spear glow , Attacking Lin Yu from different directions.

“Dark Bone Dragon!”

A dark Bone Dragon statue emerged in Janiri’s hands. That day’s battle made him aware of the effect of the Six Seals of Heaven and Man on Lin Yu not at all. If you want to kill Lin Yu, you must Use the rest.


As he bowed down, the dark giant dragon seemed to be recovering, making a roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and then carrying countless black mists, it was a rush to Lin Yu !

“True God Skywheel!”

Purple hair old woman is sneakered. The purple petal mark on her eyebrows is like one vertical eye, jumping continuously, erupting a beam of light, condensing into a sky wheel in the void.

Purple petal imprints are scattered all over the wheel, and the speed of rotation is getting faster and faster. In a blink of an eye, it is beyond the reaction ability of the ordinary quasi-sacred powerhouse, and moved towards Lin Yu.

“How about the three of you together?”

In the face of the siege of the three powerhouses, Lin Yu didn’t have any fear on his face. He laughed heartily, and his figure rose from the sky, and he greeted the three people including He Ziming.

“God kills!”


While looting towards each other, the holy element sword in his hand slammed out, and two sword lights broke out at the same time, both with amazing killing intent, aura rushing to the sky, respectively slashing towards Hezi Nao and Long Sun Luo two.

xiu! xiu! xiu!

Not only that, the five-handed swords flew out of him, like the colorful Changhong traversing the sky, dazzlingly dazzling to that purple-black skywheel, accompanied by a loud noise of “hong”, that purple-black The skywheel just burst out!

deng deng deng!

At the same time, dozens of spear glows and the dark Bone Dragon were smashed by sword light. He Ziming and Chang Riluo were groaned, and their bodies were actually backed by a dozen steps.

For a time, the faces of the three major powerhouses became extremely gloomy.

Their three people teamed up, there is no doubt that it is an extremely powerful battle strength, enough to glance at the many powerhouses present. However, the three powerhouses besieged a Lin Yu, and they are still deflated in the hands of the other party. This is unimaginable. Thing!

“Your strength, it seems to be absolutely this!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s laughter resounded through the clouds. He performed more powerfully than He Ziming and other three imagined. When the words fell, he was actively killed again!


In an instant, his figure already appeared in front of Na Mo. Under the terrified eyes of the other party, he cut out with a sword, and the sad word light bloomed, possessing all the power to slaughter. It fell on Bimo.

“It’s finished!”

汵陌complexion greatly changed, the last time, he was almost cut by Lin Yu, and he was lucky to escape, but this time, he may not be so lucky!


Sure enough, the sword light fell, and the body of Bie Mo was cut into two pieces, turning into a blood mist and bursting apart!

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