Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2969


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Only 2nd Sword, 抵Mo, fell into Lin Yu’s hands!

It’s not that his strength is weak. On the contrary, his strength is only one step away from the Peak level of the quasi-St. Great Accomplishment, which is definitely enough to rank in the upper and middle levels of everyone present. Unfortunately, he met Lin Yu!

Lin Yu’s strength has reached the extreme of the Great Accomplishment of the quasi-Saint, plus he is taking the ultimate Murder Dao, and his attack power is strong, even if he meets the powerhouse of the quasi-Saint Perfection. Breaking your wrist and wanting to behead a beast, it is naturally not difficult.

xiu! xiu! xiu!

Almost at the same time as the beasts were beheaded, the five-handed swords roared out at the same time, rushing towards the Jiang Master not far away at an alarming speed. !


next moment, Master Jiang’s eyes were directly dimmed, an incredible rays of light flashed in his eyes, his lips wriggled a few times, but he could not say any words, and his vitality was completely cut off!

“you are courting death!”

This scene made He Ziming and other three people furious, especially He Ziming, who was extremely angry.

Under the eyes of their three people, Lin Yu killed the two of Momo and Jiang Master so calmly and quickly. This is clearly hitting their faces. For them, it is undoubtedly a huge Shame!


In the anger, the three powerhouses shot again, and the horrible divine force broke out, and they joined forces to kill Lin Yu.

“Remove your wings first, then kill you one by one!”

Looking like this, Lin Yu is not afraid. His voice is indifferent. He casts a big void technique and moves like a lightning, quickly glancing towards another powerhouse not far away.


The fierce sword light broke out. Under the face of the other party’s abrupt change, only a few swords, this powerhouse entered the footsteps of the two people, and was quickly killed by Lin Yu!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Later, Lin Yu’s body continued to plunder. He didn’t worry about fighting with He Ziming and other three people at all. Instead, he constantly attacked the powerhouse of Three Great Influences.

Under his powerful assault, those powerhouses have no resistance at all. With just a few breaths, several powerhouses died under Lin Yu’s sword.

“Damn it!”

Several people fell one after another, making the three of He Ziming extremely angry, murderous-looking, and the pupil light was extremely cold.

Just a moment ago, two or three of each of their forces fell. Such a loss is naturally unacceptable to them, but they can’t stop Lin Yu at all!

“Xueyou, don’t you want to know the whereabouts of Xueyan Tavern?”

All of a sudden, the purple-haired old woman seemed to think of something, a cold and severe rays of light flashed in her eyes, and suddenly said with a sneer: “I heard that there is a guy named Foolish Old Man, it seems Is it a good relationship with you?”

“Well, those guys are indeed able to hide, hiding their youth heads in Beilin Holy Realm, but not long ago, after all, they were pulled out by my Void Cult powerhouse and captured as much as possible!”

“Now, the stupid old man and the others have been imprisoned in Heavenly Prison, and they will be influenced by strength of Faith. It won’t take long for them to become my faithful believers in Void Cult!”


As soon as this remark came out, Lin Yu’s face suddenly changed. His heart shook violently, and his eyes burst into surprises and angry rays of light.

The ominous hunch in his heart became true. The people who stayed in the Blood Yan Tavern in the Holy Land of Beilin really had an accident, and the old man and the others were all captured by Void Cult.

With the means of Void Cult, I am afraid that it is difficult for them to persist for too long. As this purple hair old woman said, they will soon become believers of Void Cult and become walking corpse under the control of the other party, which is even better than It’s even more terrifying after death.

Elder Yu, has great affection for him, and many of the blood Yan Tavern also have a lot of friendship with him, which is obviously difficult for Lin Yu to accept!

“It is now!”

While Lin Yu’s mind was fluctuating, a purple sneer appeared on the face of the old woman with purple hair. A dark purple Little Pagoda suddenly appeared in her hand, low-shouted: “Subdue!”

The words fell, and Little Pagoda instantly magnified, and in an instant, it expanded a full tens of thousands of times, carrying an amazing aura, and even Lin Yu was included in it!

“Boy, let your strength out of the ordinary not fall into my hands!”

She had a cold smile on her face, said with a sneer: “Two Fellow Daoist help me to refining this person in the treasure pagoda!”


While speaking, her body’s divine force poured into the treasure pagoda. Inside the treasure pagoda, the flames suddenly filled up, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and Lin Yu refining in it.

“Good job!”

In this scene, He Ziming and Zhan Rilu also burst into a glimmer of light, and their divine force also gushed out, suddenly making the flame more intense, just like the Fire of Burning Heaven, enough to burn everything and drown completely. Lin Yu!

“Want to kill me with this method?”

In treasure pagoda, Lin Yu calmed down the first time. His eyes flashed cold rays of light. The other party took advantage of his inability to include him in the treasure pagoda. This was indeed his negligence.

However, if you want to kill him with these methods, I am afraid that Zifa old woman is thinking too well!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

In an instant, the five swords flew out in unison, such as the five long rainbows running through Heaven and Earth, which was gorgeous and dazzling to the extreme, completely protecting Lin Yu in it, and countless sword qi broke out constantly, strangling the surrounding flame.

Rao is that the flame is enough for Burning All Living Things, but under such fierce sword qi, it is also unbearable, and the big blockbuster dissipated!

“God kills!”


At the same time, Lin Yu’s figure rushed up, and the holy element sword in his hand slammed out, a fierce sword light exploded, attacking the barrier of treasure pagoda in front of him, and an amazing loud noise erupted, making the whole treasure pagoda All trembling violently.

“Boy, do you still want to make a difference?”

This scene made Zifa old woman face changed, and immediately said with a sneer: “In this treasure pagoda, I don’t believe you can set off any storms, today, you will die!”

“Suppress and kill this person before talking!”

At the same time, He Ziming and Jian Riluo glanced at each other, and no longer kept their hands, their divine force poured into the treasure pagoda without reservation, and cooperated with Zifa old woman to attack Lin Yu.


Under the full efforts of the three powerhouses, the flames in the treasure pagoda surged up, the fiery rays of light diffused, forming a total of 49 flame pillars, moved towards Lin Yu and suppressed.

“Bitter Springs!”

“Nine Nether Tribulation!”

In the face of such a killing move, Lin Yu no longer retains, he loudly shouted, amazing sword light swept out, and immediately exhibited the fourth move of Sword Art, Nine Nether Tribulation!

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