Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2970


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sword light swept through, a lot of black lotus emerged in the void, and in a flash, a total of nine lotus flowers were formed. The black lotus swayed gently, and the invisible ripples suddenly filled.

bang! bang! bang!

The moment before, it was still calm and tranquil, but in the next moment, nine lotus flowers are blooming one after another, and each lotus flower blooms with an amazing sword light emerging, carrying earth, wind, water and fire respectively , Wind, Thunder and other natural phenomena, rush to all directions!

Nine Nether Tribulation, this is the strongest killing move Lin Lin masters today. Facing the attack of the three major enemies, he finally no longer keeps it and displays this move.

The scary sword light pours out. Nine sword light represents nine different kinds of killing. Aura is shocking, strangling everything frantically, and strangling the 49 flame pillars around!

“God kills!”


“Bitter Springs!”

“Nine Nether Tribulation!”

Later, Lin Yu put out the four sword moves together, his aura became more and more amazing, countless sword light crazy strikes to all directions, the boundless flame was completely unstoppable, and large blocks of large pieces were Boom apart.


Soon, that huge amount of sword light blasted on the tower wall of treasure pagoda, the horrible rumbling sound sounded, and the whole treasure pagoda was trembling madly, as if it were about to crack apart!


The tremor of treasure pagoda changed the face of Zifa’s old woman and the others. She was coldly snorted and shouted: “I don’t believe it. I will wait for three people to join forces, and I can’t suppress and kill you. Little native of the Holy World!”


In the anger, Zifa old woman’s eyes flashed coldly, and her entire divine force madly poured into the treasure pagoda. In order to suppress and kill Lin Yu, she was already almost crazy.

Beside her, both of them were unreserved. He knew that if Lin Yu could not be solved in treasure pagoda, and Lin Yu would come out, they wanted to kill Lin Yu. It’s an impossible thing.

If you want to kill Lin Yu, you must be within the treasure pagoda. This is the consensus reached by their three people. No language exchange is required. The three women, such as Zifa old woman, use their own best Strong battle strength!


In the treasure pagoda, facing the more blazing flames, Lin Yu’s aura is getting stronger and stronger. He seems to have turned into a one-of-a-kind Treasure Sword. Mince.

At the same time, the five-handed swords are constantly tumbling, like five god bridges running through heavenspan, red, yellow, black, blue and green rays of light flowing, accompanied by sky-sword sword qi, sweeping all directions.

Under such an amazing offensive, even the flames urged by three people such as Zifa old woman and others could not be stopped, the large flames dissipated, and the treasure pagoda trembles even more violently, even One after another crack appeared on its surface!

“break for me!”

In the end, Lin Yu’s imposing manner was improved to the extreme. He used the Primordial Spirit imprint 3rd Layer, his battle strength soared again, and the sword light became more and more fierce, like a sea of ​​swords and a sudden attack on the treasure pagoda. on.

xiu! xiu! xiu!

The rays of light of the five-handed Excalibur are becoming more and more fierce, breathing amazing divine light, sword qi sweeping the 9th Layer, constant strikes on the tower wall of treasure pagoda, countless “peng” and “peng” burst out “Loud noise.”

ka-cha! ka-cha!

Finally, under such a offensive offensive, the tower wall of treasure pagoda is gradually unbearable, one after another cracks emerged, and at first it was extremely subtle, but quickly spread out, and in a blink of an eye, it was like spider web Generally spread all over the tower wall.

“Not good!”

The outside world, Zi Fa old woman’s complexion changed dramatically. At this moment, she seems to have lost control of treasure pagoda, no matter how she urges divine force, she can no longer flow into that treasure pagoda.

“pu! “

Suddenly, she suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood, her hair spread out, like a crazy demon, and the treasure pagoda was a loud noise of “hong”, which immediately burst completely Come on!

deng deng deng!

At the same time, both He Ziming and Zhan Riluo were groaned, and they all retreated and their faces were unsightly.

Their three people joined forces, but in the end they failed to suppress and kill Lin Yu in treasure pagoda. Instead, they were forced out by Lin Yu. This is obviously awful to them!


next moment, under their ugly complexion, Lin Yu’s figure flew out like lightning, and instantly appeared in front of the purple hair old woman, the long sword fell off, and the sharp sword light whistled out, Like a violent wind and a shower over the other side!

Purple hair old woman heart shock, unable to bear is bursting away, but, the fracture of treasure pagoda, after all, has caused a big impact on her, just a step slower, that word light fills the Whole sky is already covering her.


She howled and made a scream like a wild beast, her purple hair was almost completely cut off by Lin Yu, and there were more blood marks on her face, which looked extremely miserable.


At the same time, the Sheng Yuan Jian in Lin Yu’s hand fell on her throat and looked at her indifferently, coldly said: “Fool old man and the others, what is the situation now? Where are they imprisoned?” ?”

“I said, as long as you spare me, I will tell you all!”

Feeling the cold aura from the throat, the surprised and angry of the old woman with purple hair all turned into fear, she yelled: “The words I said earlier were just to irritate you, old man, they Not captured by my Void Cult!”

“However, their hiding place was indeed found by my Void Cult. If there is no accident, there will be a powerhouse working on them soon!”


Zi Fa’s old woman’s words made Lin Yu sighed slightly in relief, the old man and the others haven’t had an accident yet. This is undoubtedly good news, next moment, his eyes became fierce again.


Without any hesitation, Lin Yu directly fell off with a sword. Under Zi Fa’s old woman surprised and angry and unbelievable eyes, her head flew up directly, and her life aura also quickly passed away. !

For the people of Void Cult, Lin Yu had no intention of showing mercy at all. When they slaughtered the Blood Yan Tavern and the many cultivators of Beilin Holy World, there was no such thing as kindness.

Lin Yu now beheads this purple-haired old woman without any psychological burden!

“Next, it’s your turn!”

next moment, his cold eyes looked at both He Ziming and Chang Riluo. While the cold voice fell, his figure was swept out again. In an instant, it was already present. In front of He Ziming.

xiu! xiu! xiu!

The fierce sword light broke out, and in a flash, He Ziming was already drowned in it!

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