Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2971


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He Ziming’s face appeared surprised and angry. Lin Yu had already beheaded the Zifa old woman, but now he still wants to be assassinated. How arrogant and incompetent is this?

“It’s up to you, you think you can kill me?”

He was coldly shouted, and even when waving Spear to Lin Yu in his hand, countless spear glow erupted, collided with the sharp sword light, and exploded into a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

bang! bang! bang!

In just a few moments, the two have already fought against each other. I don’t know how many rounds, the horrible rumbling sound keeps ringing, setting off an amazing energy storm.

In this process, Lin Yu’s performance is extremely strong. The Shengyuan sword in the hand is constantly chopped, and the five-handed sword is constantly tumbling around him. The sky and the word qi are full of Heaven and Earth. void The fragmented cut.

In contrast, He Ziming is obviously inferior to him. His body continued to retreat, and he was only able to resist the offensive, which was completely suppressed by Lin Yu!

“Brother Crane, I will help you!”

Seeing that, even when Jiro was killed, he saw Lin Yu’s terrifying power, and he actually had a retreat in his heart, but, in this ancient city, even if he wanted to escape, There is no way.

In this case, he can only choose to fight hard and fight Lin Yu to the end!


Jan Riluo and many other powerhouses of Three Great Influences were killed by Lin Yu. Under the stimulation of life and death pressure, everyone was crazy and broke out their own strongest. battle strength!

However, in the face of the siege of everyone, Lin Yu’s performance has become more and more powerful. In this battle, his imposing manner has climbed to a terrifying level. This imposing manner alone, It is enough to bring great oppression to the rest of the people.

This is a near-invincible “Force”. In the face of such a trend, even the powerhouse at the same level will be suppressed, and it will not be able to exert its true strength at all!


Finally, Lin Yu loudly shouted, the sound of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering is as strong as that of He Ziming and Jian Rilu. They were also shocked and stopped at a critical moment.

next moment, the sacred element sword in Lin Yu’s hand was already cut down, and at the same time, the five-handed Excalibur penetrated through He Ziming’s body, and a horrible aura broke out in his within the body, making He Ziming Shengsheng exploded into a mass of blood mist!

After fighting for dozens of breaths, He Ziming, after all, failed to persevere and stepped into the footsteps of Zifa old woman!

“My life is over!”

This scene gave Jan Ri Luo a thought in his heart. He knew that with the fall of He Ziming, he was also unable to escape, and was destined to die under Lin Yu’s sword!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

Sure enough, the sword light fills the whole sky immediately enveloped him. After just holding on for a few breaths, his figure also burst into a cloud of mist.

At this point, the three big powerhouses such as Zifa old woman, He Ziming and Jian Riluo have all fallen into Lin Yu’s hands!

“Send you on the road!”

Later, Lin Yu not at all ended, he continued to attack the remaining powerhouses of the Three Great Influences, swept through the sword qi, and constantly powerhouses were beheaded by him.

The so-called chopping weeds is to eradicate the roots. Any powerhouse in the Three Great Influences is not an innocent and kind-hearted person. Lin Yu has no psychological burden to kill these people.

In a short span of time, all the powerhouses of Three Great Influences fell under his sword. At this point, his surroundings were finally silent, and there was no rival!


“This bloody power is so horrible!”

Not far away, the rest of the people fighting were suck in a breath of cold air, and subconsciously pulled away from Lin Yu.

The Black God Robber Group, Hemo Cult, Void Cult, the three forces joined forces, it is definitely an extremely terrifying force, but it is such a powerful lineup, but Lin Yu is assassinated all by himself, this is undoubtedly An amazing shock!

Facing to be a star-killing character, they are obviously don’t dare provoke, even if Lin Yu has a stone tablet imprint on it, no one dares to make this imprint anymore!


In the awe of everyone, Lin Yu stepped out, and soon stood in front of the powerhouse statue carrying the four-handed long sword, the mark in the palm of his hand lit up, next moment, his figure was directly It fell into each other’s eyebrows.

In that eyebrow, there is a strange Independent Space, surrounded by chaotic aura, empty, with only one stone pool, one stone tablet, and one slate.


After seeing the item in the stone pool clearly, Lin Yu felt a sudden shock, and incredible rays of light broke out in his eyes.

In that stone pond, there was only one drop of liquid. The liquid crystal clear and near-transparent, exuding a rich Life Source aura. At a long distance, Lin Yu gave birth to a kind of pores that stretched out. feel.

“The source of life!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes burst out with a burst of light. Although it is just a drop of liquid, it is a real treasure, and it is a priceless treasure!

After the cultivation base has reached the Saint level, it is extremely difficult to upgrade your Life Source level. Without a special opportunity, it is almost impossible to upgrade, and this life source liquid is a treasure that can raise the Life Source level. !

Before this, Lin Yu also obtained some life crystal core by beating the creatures in the Taiping mining area, which also contains Life Source aura, but compared with this drop of life source liquid, it is definitely not at all On the same level.

Only with this drop of life source liquid, Lin Yu is sure to break through the 5th Layer of Secret Art of Secret Nine Nirvana, allowing his Life Source level breakthrough to an all new realm!

“This trip, it really is the value!”

He didn’t hesitate at all, even if it was swept in front of this source of life fluid, cautiously collected it, and then began to refining this source fluid.

I have to say that the Life Source contained in this source liquid is indeed extremely abundant, just a drop, it took Lin Yu three months.

3 months later, Lin Yu was finally refining the last trace of Life Source in this source. At the same time, he started a stunning transformation of the whole person, and endless divine light radiated from him.

Every pore of his body is filled with bright glowing light, exuding an astonishing brilliance, as if a blazing fire is burning, and the entire space is very gorgeous.

At this moment, he can be said to be sacred to the extreme, as if a deity descended on the earth, and his aura also rose sharply, and in a blink of an eye, it was already a breakthrough to the six-step Jun Perfection level!

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