Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2972


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It’s not just cultivation base that has achieved breakthrough. At this moment, Lin Yu’s Secret Art is also breakthrough to fourth realm!

Gorgeous divine light gushing from him, his whole body aura forced to the extreme, Life Source level has undergone an amazing transformation, reaching the original Middle Stage!

At the beginning of the original level, there is a huge gap between each level of Life Source level. The gap between the same level can even be even greater than the previous levels.

For this reason, starting from the original level, each Life Source level can be divided into Initial Stage, Middle Stage, Late Stage Three Great Realms.

For the human race cultivator, it is already very difficult to reach the original Life Level. If there is no special opportunity, the original stage Initial Stage is almost the limit that can be reached.

The life level of the original Middle Stage has brought Lin Yu a full range of improvements. Whether it is Soul Power or divine force, he will be more than 30% higher than the normal same level powerhouse!

At the same time, the higher the level of Life Source, the better it will fit Hongmeng God World. The so-called “blessed by heaven” will have a huge advantage in cultivation and comprehend.

Because of these benefits, many cultivators are eager for the improvement of Life Source level.

Lin Yu’s chance to reach the life level of the original Middle Stage in Daojun’s realm is definitely enough to make countless practitioners jealous and crazy!

In addition, when Lin Yu reached the Secret Art 4th Layer, the middle volume of the “One Qi Becomes Three Purities” secret art also automatically came to his mind.

One Qi Becomes Three Purities on the first volume, you can build a “Tao body”, and in the middle volume, you can build another “dharma body”, just like the Tao body, it is also fully equipped with this Venerable Battle strength.

Once the cultivate succesfully rolls, it means that Lin Yu will have three great battle powers of this Venerable, Dao body, and Dharma body, which can be imagined in the battle!

“This is just the middle volume of One Qi Becomes Three Purities. If you can cultivate succesfully roll down, won’t you be able to condense three incarnations in total?”

Lin Yu’s thought flashed in his heart. If his guess came true, then this secret art would be too heaven defying!

“Unfortunately, I want to cultivate succesfully Secret Art 5th Layer, I don’t know how long it will be.”

Shook the head, Lin Yu forcibly suppressed the restlessness in his heart.

Being able to cultivate to the Secret Art 4th Layer is also a chance to get a drop of life fluid. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, he wants to reach this stage, and I don’t know how long it will take.

For the Secret Art 5th Layer, the difficulty of breakthrough is undoubtedly even greater. If there is no special chance, whether Lin Yu can reach this realm, I am afraid it is not easy to say.

In a flash, Lin Yu’s eyes were on the stone tablet, which suddenly shocked his mind.

“This is…”

An eruption of light erupted again in his eyes. What was recorded in this stone tablet was an ancient secret secret technique of the ancient Matriarch!

The ancient Wu people, this is an ancient seed family that has long disappeared. In the history of Hongmeng God World, there have been almost no signs of the existence of this family. The general cultivator has never heard of this. A name.

If this group was not mentioned in the Tianshu battle, Lin Yu would not know the relevant information.

It is said that this ancient Wu clan used to be one of the Peak strong clan of the entire Hongmeng God World. It stood in the ranks of the strongest Ancient Race. During the pinnacle period, it once unified 20% of the territory of Hongmeng God World.

20% of the territory, this seems to be not much, but you must know how vast the entire Hongmeng God World is, even if the Mingguang Ten Realms add up, I am afraid that it is not yet 1 in 1 million in Hongmeng God World. !

With such a huge territory, the number of powerhouses and forces born is naturally countless, and millions of Divine Kingdom, 10 million Major Sect, and hundreds of millions of Holy Land are not excessive. In this case, they can occupy Hongmeng God World 20% of the territory, the arrogance of ancient Wu people can be imagined!

At that time, it was led by the ancient Wu people, forming an extremely powerful alliance of forces, including nearly 30% of Hongmeng God World, and launched another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering with another huge alliance of forces. Battle of hegemony.

In that battle, the whole God World murky heavens dark earth, bloody drift, and countless powerhouses withered. In the end, the Two Great Influences alliance both sides suffer and had to choose to strike.

Shortly after this battle, the Two Great Influences Alliance all happened unexpectedly, and the ancient Wu clan suddenly collapsed, quickly decayed in just a few years, and then disappeared into Hongmeng God World!

What happened in this, not at all recorded in Tianshu, no one can know at that time, it can be called one of the biggest mysteries in the history of Hongmeng God World.

After that, with the ebbing of time, everything of the ancient Wu people gradually disappeared in history. Now, the existence of the ancient Wu people has been almost completely forgotten, except for a few special inheritances such as Tianshu Among them, we can see some secrets.

“Is this ancient city related to the disappearing ancient Wu clan…”

Thinking of all this, Lin Yu couldn’t help but set off the stormy sea. Although the ancient Wu clan has disappeared in the history of Hongmeng God World, its once glory is indelible.

A Pang Great Influence that once dominated the entire Hongmeng God World, and anything related to it, obviously can hide the secrets of heaven!

“Unfortunately, with my current strength, I am not yet qualified to truly explore this ancient city.”

next moment, Lin Yu shook the head, suppressed the thoughts in my heart.

This mysterious ancient city may indeed have something to do with the ancient Wu clan, but it is not what he is qualified to know now. Forcibly exploring it, I am afraid that it’s just his life that’s all in vain.

“Ancient Witch’s True Body…”

Soon, his eyes fell on the stone tablet, which was the name of the secret technique recorded on the stone tablet.

Ancient Wuzhen true body tactics, only the ancient Wuzu, or the cultivator that owns Ancient Wuzu Bloodline can cultivate, through this secret technique, you can cultivate succesfully “ancient Wuzhen true body”.

The real body of the ancient witch, which is the battle form of the ancient witch. The battle strength in this form is extremely amazing. In the same level matchup, almost all opponents can be swept away!

Unfortunately, the secret technique on this stone tablet is incomplete, and it only records the first 2-layer boundary of the ancient Wuzhen body tactics, corresponding to the two major levels of big witch and sky witch.

Although it is only a 2-layer boundary world, but among them, the big witch level corresponds to the entire Saint Boundary world, and the sky witch realm corresponds to the realm above Saint!

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