Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2973


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As for the realm after the big witch and the sky witch, not at all mentioned in this stone tablet, but it is vaguely mentioned that the ancient witch’s true body cultivation is to the extreme, and it can be repaired to the level of the legendary “taiwu”.

That realm, even among the ancient Wu people, is a legend, whether anyone has reached this stage, at least not mentioned in this stone tablet.

“Too Witch… Too E!”

Looking at the stone tablet in front of her, Lin Yu couldn’t help but understand.

Taiwu and Taiwu, the pronunciation of these two words is too similar. Is this really just a coincidence? Or does it mean that there is an inexplicable connection between the two?

Of course, the secrets involved in this level are probably far beyond Lin Yu’s imagination. Therefore, he only quickly flashed a thought and quickly converged these misunderstandings.

As for the cultivation of Gu Wu’s true body tactics, he did not have much worry in his heart.

According to the record of Zhenshu, there is a certain origin between the human race and the ancient Wu clan. Most of the cultivation techniques between the two clan can be communicated with each other. The ancient witch’s true body skills can also be cultivated by the human clan.

His eyes continued to look at the remaining stone slab, of which there was only one pattern.

It was a huge abyss, surrounded by mists of dark purple. There were statues of Demon God on the edge of the abyss. The body was towering like a giant mountain, and the aura emitted was even more terrifying.

In the depths of the abyss, you can see the four-handed swords faintly, which are listed in the four directions of East, South, West, and North. The baleful qi is astonishing, just like suppressing the many Demon God statues around!

“This seems to record a special place.”

Lin Yu thoughts move, the pattern in this slate is very much like a map, but with the information in front of it, it is impossible to infer where the abyss in the pattern is.


At this moment, the pattern on the slate suddenly dissipated, and this scene made Lin Yu heart startled and immediately took down the pattern.

Almost while he remembered the pattern, the pattern was completely dissipated and disappeared, and at the same time, “ka-cha” sounded, and the stone slab immediately shattered!

“It seems that this is a great place!”

A thought flashed in my heart, Lin Yu didn’t think about it anymore, no matter what was in the abyss, at least for now, this is not something he needs to consider.

“Next, it’s time to cultivate One Qi Becomes Three Purities and Ancient Wu Zhenshen Secret Secret Art.”

next moment, Lin Yu’s figure was directly sit cross-legged down and entered a deep state of retreat.

“The real body of the ancient witch!”

3 months later, he suddenly opened his eyes, a huge force spread from him, and his eyes burst into a terrifying rays of light, and then the whole body quickly climbed up, In an instant, it has climbed to the height of several hundred zhang!

At the same time, one after another strange magic pattern emerged from him, quickly spread all over his body, especially at the center of his eyebrows, and even had a magic pattern like Heavenly Eye. Sexual rays of light.

The amazing aura spread out from him, hiding the sky and covering the earth, covering the whole space around him. At this moment, he stood like Giant Spirit God in between Heaven and Earth, towering like a mountain, and tyrannically reached pole!


next moment, he seemed to have sensed something, and a burst of light suddenly broke out in his eyes.

Once the secret art of this ancient art is cultivate succesfully, there will be a certain probability of awakening the “Life Source Divine Ability” contained in Bloodline in the first condition of the ancient body of ancient art, the stronger the innate talent, the more awakening The Life Source Divine Ability is even more out of the ordinary.

However, awakening Life Source Divine Ability is not something anyone can do. Even among the ancient Wu people, most clansman can only awaken an ordinary Divine Ability and can awaken more than two kinds of Life Source Divine Ability, it is already considered as innate talent amazing.

As for the cultivators of other ethnic groups, the probability of awakening Life Source Divine Ability is extremely low. For human cultivators, among the millions of cultivators, I am afraid that there may not be one person who can awaken Life Source Divine Ability.

However, Lin Yu has awakened three kinds of Life Source Divine Ability!

Three kinds of Life Source Divine Ability, namely “eye of destruction”, “God Eater”, “Heaven and Earth”, these three kinds of Life Source Divine Ability are all very powerful out of the ordinary, in the big witch Among the levels, Peak Divine Ability is enough.

The Eye of Destruction is Lin Yu’s eye on the eyebrows of Lin Yu. Once opened, a terrifying power of destruction can erupt, and if it reaches the level of Sky Witch, this Eye of Destruction has advanced Probability of High Level Divine Ability.

God Eater is a soul sonic attack method. A loud roar is enough to suppress and kill the soul of ordinary cultivator.

The original source Heaven and Earth can be integrated into the surrounding Heaven and Earth briefly to form its own Small World. In this Small World, any enemy will be greatly suppressed!

Any of the three Life Source Divine Ability is extremely powerful, and it is very good to be able to awaken one of them, but Lin Yu can awaken three at the same time, even if it is a real ancient witch monster, I’m afraid it’s also just this!

“The real body of this ancient witch is indeed very powerful!”

Lin Yu’s eyes became more intense as he felt his aura surging.

Even without the three Life Source Divine Ability, the strength of the ancient Wuzhen body itself is already extremely amazing, and his battle strength has at least doubled. This is indeed a powerful Combat form.

Although it has just broken through to the Six-Step Jun Perfection, with the use of this ancient witch body, plus One Qi Becomes Three Purities and other means, Lin Yu is already confident of playing against the well-known figure in the quasi-Saint Perfection!

Even among the 108 lords of Chixiao Holy World, his battle strength is enough to rank at least in the middle!

However, despite the great strength breakthrough, Lin Yu was not at all eager to leave this space. After restoring his original human form, he continued to cross-cultivate.

The strength has been so greatly improved, he also has a lot of insights on Sword Dao, and now, it is precisely to take advantage of this opportunity to digest.

This retreat is almost three months away.

3 months later, the rays of light in Lin Yu’s eyes became more and more fierce, and Sword Art has been further improved by him, and the power of every move became more powerful. In addition, he successfully made the fifth Recruit Sword Art!

“It’s time to leave here.”

He said to himself, a total of half a year of cultivation, so that his strength reached a new level, at least in a short period of time, continue to cultivate in this space, it is not meaningful.


Almost at the same time when he gave birth to this idea, a strange power enveloped him, and instantly sent out this space!

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