Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2974


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Almost as Lin Yu was teleported, dozens of silhouettes flashed together, all of which were teleported from different statues.

The space inside the statue, Time Flow Speed ​​is obviously different from the outside world. No matter how long you stay in it, it’s just a moment of effort that’s all in the outside world.

At the moment, the faces of these dozens of people are full of surprises. Obviously, not only Lin Yu, but everyone else has also received great benefits!

“Damn it!”

“This opportunity, why not it is mine!”

This scene made those cultivators who were not able to get the chance to show their unwillingness, but only those who could get the inheritance chance had great strength in themselves. Even if their eyes were hot, they could only force down Greed in the heart.


At this moment, the two Sevenspan Pillars suddenly shook again, and the majestic force burst out, opening a space-time channel in the void.

“Is this…the way to leave?”

Looking at the space-time channel in front of them, everyone felt a great shock, and the same speculation came out of their hearts.

“That channel is closing!”

next moment, one after another A cry of exclamation sounded, and I saw that the empty channel had just surfaced at that time, and it quickly began to close up. At this speed, the channel would be completely in less than a dozen breathing time. shut down.


This scene made everyone have no time to think about it. Even if Qi Qi rushed to the empty channel at that time, the body shape of a group of people quickly disappeared into the space-time channel.


The rays of light flickered, and the figures of the people appeared again. Behind them were eight huge mountains, which was the entrance to the Taiping Mine!


A strange void ripple spread out, but it was just a moment of effort. The eight mountain peaks, the monument with the word “Tai Ping”, and the entire Tai Ping mining area disappeared in the crowd. In the sight of, it seems to have never appeared in general.


However, feeling the surrounding aura, including Lin Yu, the appearance of many powerhouses suddenly subsided slightly.

They can feel that the surrounding voids are obviously blocked. Rao is that they are a quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level powerhouse, and they cannot easily break through this time and space blockade!

“You guys, you are finally out.”

next moment, a gentle voice rang out, an old man wearing azure robes, kind-hearted and kind-eyed appeared, laughed on his face, it seemed that there was no slight hostility, but it made everyone in the room stunned.

Many of them have already recognized the identity of this azure robe old man. His name is Qingyi, which is one of more than a dozen lords within the Yuantian mining area!

“Well, we have been waiting for you for a long time.”

At the same time, another dull voice sounded, and a middle-aged man dressed in white clothed, like a scribe, emerged, making everyone feel shocked again.

Like Qingyi, this is also one of the lords in the Yuantian mining area, named Baixing!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

After that, one after another silhouette emerged from the void, and in a flash, there were more than twenty silhouettes emerged, their looks have nothing common with each other, but the aura that can be emitted is very arrogant. .

The horrible aura is full of void, and the oppressed people are almost breathless. These twenty powerhouses are all in the level of lords!

The twelve lords within the Yuantian mining area all appeared here, apart from this, as well as the leaders of forces such as the Black God Robber Group, the Jiuzou Robber Group, Darkmoon Fort, and even Several lord-level powerhouses obviously from the outside!

“What’s going on?”

For a time, everyone’s hearts were sinking, and more than twenty lord-level powerhouses appeared at the same time, blocking the void where they were. This is definitely not good news for them!

“This is about to pick peaches!”

The powerhouses with a certain background are better, but the forces behind them are weaker, or the cultivator as a Loose Cultivator, but his face has become ugly.

“You, we just heard some news.”

Under the ugly face of everyone, the blue-winged lord’s face became solemn, opened the mouth and said: “The Taiwu mining area contains some ominous substances. In order to avoid bringing it to the outside and affecting the outside Many cultivators, I waited for this purpose to close this place.”

“Next, I will examine you one by one, as long as I confirm that there is no ominous substance on my body, you can leave safely.”


Not far from Lin Yu, there was someone who was unable to bear whispered: “This is clearly looking for my reason to explore the treasure on us. If there is any treasure, I am afraid they will take it directly as a reason Let me wait for the treasure!”


tone barely fell, in the powerhouse of the twenty-odd lords, a black hair suddenly burst into the eyes of a black hair man. His eyes suddenly looked at the man, and his cold voice resounded: ” Dare to slander and defame me, wait for it!”

While speaking, the divine light in his eyes turned into one lance, and roared at an alarming speed. It instantly penetrated the body of the man, and blasted him into a blood mist!


In this scene, the rest of the crowd suddenly kept quiet out of fear, many people stepped back and forth a few steps, and their faces suddenly became pale.

Just a few words of criticism, this person was directly beheaded by a lord-level powerhouse, which made everyone if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves, and at the same time, the thought of fear and worry could not help.

Obviously, the powerhouses of these lords are real, and if they don’t follow their instructions, they may be so human in the end!

“You don’t have to be so nervous.”

next moment, the voice of the blue wing lord sounded again: “I’m waiting for you to do it for the good of you. As long as you don’t come without permission, I will naturally not embarrass you.”

“Next, please cooperate with us and accept the inspection one by one.”

With a faint smile on his face, he gave people a kind feeling, and suddenly pointed to one of them, saying, “Well, let’s start with you.”


The blue-wing lord’s face suddenly changed, but he had to step out and stand in front of the blue-wing lord.

Although the opponent seems to be kind, but the lesson is in front of him. He will not believe that this blue wing lord is really good. If he disobeys the opponent’s intention, his ending will probably be extremely miserable!

next moment, he obediently and honestly took out his own Storage Ring, etc., let it float in the air.

“You guys, let me join hands to investigate.”

Seeing this, the bluewing lord was satisfied with the nodded. Immediately, the divine sense of the powerhouse of more than two dozen lords, and at the same time probed towards the Storage Ring.

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