Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2975


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More than 20 lords powerhouse teamed up, and soon the storage ring of the man was fully explored. The blue wing lord took the head and said, “His Storage Ring, there is no problem.”

“hu ……”

Hearing this, the man was immediately sighed in relief, even if the Storage Ring was put away, and then moved towards the Blue Wing Lord and the others cautiously bowed: “Sir, if there is nothing else, Let’s take a step first.”

As he said, he just wanted to move away towards the distance. However, his figure was just swept out, and a cold voice sounded.


The opener, it was the black hair man who shot and killed one person. His face was very cold, opened the mouth and said: “His Storage Ring is really no problem, but how can you be sure that his Does anyone have any problems?”

“I think that we should explore his soul memory together and confirm that there is no strange place in it before we can let him go!”


As soon as this remark came out, the man’s face suddenly changed completely, exploring the soul memory, which is equivalent to exposing all his privacy to others, which is unbearable for any cultivator!

even more how, these twenty people are powerhouses at the level of the lord. If you let the memory of the soul open and let the other party investigate, as long as the other party has a thought, you can easily kill him!

“Why, are you unwilling?”

Seeing this scene, the black hair man’s eyes were suddenly cold, coldly said: “It’s just to explore the memory of the soul. Are you showing such a gesture, is there a ghost in your heart?”

“It seems that this person should be taken down and have a good look!”

When the words fell, he directly grabbed the powerhouse with his big hand. Under the face of the other party, he grabbed it and then invaded the other party’s meaning of Sea of ​​Consciousness.

“bully intolerably!”

This scene made the man growlable to bear unable to bear: “Even if you are a powerhouse of the lord level, but want to forcibly explore my soul memory, this is impossible!”


While speaking, he directly chose Self-destruction, his whole person burst out in an instant, and the power of terror exploded. However, the black hair man noticed something wrong the first time, and quickly withdrew his palm, but there was no Suffered any harm.


For a time, everyone on the scene looked at each other in blank dismay, and in my heart unable to bear gave birth to a feeling of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves.

I have to say that this powerhouse is very bloody. Faced with the shame of the black hair man, he did not choose to succumb, but responded in such a violent way. Unfortunately, it was too big. In front of the strength gap, all this is just in vain.

At the same time, his ending made many people realize that these lords powerhouse will not easily let them go, even if they actively surrendered the Storage Ring, the other party will also check their soul memory.

Even if they really let their soul memory be detected, will the other party really let them go easily? Or is it that they will find other reasons to target them?


next moment, a soft sigh sounded, and the blue wing lord opened the mouth and said: “Obviously you can prove your innocence, but you have to choose your own self-determination. Why do you bother?”

“Next, who will continue to be investigated?”

While speaking, Lord Blue Wing continued to look at everyone. He still had a gentle smile on his face, but it made many people face changed, and Qi Qi stepped back.

“I’m coming.”

Suddenly, a faint voice rang out, speaking of a white-robed man. Unlike the others, his face was extremely calm, and calm came out.

“Is it him?”

Seeing this man in white robe, many people around him were moved. This white robe man was one of Heavenspan Pillar inheritance!


Just when there was a strange color on everyone’s face, an old woman with an ink cane suddenly stepped out of the more than twenty lord-level powerhouses, smiling and opened the mouth and said: “This Little Brat, It’s the old Direct Disciple, and I can definitely trust it. I think it’s better to investigate him.”


Hearing this, Lord Blue Wing raised his eyebrows slightly, even if nodded, said: “Since She’s mother-in-law’s Direct Disciple, it is naturally trustworthy, I think it can.”

“I don’t think it’s any problem.”

Many other lord powerhouses also spoke, even the black hair man said nothing, apparently defaulting on this.

“This…not fair!”

This scene suddenly made many people’s faces look ugly.

The moment before, the quasi-sheng powerhouse was inspected the Storage Ring, but was still murdered by a black hair man, but the white robe man, even if he was not inspected, was directly identified as having no problems. The difference in attitude before and after this is simply a world apart!

All this is just because the former is not at all background, but the latter is a discipline at the level of a powerhouse.

Obviously, the so-called ominous material is simply an excuse. These lords powerhouse just want to withhold them and intercept the opportunities they might get!

Cultivators with strong backgrounds may be better, but they don’t have enough backgrounds, and the rest are destined to have no good ending!

Sure enough, the following things also verified everyone’s judgment.

In just a dozen breaths, eight people have been surveyed one after another. Two of them have been spared from the investigation because of the opening of the lord powerhouse. The remaining six people have nothing to end!

One of the six people is one of Heavenspan Pillar’s ​​inheritance. His Storage Ring was detained and he was put under house arrest directly, while the remaining five people were all being probed into soul memory. “Unexpectedly” fell during the process!

On the surface, this is just an accident, but five people successively fell because of this way. Obviously, the lords powerhouse are simply intentional, and they have no intention of leaving them alive!


At this moment, the voice of the Lord of the Blue Wings sounded again, and his eyes fell on Lin Yu, suddenly letting the eyes of the rest of the crowd come.

In the ancient city, Lin Yu’s strong performance is obvious to all. By the strength of oneself, the powerhouses of Three Great Influences, such as the Black God Robbers, have been wiped out. Can it maintain its previous strength?

You must know that among the more than 20 lord powerhouses, the Black God Robbers, Hemo Cult, and Void Cult are all in the Three Great Influences. They obviously won’t let Lin Yu go easily. !

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