Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2976


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Looking at everyone’s eyes, Lin Yu stepped out directly. His face was very calm, as if everything had nothing to do with him, forming a clear contrast with the previous ones.


At this moment, a low voice suddenly sounded. Among the many lord powerhouses, an azure robe middle-aged man suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Everyone, this person is my competent commander. , I think it is trustworthy. I don’t think it’s necessary to do more investigation on him.”


As soon as this remark came out, Lin Yu’s eyes could not help but looked at the other party, and a strange color appeared on his face.

The opening azure robe middle-aged man is really Lord Feng Li!

During this operation, Feng Li Ling eventually had Yuwen Feng, Lan Yuan, and Xia Master survived. Although they have not been detected, it is clear that they must be between Feng Li Lord There has been communication in secret.

Therefore, Lord Lin Li and Yuwen Feng and the others have apparently been aware of the troubles. In this case, he is still willing to stand up and speak for Lin Yu, which is indeed out of Lin Yu’s expectations!

“Lord Feng Li, if I remember correctly, this bloody ghost is just a newcomer who has just joined you shortly?”

next moment, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded. The black hair man previously opened the mouth and said coldly: “It’s just a newcomer, but you said that he is your capable officer. Isn’t that something wrong?”


Hearing this, Lord Feng Li’s face suddenly sank. He looked at the black hair man, coldly said: “Hey, what do you mean?”

“It turns out to be him!”

Hearing this name, Lin Yu’s heart shook slightly, and immediately realized the identity of the black hair man. This person is the head of the Black God Robber Group!

No wonder, this person has behaved so powerfully and violently. Of the nine people who were previously investigated, four of them were all murdered by him. So, this is not surprising!

“Not long ago, I got a message from He Ziming and the others before he died.”

Heavy murderous intentions appeared in Hei’s eyes, and a cold voice sounded: “All of them fell into the hands of this guy named Blood You, so cruel and murderous, this guy will have no problem. Is it?”


Feng Li Lord coldly snorted, said: “To say cruel killing, in this Yuantian mining area, who can compare to your Black God robber group? Hei Xi, do you think it is ridiculous to say such a word? ?”

“Is it?”

Hei Xi said with a sneer: “This may not be able to explain anything, but He Ziming they were before death, but told me a terrible news, this bloody secluded, most likely reached the Chizu The inheritance of lineage may even be the remnants of Chizu lineage!”


“There is such a thing!”

As soon as this remark came out, the rest of the lords powerhouse who had not paid attention to the matter suddenly looked at Lin Yu.

Chizu lineage, which is enough to affect the heart of the entire Chixiao Holy World cultivator. After all, the impact involved is too great!

Know that the three ancestors of Chixiao Holy World today, Sword Ancestor and Lingzu were both from Chizu lineage. The two betrayed Chizu and joined forces with Leizu to attack Chifeng Mountain and finally inherited Chizu everything of.

Speaking of which are not glorious. Because of this, Sword Ancestor and Lingzu are always taboo to Chizu lineage. Among the nine princes and 108 lords, nearly 2/3 are their vassals. Followers.

In this case, they will naturally work on it. Once they find any cultivator related to Chizu lineage, the first reaction is to kill them!

As for Leizu lineage, although there is no such betrayal in the past, it also has a hatred of Sect extermination with Chizu lineage. Although it has never actively participated in the pursuit of Chizu lineage, it has never stood by and looked at impossible. In the camp of Chizu lineage.

It is no exaggeration to say that the cultivator of Chizu lineage is the public enemy of the entire Chixiao Holy World. Once it appears, it will attract countless powerhouse chasing and killing!

“Is this the truth?”

A scary rays of light erupted in the eyes of Lord Blue Wing, no longer with a smile on his face, said solemnly: “Hei Xi, that’s all other things that’s all, but this thing can’t allow you to joke !”

“Do you think it is necessary for me to lie?”

Hei Xi said with a sneer: “According to He Ziming and the others, this bloody master has mastered seven steps of rebellion, and the seven steps of rebellion was the absolute art that Chizu lineage did not pass. Chizu lineage has nothing to do, how could he master these methods?”

“It turned out to be seven steps of chaos!”

“If so, this person is indeed inseparable from Chizu lineage!”

After hearing this, there were many powerhouses that were suspected, and all of them made judgments at once. Their eyes turned to Lin Yu, and they all became indifferent.

Previously, they not at all intended to blend in the dispute between Hei Xi and Lord Feng Li, but since it was determined that Lin Yu was related to Chi Zu lineage, they must stand on the side of Hei Xi!


He paused, and Hei then looked at the two powerhouses not far away, said solemnly: “There is another important thing in the communication before He Ziming’s death, Heimo, Void Cult, you Both powerhouses of the two forces have all fallen into the hands of the blood you!”


Hearing these words, the faces of the two powerhouses suddenly changed, and a monstrous killing intent pervaded from them.

These two lord-level powerhouses are the powerhouses sent by the Hemo and Void Cult Two Great Influences. Previously, they did not see the appearance of Zifa old woman, Jiri and the others, and they were already in their hearts. There was an ominous hunch.

Hei Xi’s words confirmed their ominous premonition, and at the same time, they were all surprised and angry to the extreme!

“dare kill my Hemo people, you are so brave!”

An old man with a malicious face spoke coldly. His eyes were as sharp as a falcon. The cold light almost condensed into a real pounce, coldly said: “Such a thief, I don’t need to look into it, he must be contaminated. The ominous matter has fallen into evil ways, this person should be blamed!”

“You may not know.”

Another dark green man with long hair also opened the mouth and said: “This blood is not originally from Chixiao Holy Realm, but from the Blood Yan Tavern of Beilin Holy Realm.”

“In the beginning, when he left the Blood Yan Tavern, he was not even the invincible Daojun. Now it is only after this time that he can have such strength. If you do not have any special means, do you think it is possible?”

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