Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2978


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The huge dragon cane fell down like a True Dragon, with a roaring roar. The countless Dragon Qi rolled and moved towards Lin Yu to suppress it.

At this time, the Bluewing Lord seemed to use all his strength, Prestige of Single Smash, which was called terrifying matchless, enough to tremble all the powerhouses below Quasi Saint Perfection!

“God kills!”

However, in the face of this mighty cane, Lin Yu is not afraid, he coldly shouted, the powerful aura also surged from him, compared to the blue wing lord in front, it is not at all It is inferior!


The sharp sword light broke out, and the Sword Art was further improved. The power is undoubtedly more amazing than before. This sword light is full of devastating aura, and the sword shadow is superb, just like it can really be slaughtered. All enemies!


next moment, a loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering came, the True Dragon was almost cut off by sword light, the leading cane slammed, and the tiger’s mouth of the blue wing lord almost cracked, and his figure Withdrew a dozen steps away.

“How is it possible!”

The blue wing lord’s face is ugly to the extreme. Previously, it can be said that he suffered a small loss because of his carelessness and ease, but now he has exhibited his true strength and is still in confrontation with Lin Yu Fall into the downwind!

“This bloody ghost has the strength to contend with the lord!”

“What opportunity did he get in the Heavenspan Pillar statue?”

This scene also shocked everyone who entered the Taiwu mining area. No wonder, Lin Yu used to dare to speak with the Blue Wing Lord and the others. It turned out that he really had the strength to wield a sword to the Lord. !


An indifferent voice rang out, and Hei Xi stepped out, and the terrifying killing intent poured out from him, coldly said: “Blue wing, this guy, let me solve it!”


While speaking, the battle halberd of one black emerged from his hands, and the monstrous killing intent suddenly swept away, causing all the surrounding voids to tremble. Even the surrounding lord-level powerhouse, several people could not help changing slightly.

This one black and black battle halberd is the Life Source weapon that accompanies the black sacred sanctuary. It has been killed all the way. I don’t know how much blood has been contaminated by the powerhouse. In the entire Yuantian mining area, it is a famous murderer!

“Great destruction, bite the sky!”

He was loudly shouted, and the dark battle halberd was moved towards Lin Yu, and the terrifying rays of light broke out, lining up to Lin Yu like a black hole, as if everything could be swallowing the world!

“Good to come!”

In the face of this halberd, Lin Yu’s eyes could not help bursting out of light, and a rich fighting intent emerged from him.

Although it is not one of the 108 lords, the power of Hei is stronger than most of the powerhouses in the 108 lords. It is not comparable to the previous blue wing lords.

There is no doubt that this is an extremely powerful opponent, but Lin Yu, who just broke through, also needs such a powerful opponent to prove his strength!

“God kills!”


Lin Yu loudly shouted, two sword lights swept up at the same time, both were extremely powerful, like their name, even if the real Immortal God came, in front of this sword light, they must be killed directly!


The horrible rumbling sound came, and the two sword lights collided with the rays of light from the battle halberd, as if the two stars collided together. Such movements can only be described in horror!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

Suddenly, the five-handed swords burst out at the same time, just like the five god bridges spanning the void, the divine light is shining, and the whole void seems to be flooded with these five rays of light, shooting at the same time. Hei Xi’s direction!

“The Great Destruction, Destruction!”

Black Chi is shouted, the black battle halberd in his hand is waving, the sound of the ghost crying and howling rises, a huge Demon God illusory shadow emerges, carrying the cold and aura, is greeted by the five-handed sword!


The sound of the explosion came, although the five swords were blocked, but the Demon God illusory shadow was also broken. This scene made the eyes of Hei Xi become colder.

“Boy, your strength is indeed unexpected!”

His eyes were extremely cold, his cold voice resounded: “If you don’t take out some real skills, it seems that you can’t kill you!”

“Life and Death World!”

The indifferent voice sounded, his eyebrows split open suddenly, a small door emerged from it, and then quickly expanded and enlarged, its surface has countless black and white divine runes, majestic vitality and cold dead air flow, turning the surrounding Heaven and Earth are all shrouded in it.

“This black gizzard is going to be real!”

“This time, the blood is dead!”

Seeing this, a burst of light erupted in the eyes of many quasi-sacred powerhouses around, and their faces became dignified.

Ebony battle halberd is the life source weapon of Hei Xi, and this Life and Death World is a treasure that he was lucky to get. It is also this treasure that made him truly rise to become a powerhouse of the lord level ‘S well-known figure exists!


next moment, the black and white divine runes in the portal are intertwined, the white divine runes are dispersed, and only the black divine runes are left. The terrible death madness diffuses, leaving all the surroundings withered and destroyed.

At the same time, a large amount of death energy quickly rushed to Hei, forming a black Battle Armor on his body. Under the blessing of this Black Battle Armor, his whole aura suddenly doubled in an instant. Degree!

“Great destruction, kill all gods!”

His black long hair dances like a real Demon God, and a horrible aura emerges from him. That black battle halberd moved towards Lin Yu, and overflowing heaven murderous aura suddenly flooded the whole Heaven and Earth .

Countless black shadows emerged from his body, all of them were refining evil spirits, and all the demons fluttered, making the whole Heaven and Earth dimmed. Then, a dark divine light burst out, with amazing The speed hit Lin Yu!


In front of this divine light, Lin Yu only had time to swing his sword to stop it, and his body burst back, and he fully retired after a dozen steps away, before regaining his body.

After using “Life and Death World”, Hei Qi’s strength can only be described by terrifying!

“Boy, have you stopped here?”

At the same time, his indifferent voice resounded, shouted loudly: “In that case, you can die!”


While speaking, his figure stepped out in one step, and the large void broke up, and his figure appeared directly in front of Lin Yu. The battle halberd ruthless was cut down, which was to direct Lin Yu directly. Split in two!

“you think you can kill me?”

Looking at this scene, Lin Yu’s face was full of fear, and the fighting intent in his eyes became more intense, swept across all directions, said with a big smile: “This battle has just begun!”

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