Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2979


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The words fell, Lin Yu’s figure quickly climbed up, and the kung fu in just a few moments had already climbed to the level of several hundred zhang.

At the same time, one after another strange magic pattern emerged from him, and a magic pattern like “Heavenly Eye” appeared in the eyebrows, the majestic aura burst out, letting the whole Heaven and Earth trembles.

At this moment, he directly used Gu Wu’s real body, and his strength soared to a terrifying level!


Along with his shouted, the holy element sword in his hand also expanded sharply, and in the blink of an eye, a sword with a length of several hundred zhang was formed, and the monstrous baleful qi spread out, and then directly It was cut to the other side!


A loud noise came, and the battle halberd in Hei’s hand came to a halt. His figure shook slightly, and he felt he could hardly hold the battle halberd in his hand!

“How is it possible!”

At the same time, his face changed abruptly, and he used “Life and Death World” to display his strongest battle strength. Under these conditions, the general lord powerhouse is not his. The opponent, but Lin Yu, actually completely resisted his attack!

“Bitter Springs!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s icy voice was sounded, the holy yuan sword in his hand was slashed, and countless sword lights fell like howling wind and torrential rain, completely covering the black gizzard.

For a time, he only felt as if he had fallen into the endless Yellow Springs, surrounded by overflowing heaven stormy seas, and he could only struggle in it, and he might fall over at any time!


An indifferent drink sounded, and Hei Xi’s face was extremely cold. He was the head of the dignified black god robber corps. The powerhouse died in his hands, and there were even two people at the level of the lord.

It is fundamentally impossible to want to deal with him by such means!

bang! bang! bang!

In an instant, he was directly out of the illusion of the Sea of ​​Bitterness struggle. A rich murderous intention emerged from his eyes. He waved the battle halberd in his hands one after another. The sword light all resisted.

“Great destruction, divine light of the dead world!”

Later, his body flickered suddenly, appearing next to the “Life and Death World”, and aura seemed to be completely integrated into the portal, and then a halberd was slashed out.


In an instant, the “Life and Death World” seemed to be recovered, the rich death was entangled, and the black divine runes were intertwined, forming one after another divine light full of death, and burst into Lin Yu!

“This is… Hei Xi’s strongest absolute art!”

This scene makes everyone around us change color. The divine light dive light is the strongest killing move of Hei Xi. Even when this light comes out, even the powerhouse of the same lord level should retreat and dare not be easily contaminated. !

“Eye of Destruction!”

However, in the face of the roaring divine light from the dead world, Lin Yu’s figure was still. He was like a giant mountain, standing between between Heaven and Earth. Beating up, the horrible aura was brewing in it.


Finally, this one vertical eye is really opened, the aura of terror spreads out, and a divine light of destruction explodes, containing the power of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and it is innumerable in an instant. The divine light of the dead world collided together!



Under the unbelievable gaze of the people, the innumerable divine light of the dead world dissipated together, and the divine light of destruction was castigated unabatedly, blasting on the black gizzard body, and suddenly let him go. Flying out of shape!

The Eye of Destruction, as one of Peak’s Life Source Divine Ability in the state of the Great Witch, its power is indeed very amazing. The first time it is displayed, it shows the monstrous power!


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu’s figure rose directly back, he instantly appeared in front of the “Life and Death World”, and the Shengyuan sword in his hand was directly slashed out. , Cut on the black portal!


A loud noise came, and the black portal trembled violently. I have to say that this was indeed a rare treasure. Under Lin Yu, there was no sign of damage.

However, Lin Yu’s offensive certainly didn’t stop there. Next moment, he waved the Shengyuan sword and continued to cut it down. At the same time, the five-handed swords rose into the sky and drove towards the black portal. !

“you are courting death!”

This scene made Hei Xi suddenly angry, “Life and Death World”, this is one of the most important treasures in his body. If Lin Yu is destroyed, his battle strength will also fall by at least 30%. , This is something he absolutely cannot tolerate!

“Hei Xi, let me help you!”

“Such a scoundrel should be killed quickly!”

At the same time, two indifferent voices suddenly sounded at the same time. Among the many lord-level powerhouses, a malicious old man and a dark green long haired man stepped out in one step. Teach the powerhouse with Void Cult!

Looking at Lin Yu’s display of such amazing battle strength, even Hei Xi was suppressed, they finally couldn’t bear it, and at the same time, they chose to shoot, wanting to wipe out Lin Yu for the first time!

“Spear of True God!”

Void Cult’s dark green long haired man burst into tears, and the purple-black petal imprint on his forehead burst into fiery rays of light, void tearing apart, as if it had penetrated another world directly.

One war spear emerged from it, carrying the amazing aura, directly moved to Lin Yu and bombed down!


The malicious old man of the Hemo was to take out the one Nine Headed Snake statue, mutter incantations in his mouth, and then moved towards the other party bowed down, a majestic aura suddenly diffused from the statue.

In an instant, the statue seemed to be alive. The illusory shadow of a dark nine-snake emerged out of thin air. His eyes were extremely cold. The cold aura suddenly flooded the entire Heaven and Earth.

Then, Nine Headed Snake roar towards the sky, nine heads opened their mouths together, and they spewed out amazing black light, which enveloped Lin Yu like nine waterfalls at the same time!

“Great Destruction!”

At the same time, Nai Xi also regained control of Life and Death World. His whole person seemed to be completely integrated with the black portal. The rich death could hardly be dissolved. The battle halberd waved in his hand, and an amazing power broke out.

The powerhouses of the three major lord levels are working at the same time. This kind of offensive is extremely shocking. Even the other lord powerhouses cannot be changed by color. kill!

“One Qi Becomes Three Purities!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s figure also moved. Two breaths of air emerged from him at the same time, and then two figures emerged together.

The two figures, also have several hundred zhang tall, exactly the same as Lin Yu, it is his Taoist body and Dharma body!

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