Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2980


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bang! bang!

Two severe hundred zhang tall silhouettes stood in between Heaven and Earth, and the aura exuded from the whole body was forced to the extreme, just like the ancient War God came to the world.

This is the most powerful place of secret art, One Qi Becomes Three Purities. The Dao body and Dharma body it summons have the same battle strength as this Venerable, even if it is the ancient Wuzhen body. Secret art can also be copied!

“God kills!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s this Venerable sword was slashed out, a fierce sword light broke out, swept Heaven and Earth, and possessed an unstoppable situation. It instantly collided with the black portal, and a heaven broke out The loud noise of -shaking, earth-shattering!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

At the same time, his Taoist body urged the five-handed Excalibur to whizz out, like the Five Divine Bridges spanning the void, everywhere all is an amazing sword qi, sweeping everything, strangling towards that dark Nine Headed Snake.


On the other side, the palm of his dharma body was gripped, forming a hill-like fist, containing the majestic power, and was suddenly moved towards the war spear, and the power of terror directly smashed the war spear. Go out!

In an instant, Lin Yu’s three Avatar shots at the same time, all of which showed amazing battle strength, blocking the offensive of the three powerhouses such as Hei Xi!


In an instant, Lin Yu’s three Avatars were all loudly shouted, and the monstrous baleful qi swept towards all directions like a giant wave. In the thunderous thunderous sound, his figure slammed out. Actively killed three powerhouses such as Hei Xi.

The scary divine force exploded like crazy, like the ocean, Lin Yu and Hei Xi were fighting in front of them in an instant. The amazing rumbling sound echoed through Heaven and Earth, making the faces of everyone around them change in unison. .

“This blood is so strong that it is so strong!”

“Starting with the powerhouses of the three lord levels at the same time, all of them are well-known figures among the lords. This bloody quiet, so amazing spirit!”

“His battle strength is indeed amazing. In addition, I don’t know what secret art he mastered, but he can have three battle bodies at the same time!”

One after another screaming sounded, I have to say that Lin Yu’s performance really shocked them completely. He had the upper hand in the confrontation with the Blue Wing Lord and Hei Qi, and it was completely out of them. Expectation.

The scene in front of them is completely beyond their imagination!

“Kill him!”

At the same time, the three powerhouses such as Hei Xi are all furious. As the powerhouse of the lord level, they all have their own arrogance. The strong performance of Lin Yu undoubtedly completely stimulated them and made them feel. The killing intent rose to the extreme!


In an instant, the three major powerhouses are all out of their hands. As quasi-Saint Perfection powerhouses, how terrifying are their strengths, and raising the room is enough for ordinary stars to be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. This kind of destructive power can be described as The horror is at its extreme.

However, Lin Yu’s performance is even stronger. His Venerable holds the holy yuan sword, the Taoist body urges the five-handed sword, and the Dharma body uses the fleshly body strength of the enemy to fight against the enemy. The big powerhouse is fighting, but they all gained the upper hand!


All of a sudden, Lin Yu’s three Avatars were loudly roared at the same time, and the sound was so shocking that almost the entire Heaven and Earth cracked apart. After the fierce battle reached the stage of fierce heat, he finally exhibited “Roar of God” Life Source Divine Ability!

Divine Soul, with a loud roar, can annihilate the enemy Divine Soul, and three Avatars perform this move at the same time, and the roar forms a superposition, which is even more powerful than normal.

hong long long!

In an instant, the entire void was trembling violently, and everyone in the distance was spit a mouthful of blood. Although it was not the main target of this roar, it was only affected by some aftermath, so their Divine Soul almost burst!

Even those powerhouses at the lord level, there are a few people groaned, their faces faintly pale, and they are all affected to a certain extent.

While in the main attack area of ​​this roar, the three powerhouses such as Hei Xi are undoubtedly more affected. Their Divine Soul is almost broken, and their consciousness is inevitably caught in a short period of stagnation.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu shot without hesitation. His three Avatars exhibited a killing move at the same time, and instantly all three people, including Hei Xi, were enveloped in it.

“pu! “

next moment, the three major powerhouses such as Hei Xi spit out a mouthful of blood, their three people were all hit hard, especially the malicious old man of Hemo, the injuries were extremely serious, almost Was cut directly by Lin Yu!

“You must not tolerate this person to continue chaos!”

At this moment, a great shout suddenly sounded, and the blue-winged lord was cold, urging the leading cane to kill Lin Yu: “Together, press and kill this person!”

Looking that Hei Xi and the other three teamed up are not Lin Yu’s opponents, the Blue Wing Lord is finally unable to sit still. Since he has already shot, he can’t tolerate Lin Yu to survive today! “


At the same time, among the remaining powerhouses of the lord level, more than a dozen people looked at each other, and then invariably chose to shoot.

Lin Yu also felt great taboo for the battle strength that Lin Yu showed. If they can’t kill this person today, they might appear to be a disaster in the future.

For a time, except for a few people such as Lord Feng Li, many other powerhouses have joined the ranks of beating Lin Yu!

“Oh my god!”

“Nearly twenty powerhouses at the lord level actually shot against one person at the same time!”

This scene completely shocked all the people who had escaped from the Taiwu mining area.

In the Chixiao Holy Realm, the battle at the lord level is not unprecedented, and even the lord is beheaded and replaced, it is not a rare thing, but nearly 20 lord powerhouse besieging one at the same time, but this is true The most amazing major event!

Throughout the history of Chixiao Holy Realm, such a thing has not happened a few times. What happened today is destined to be included in the history of Chixiao Holy Realm!

“How about all of you together?”

However, in the face of the siege of nearly 20 lord powerhouses, Lin Yu’s face was still not scared at all, he said with a big smile: “If you want to fight, you will be happy!”

“Origin Heaven and Earth!”

In the laughter, he exhibited the last Life Source Divine Ability in the real state of the ancient witch, and a magnificent aura surged from him. In an instant, he was like everyone around him. Heaven and Earth are fully integrated into one.

His body seems to be a part of this world. This world, like his body extension, he seems to be the incarnation to become the master of this world, a tyrannical oppression, suddenly moved towards many lords powerhouse enveloped Come down!

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