Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2981


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The amount of terrible oppression force broke out, and instantly all the powerhouses of the lords were shrouded in it. In an instant, many powerhouses felt their bodies sink, and their divine force was suppressed by at least 20%!


In the eyes of everyone, Lin Yu did not hesitate at all. His three Avatars stepped out at the same time. The sharp Sword Intent went straight to the sky, and he actively killed nearly twenty lords powerhouse!

“courting death!”

This scene made many lords powerhouse suddenly furious. Nearly 20 powerhouses besieged Lin Yu, but they were first shot by the other party. This is clearly not a humiliation for them!


In an instant, many lord powerhouses all shot, all kinds of weapons emerged in the void, exuding amazing killing intent, just that kind of killing intent, almost let the void burst completely.


No more nonsense, a fierce great battle. Even if it broke out, there were nearly twenty lord powerhouses on one side, and although there was only Lin Yu on the other side, each of the three Avatars had heaven-shaking, earth-shattering battle strength.

The great battle of the two parties is really killing the murky heavens dark earth, which makes void large pieces broken, countless black holes emerge and then burst, these scenes can be described as terrible!

“Too strong!”

In the distance, although the people who had escaped from the Taiwu mining area had already retreated far away, they still felt cold and bone-drenched and felt a great fear.

In these terrifying battles, even if they are powerhouses of the quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level, they are not eligible to participate. Once they are involved, I am afraid that they will be the result of body dies and Dao disappears in an instant!

At the same time, their hearts were shocked to the extreme. Not long ago, they and Lin Yu were still fighting for the same opportunity, but now Lin Lin has already possessed such strength, facing nearly 20 lords powerhouse Even the wind did not fall!

Yes, in this fierce battle, Lin Yu’s performance is still as strong as before.

The three Avatars attacked at the same time, and the sword light fills the whole sky and the sword qi aspect, even in the face of the many powerhouses whose number far exceeds their own, but still vaguely suppressed the other side!


Suddenly, he uttered a loud roar, which was the life source Divine Ability of “God Eater”. Under this giant roar, many quasi-holy powerhouses are also Suddenly thinking.

“Four-pole Excalibur!”

At the same time, Lin Yu’s indifferent drink sounded, and a terrible angry machine brewed from him, and the fierce Sword Intent lingered, and then rushed to the sky, so that the whole Heaven and Earth was enveloped in this Sword Intent.

The four-pole divine sword, this move, is the 5th Sword created by Lin Yu after perfecting the Sword Art. It is also the strongest killing move he has mastered today!

xiu! xiu! xiu! Hey!

In an instant, the illusory shadow of the four-handle killing swords is presented from the four directions of East, South, West, and North at the same time. Each one of the killing swords is aura soaring, containing a monstrous killing intent, like the ultimate The killing idea formed, and the surrounding Heaven and Earth were trembling!

The four-handed sword-killing sword was born as if it were truly inherited from Heaven and Earth. The only meaning of its existence is killing, clank and sword edge shaking, showing the unparalleled edge of the world!


next moment, the four-handed swords flying together, and at the same time chopping to many powerhouses present, and the blue wing lord closest to Lin Yu has become the primary attack target of these four-handed swords!


In an instant, the blue-winged lord’s face changed. His scalp felt numb for a while, and his entire body of hair fell upright. At this moment, he felt a threat of death!


He instantly realized the bad, he roared, his divine force poured out frantically, and the leading cane zoomed in sharply, turning into a giant dragon blocking him.


However, it is just a momentary effort, the giant dragon is penetrated by the four-handed killing sword, the murderous aura is boiling, next moment, the four-handed killing sword has already come to the blue wing lord!


With a stern shout, the four-handed swords fell together, and the blue wing lord’s figure was instantly strangled and smashed into an endless blood mist and dissipated in between Heaven and Earth.

As of now, the lord-level powerhouse of 1st place has finally appeared!


“Lord Wing, actually fell!”

This scene shocked many powerhouses that got the Tai Ping mine out of their minds, and they could hardly believe their eyes.

Although among many lord powerhouses, the strength of the blue wing lord is relatively weak, but after all it is the lord powerhouse of genuine, which is now falling into the hands of Lin Yu.

If they had seen this scene with their own eyes, how could they not believe that such a thing would happen!

“Eye of Destruction!”

However, the fall of the Blue Wing Lord is just the beginning. Next moment, Lin Yu’s three Avatars opened their vertical eyebrows at the same time. Shot out.


In the blink of an eye, three divine lights of devastation blasted on one person at the same time, and a horrible rumbling sound sounded. The powerhouse called Lord Bai Xing, even when he stepped into the footsteps of the Blue Wing Lord, was also killed by Lin Yu. !


next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes looked at Hei Xi and other three people. His eyes were extremely cold, and he directly killed him.

For various reasons, he and Hei Xi and other three people have already forged an unresolvable hatred. Other people, he can ignore them for the time being, but these three people, they must be punished. kill!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

The fierce sword light swept through the whole Heaven and Earth, carrying the imposing manner of beheading the powerhouses of two lords. Lin Yu slammed to death, but it was destructive and unstoppable, so that the rest of the powerhouses could not be avoided by subconsciously. Come on.

In a blink of an eye, Lin Yu had already been killed in front of Hei Xi and the other three people. His eyes were indifferent to the extreme. Various killing moves poured out and enveloped the other party.

“Damn it!”

Just a moment later, accompanied by an unwilling roar, the black gizzard was cut off by Lin Yu with a sword. This guy who had committed countless crimes was finally killed in the hands of the rest of the cultivator !

His fall also means that the black god robber figure will completely disintegrate and disappear into the history of Chixiao Holy World.

“Boy, I’m Hemo, I will never let you go!”

Sometimes, the malicious old man of the Hemo religion was unable to support him. He roared, and his figure burst directly, turning into a blood mist and dissipating in between Heaven and Earth.

In just a few breaths, the three powerhouses have only the ink-colored long haired man of Void Cult, and the Holy Yuan Jian in Lin Yu’s hand has also moved towards him!

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