Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2982


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“You dream!”

Ink-colored long haired man instantly felt the threat of death. He roared, and a golden decree appeared in the palm of his hand, growling: “Please True God!”


In an instant, the golden decree burned directly, the dazzling rays of light diffused out, and the blazing flames reached the extreme point, so that the vast void directly melted.

In the melting void, a majestic silhouette emerged. He was huge to the extreme, exuding a strong aura, majestic as the sea, and wanton, making the whole Heaven and Earth tremble!

“Master Void Cult!”

When I saw this towering silhouette, Lin Yu’s eyes suddenly froze.

In the beginning, it was this Void Cult master who made a cross-border shot and destroyed the blood Yan tavern through the long river of time and space. Now, under the summon of the long haired man of the ink color, he once again appeared!

“This is…”

Not only Lin Yu, except for the ink-colored long haired man, many lord powerhouses present felt a thrill, and the figure of “unable to bear” exploded.

Master Void Cult, even in the entire Mingguang Ten Realms, is one of the powerhouses of pinnacle. Even if it is just an incarnation that appears through the long river of time and space, it is by no means any of them can contend!

In the face of this level of existence, they dare not have the slightest thought of provoke, and fearing that one accidentally attracts the attention of the other, they will bring killing disaster to themselves.


At this moment, a splitting the air sound suddenly sounded. Then, a middle-aged man wearing a gossip robe emerged. His aura was very powerful, compared with many powerhouses present. Obviously better.

“Qingtian King!”

Seeing the appearance of the middle-aged man in the gossip robe, everyone was shocked at the scene, and several lords powerhouse burst into a burst of light in the eyes of them, obviously with sufficient confidence.

The middle-aged man in the gossip robes is the Qi Tianwang among the nine princes of Chixiao Holy Realm, the Peak powerhouse of the true sage level!

In addition to the three ancestors, the nine princes represent the peak battle strength of Chixiao Holy World, even facing the Void Cult Lord in front of him, Qi Tianwang, also has the power of a battle!

Of course, this is only for the incarnation that Lord Void Cult shows up across the river of time and space. If it comes from its real body, then only the powerhouse of this level of the three ancestors is qualified to have an equal dialogue with him.

“Have seen Lord Void Cult!”

next moment, the king of Qi moved towards the towering silhouette and bowed slightly, and then said solemnly: “This is the place of my holy land in Chixiao, Sir’s incarnation came here, it’s a bit wrong, please also Sir Quickly disperse this incarnation.”


At the other end of the long river of time and space, a cold light erupted suddenly from the eyes of the towering silhouette, a horrible aura spreading, and the indifferent voice resounded through Heaven and Earth: “Are you questioning this Eminence?”

“Dare not.”

Qi Tianwang shook the head and said in courtesy: “However, Sir, please don’t forget that Ling Zu, Sword Ancestor and Sir are all alliances. At the beginning, they signed a non-aggression alliance, and Sir crosses the border at will. I’m afraid it’s bad for this alliance!”

“The ancestor of Lingzu, actually took a good man.”

The towering silhouette has a cold voice, coldly said: “That’s all, I don’t care about you as a little pawn. When I kill this thief, this Eminence will naturally disperse this incarnation.”


The words fell, his eyes suddenly looked at Lin Yu, a horrible aura suddenly spread out, and then, a huge palm stretched out, as big as a star, directly moved towards Lin Yu Come down!

“Not good!”

In a flash, Lin Yu’s hair was upright, and immediately he felt a great deal of pressure.

Although it is only the incarnation that appears between the two realms, this towering silhouette also has the strength of the true saint level. The power of this palm is also terrifying to the extreme!


next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes burst out with a more intense fighting intent. Although facing the powerhouse of the level of true holy, he still has no fear, and he took the initiative to kill the other party!


The horrible aura began to pervade him. At the moment, all three of his Avatars are in their best condition. His overall strength has already climbed to the Peak level of Quasi-St. Perfection. The resonance of the whole Heaven and Earth!

“Four-pole Excalibur!”

The sound of a sizzling sound, the four-handed killing sword presented from the four directions of East, South, West, North. Aura, directly plundered towards that huge palm!

Boom! boom! boom! boom!

However, four tremendous loud noises soon came, and the huge palm like a star fell down, containing the power of terror, but it turned the four-handed sword into a smash, and then continued to blast in Lin Yu’s body.

“pu! “

He spit out even a large mouthful of blood, and his body burst out of his way.

Although at this moment, his battle strength is comparable to the Peak Powerhouse of the Quasi-Saint Perfection, but compared with the existence of the True Saint level, it is still worse after all!

“Chizu I vein successor!”

At the same time, King Qi of the Qi learned the information from many lord powerhouses. His eyes suddenly burst into a gleam, and his eyes also fell on Lin Yu.

“No matter whether it is true or not, since it has a relationship with Chizu lineage, this person must not stay!”

His eyes were cold, and then he did not hesitate to throw a Little Pagoda. That Little Pagoda quickly enlarged into a treasure pagoda with thousands of zhang high, which was moved towards Lin Yu and suppressed. !

Two powerhouses at the level of True Saints shot at the same time. For a time, Lin Yu was in danger!

“He is finished!”

“Even if he can fight against nearly 20 lord powerhouses at the same time, compared with the powerhouse of the true sage level, his strength is still much worse, this time, he is dead!”

“Unfortunately, if he is given enough time to grow up, he may also be able to be a princely level, or even give Chixiao Shengjie an extra ancestor!”

This scene made the rest of the crowd sigh, no matter whether it was taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, or sympathy and sigh, everyone agreed on the fact that in the face of Void Cult master incarnation and Qi Tianwang, Lin Yu was doomed It is mortal!

“en? That’s…”

But at this moment, one after another’s exclamation suddenly sounded, and everyone’s eyes were looking at Lin Yu behind him, where the already disappeared Tai Ping mining area appeared again. .

It was an illusory scene. In it, a dilapidated warship could be seen vaguely, shrouded in endless black mist, exuding an amazing aura!

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