Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2983


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“It’s it!”

Seeing this dilapidated warship, many powerhouses that have entered the Taiwu mining area were shocked.

Although this broken warship is just outside the Tai Ping mining area, it still left an extremely deep impression on them. Apart from Lin Yu, whether it is a cultivator or an ominous beast, once contaminated The battleship, the end is extremely miserable.

didn’t expect At this moment, this broken ship appears again!


next moment, under the horrified eyes of everyone, a black jade-colored skeleton palm emerged, covering the sky and the sun, and the horrible aura instantly filled the entire void.

The palm extended by Lord Void Cult is already huge, like a star, but compared to the palm of the Moyu Skeleton, it is like the gap between rice grains and Hao Ri, and it is no longer on the same level. on!


The palm of the Moyu Skeleton was just a simple grip, the palm of Lord Void Cult was broken, and at the same time, the towering silhouette groaned was actually a big mouthful of blood.


An unbelievable yell sounded, the other side of the river of time and space, the incredible rays of light erupted in the eyes of Void Cult. The ontology has been hit hard!

“You damn it!”

Although surprised and angry reached their extreme point, Lord Void Cult’s reaction was also extremely fast. His body quickly disappeared from the other side of the time and space, and instantly disappeared in place.


This scene has made everyone feel like a tremor. Lord dignified Void Cult is in the existence of Peak in the whole Mingguang Ten Realms, even if it is just an incarnation, it also has the true Holy level of battle strength.

But it is such a powerful character who was struck by a long time and created a body, and had to retreat quickly. If it was not seen with his own eyes, who can believe such a scene!


Qi Tianwang was terrified, and no longer had any thoughts about Lin Yu, he turned around and left, his body transformed into a stream of light, moved towards the distance and quickly escaped.

However, the palm of the Moyu skull was still shot down. Although it was not really shot on him, it was just a press across the void, but a force of terror, but it fell on him instantly. .


In an instant, his figure is all split up and in pieces, but he is a powerhouse of the true sacred level after all, and his Life Strength is extremely tenacious. Even after suffering such a heavy blow, he still has no direct Fall.


His body reorganized quickly, but aura was obviously dying a lot, less than 20% of the Peak state. At this moment, I am afraid that the Peak powerhouse in the quasi-Saint Perfection is enough to pose a threat to his life!

next moment, he continued to escape without looking back, and in an instant, aura had completely disappeared in place.


This scene left the rest of the people speechless, but they all set off a raging wave.

Void Cult’s incarnation and King Qi are all true holy powerhouses. What aloof and remote was in the past, but now they all end up with serious injuries and fleeing. If this scene is passed out, it may be enough to make a sensation. Mingguang Ten Realms!

However, they also know very well that it is about the face of Zhensheng Powerhouse. If they dare to spread the news at random, I am afraid that they will be unpredictable on 2nd day!

“Is the Moyu Skeleton Senior!”

At the same time, Lin Yu’s heart was instantly clear comprehension. This powerful palm was obviously from the jade skeleton in the broken ship. At the critical moment, the other party rescued him!


Soon, the palm of the Moyu Skeleton moved again. His fingers flicked slightly, and a vast force was covering Lin Yu. Next moment, his figure disappeared directly in place.

At the same time, the palm of the hand was quickly taken back, and the illusory scenes such as the broken warship and the Taiwu mining area completely disappeared, and even the slightest aura could no longer be sensed.

“It’s over!”

This scene made everyone present let out a long breath. Everyone had different thoughts in their hearts, but they had no intention to stay here. In a blink of an eye, many powerhouses all dispersed, and the place became empty again.


In the vast Sea Territory, Lin Yu’s figure is slowly skimming.

Xituo Ling, located in the extreme west of Chixiao Holy Realm. Three days ago, the ink jade skull sent Lin Yu here.

“With a flick of a finger, I was transferred from the Yuantian mining area to the extreme west. The means of the Moyu skeleton Senior really was heavenspan!”

Looking back at the scene three days ago, Lin Yu’s heart is still full of shock.

His current strength is regarded as a Peak powerhouse in the quasi-Saint Perfection Level, but compared with the power house of the true sacred level, it is still much weaker, not to mention the deep and unmeasurable ones like the Moyu skull. compared to powerhouse.

Compared to true powerhouse, he still has a long way to go!

“However, since you are here, the immediate priority now is to return to Beilin Holy World as soon as possible!”

next moment, a grave expression appeared in Lin Yu’s eyes.

When fighting with Void Cult’s Zifa old woman, he got an important message that the old man and the others’ hiding place has been discovered by Void Cult, and if nothing unexpected, Void Cult’s powerhouse is very good. Hurry up and start working on the stupid old man and the others.

In order to avoid the unforeseen circumstances of the stupid old man and the others, Lin Yu must return to Beilin Holy World as soon as possible and lead them to evacuate as soon as possible!

After half a month, Lin Yu reached a desolate void, where there was a transparent Array, almost all indestructible, but there was only one place, which was obviously much weaker than the rest.

As the barriers between the Ten Realms of Mingguang gradually break down, the difficulty of crossing the two realms is also decreasing. Here, it is a weak point among the barriers of the boundary. As long as it passes through this Domain barrier, it can be forced to leave Chixiao Holy World.

“Brother Blood You, please wait!”

Just when Lin Yu was about to cross this boundary, a shout suddenly sounded, and then an azure robe middle-aged man quickly appeared in front of Lin Yu, and it was Lord Feng Li!

“Lord Feng Li?”

Lin Yu’s heart was slightly shocked when he saw the other party’s moment, and immediately his whole body aura surged, ready for the battle.

Although outside the Taiwu mining area, Lord Feng Li once spoke for him, but at this time, the other party will suddenly appear in front of him, undoubtedly showing a kind of weirdness, and Lin Yu also felt a few The presence of a powerful aura.

In addition to Lord Feng Li, several powerhouses apparently came here in secret, and Lin Yu had to be prepared for this!

“Brother Xueyou, you don’t have to be so nervous.”

Seeing this, Lord Feng Li couldn’t help but laughed and said, “I came this time with the kindness of Leizu Sir!”

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