Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2984


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Lord Feng Li’s words suddenly made Lin Yu’s eyebrows slightly frowned.


Feng Li Lord nodded, said solemnly: “Blood You, I think you should have heard some rumors. Among the three ancestors of Chixiao Holy Realm, Sword Ancestor and Lingzu have always been embracing the same reason, and they have been with Leizu Sir. Not right.”

“However, the strength of Leizu Sir is better than Sword Ancestor and Lingzu, and Sword Ancestor and Lingzu can’t be completely together after all. Therefore, Chixiao Holy World can still maintain on the The balance and stability of the surface.”

“It’s just that this stability was broken after Void Cult’s invasion of Beilin Holy World decades ago!”

“On that day, Lord Void Cult, Sword Ancestor, Lingzu and another outside powerhouse reached an agreement on interests, thus forming an alliance. In order to fight their alliance, Leizu Sir also had to look for Foreign aid has also formed a party alliance.”

“Is this true?”

After hearing this, Lin Yu’s thoughts could not help moving slightly.

He remembers that there were indeed three powerhouses appearing in the Blood Yan Tavern when it was hit by a catastrophe. They once played against the Void Cult master, but in the end, they turned hostility into friendship, but stood instead In the same camp.

In this way, among the three powerhouses, there are two spirit ancestors of Chixiao Holy World and Sword Ancestor!


next moment, Lin Yu frowned, opened the mouth and said: “Lord Feng Li, what you said seems to have nothing to do with me not at all?”

“Xueyou, you may not know it.”

Lord Feng Li couldn’t help but show a bit of a bitter smile on his face, saying: “During the actions of the Taiwu mining area, both Void Cult and Hemo Sect lost a lot, but this also allowed the two forces to catch up. .”

“Not long ago, the Hemo religion also joined the alliance between Void Cult, Sword Ancestor, and Lingzu!”

“Originally, the alliance power of Void Cult and the others has been extremely strong, and the Hemo religion is not much weaker than Void Cult. With this force, their alliance strength has undoubtedly skyrocketed. Many, completely suppressed the alliance built by Leizu Sir.”

“In order to cope with this situation, Leizu Sir had to look for foreign aid again. In the process, Leizu Sir thought of you!”


Lin Yu couldn’t help being dumb, shook the head, and said, “I just have the battle strength that’s all of the quasi-Saint Perfection, and even the level of the true Saint has not been reached. What role can it play in this level of collision? ?”

“If you are referring to the palm of a black jade skull, I don’t need to hide anything, it’s just an accident that’s all. It’s simply an impossible thing to want to use its power.”

“Blood You, you are too underestimating yourself!”

Hearing this, Lord Feng Li showed a solemn look, said solemnly: “According to my understanding, when the Beilin Holy World fell, your strength was only up to six trails. “

“Now, it is only a few decades, and your strength has reached the Peak level in the Quasi-Sacred Perfection, and its strength even exceeds most of the Lords of Chixiao Holy World.”

“This speed of progress is really amazing. For this reason, Leizu Sir is willing to bet on you!”

“He believes that with the potential you show, it will not take long to reach the level of the true saint and play a great role in the battle between the two camps.”

Pause for a moment, Lord Feng Li then opened the mouth and said: “At the same time, in order to show his sincerity, he specifically ordered me to come to you, and let me bring a few powerhouses!”

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The voice fell, and a total of three silhouettes emerged, including an azure long-haired woman, a square-faced big man, and an old man wearing a gossip robe.

The three powerhouses, the aura they emit are quite good, especially the old man of the gossip, the aura is extremely majestic and extremely powerful. Compared with the previous Qi Tianwang, it is not inferior!

“True Saint powerhouse!”

Lin Yu’s heart was shocked, his eyes became very dignified, he sensed that there was a powerhouse hidden in the dark, but didn’t expect a powerhouse of the true holy level among them!

“These three are Yue Ming, Fu Daoist Fellow Daoist, and Mo Yuan Senior.”

Feng Li Lord seriously said: “Yue Ming and Fu Tian Fellow Daoist are all quasi-sacred Perfection-level powerhouses, and Moyuan Senior, although not among the nine princes, is also a powerhouse of the true sage level. It is one of Leizu Sir’s most trusted confidants!”

“According to Leizu Sir’s knowledge, Void Cult discovered the hiding place of the remaining powerhouse of Beilin Holy Realm, and will soon start to do it. If nothing unexpected happens, you must rush back to Beilin Holy Realm as soon as possible. “

“However, the force of Void Cult’s presence in Beilin Holy Realm is not weak. In addition to a few quasi-Saint Perfection powerhouses, there is also a True Saint powerhouse sitting in town. If you go alone, it may not have any effect, but Will fall into a crisis.”

“In order to express sincerity, Sir Lei Zu specially asked me to follow you to act together, blocking the powerhouse of Void Cult in Beilin Shengjie for you, and bringing the remaining powerhouse of Beilin Shengjie to Chixiao Shengjie!”


As soon as this remark came out, Lin Yu was finally moved.

Void Cult has a powerhouse of the true sage level, which is indeed something he did not expect. At the same time, Lei Zu is willing to send Moyuan and other four great powerhouses to assist him, which is beyond his expectations. .

I have to say that Leizu really has great sincerity, and such a condition really touched Lin Yu!


Without hesitating for a long time, Lin Yu nodded and agreed: “Since that is the case, I am willing to join the Alliance of Leizu on behalf of Blood Yan Tavern.”

“That’s good!”

Hearing this, Lord Feng Li’s face also showed a happy look, saying: “Blood You, it’s not too late, then I’ll rush to Beilin Holy World!”


Lin Yu nodded, he was indeed a bit worried about the situation of Beilin Holy Realm, and he no longer had anything to do with Feng Li Lord immediately, and a little salute to the three Moyuan was to quickly cross the boundary barriers and plunder Xiang Beilin the location of the Holy World.


Bei Lin Shengjie, in the dark void, suspends a huge mountain range that is surrounded by black mist. It is the Secret Realm hidden by the old man and the others.

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