Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2985


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Countless shouts of shouting sounded loudly, and then a large number of silhouettes rose from the sky in the mountains. It was the many powerhouses where Xueyan Tavern stayed in the Holy Land of Beilin.

Among them, the stupid old man’s figure is at the forefront. After decades of time, his cultivation base has improved a lot, and he is close to the quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level.

apart from this, among the people of Blood Yan Tavern, there is an additional quasi-Small Small Accomplishment powerhouse, and several powerhouses at the level of the invincible Daojun. Compared with decades ago, the overall strength of Blood Yan Tavern is obviously A lot stronger.

It’s just that, compared with that war, their strength is obviously not on the same level, and they simply can’t stop it from coming!

whiz whiz whiz!

next moment, one after another splitting the air sound sounded, hundreds of silhouettes appeared in the dark void, and each and everyone looked indifferent, overlooking the blood Yan Tavern below everyone.

“I finally found it!”

A skinny old man expressionless, indifferently opened the mouth and said: “This group of dark mice, lowly ants, is really enough to hide!”

“There are really two or three characters among a group of ants.”

Another middle-aged man looks at the old man and the others, indifferently said: “A powerhouse close to Quasi-St. Great Accomplishment, a quasi-St. Small Accomplishment, and several invincible Daojun, down It still has some value, so we are here for a trip.”

“Capture all these people and bring them back to the Muslims. As for the others, kill them all.”

A silver-haired youth has an indifferent face, although the voice is calm, but the killing intent in it is to make the face of the elderly and other people all change.

“People of Void Cult, they actually found this place!”

“Fight with them!”

one after another roar sounded, among the crowd of Blood Yan Tavern, when even a few people rose into the sky, with a decisive face, they killed the powerhouse of hundreds of Void Cult.

“overestimate one’s capabilities!”

Silver hair youth’s voice is indifferent, and her eyes are extremely cold, as if looking at trivial ant, saying: “Dead!”

He gently a finger pointed, an invisible void ripple suddenly diffused, and all of them were enveloped in it. In an instant, the few people all turned into blood mist and burst apart, and they all died in an instant. !

“Damn it!”

This scene made the old man and the others look even more ugly, and several companions died in front of them. In the process, the other party showed that casual attitude, which made them very angry.

Obviously, these people in Void Cult completely treat them as ants that can be crushed at will. Such gestures are really extreme!

“I will fight you!”

A roar sounded, and beside the old man, the silhouette of Jian Huang rose into the sky.

Previously, he not at all left Linlin Holy Realm with Lin Yu and the others, but stayed at Secret Realm in Tianmang Mountain. During these years, his cultivation base has reached the level of invincible Daojun.

At this moment, his eyes were chilled to the extreme, and his whole body exuded the soaring Sword Intent, and instantly appeared in front of the silver-haired youth, slashing directly at each other!


The silver-haired youth sneered, his cultivation base is also at the level of the invincible Daojun, but he has already reached the Perfection Realm of the invincible Daojun. In his eyes, Jianhuang’s strength can’t cause any threat at all.

next moment, he directly pointed it out, a silver finger burst out, carrying amazing power, instantaneously the sword in the hand of Jian Huang cracked, and then directly through Jian Huang Divine Physique.


A blood hole emerged from Jian Huang’s chest, and his body quickly exploded, his face ugly to the extreme, just a stroke, he was hit hard in the other hand!

“It is really impossible to withstand a single blow!”

The silver-haired youth sneered: “If it doesn’t seem to be worthwhile to you, it can be transformed into my Void Cult’s discipline. I’m going to kill you, but it’s a finger thing that’s all!”


At this moment, a low voice suddenly sounded. Among the hundreds of powerhouses of Void Cult, a burly big man said solemnly: “Don’t waste time, quickly solve all these guys. !”


One after another screaming sounded, and then the silver-haired youth and the others all exuded a killing intent, and the figure swooped down, killing everyone in the Blood Yan Tavern!


“Damn… I’m fighting with you!”

Countless miserable shouts sounded, this is a one-sided slaughter. Compared with Void Cult, the strength of the blood Yan Tavern is undoubtedly inferior to too much, the two are not the same at all On a level!

In just a few moments, thousands of powerhouses have fallen in the Blood Yan Tavern, and this number is still increasing, and several invincible Daojun powerhouses such as Jianhuang have been captured!

one after another chain entangled Jian Huang and the others, making their figure completely unable to move, even the divine force could not be urged, even if they wanted to self-destruct, Self-destruction, they could not do it at all .

Their face was so ugly that their faces were full of humiliation and unwillingness. However, they could not change anything at all, and even the foolish old man was also in deep trouble.

“Obediently surrender.”

The big man with a burly figure pushed to the old man with frigid eyes, and said: “If you obediently give up resistance, I can take the lead and spare the cultivator below the invincible Daojun here, but if you don’t want to… …”

After a pause, he suddenly slapped down with a palm, and a terrifying force erupted. In an instant, hundreds of blood Yan taverns’ powerhouses were shot by him, and they were directly shot into the mud!


This scene brought the old man ugly complexion to the extreme. However, watching the burly big man raise his palm again, there was a burst of anger on his face, and finally he gritted his teeth and said: “that’s all, I gave up resistance. .”

Old man Yu, of course, is not a person who is afraid of death. If he can, he can’t wait to fight the other party to the end, but for the life of the rest of the blood Yan Tavern, he has to make a compromise decision!

“Very good!”

The burly big man was satisfied with the nodded. He threw out a chain, which quickly caught the old man, and blocked all his divine forces.

After that, a cruel smile appeared on his face, and he waved: “All the remaining guys, kill them.”


Hearing this, the old man’s face suddenly changed greatly, and his eyes were full of surprised and angry colors. Even if he wanted to fight desperately with the other party, he was completely unable to use any power under the chain. !


At the same time, everyone in Void Cult sneered and started, the horrible divine force broke out, and it was about to overwhelm the blood Yan Tavern.

“courting death!”

At this moment, a cold great shout suddenly came from a distance, and then a sharp sword light fell from the sky, instantly killing dozens of powerhouses of Void Cult!

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