Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2986


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The fierce sword light roared, and instantly killed dozens of Void Cult powerhouses. At the same time, a blood robe of a back carrying a long sword quickly emerged from a distance, and it was Lin Yu!

At this moment, his eyes were chilled to the extreme, he had already rushed to Tianmang Mountain at the fastest speed, but after all he was still one step late. The Blood Yan Tavern had already damaged nearly tens of thousands of powerhouse!

Fortunately, although Old Man Yu, Jian Huang and the others have been captured, they have not been taken away by Void Cult. If it is later, I am afraid it is really irreparable.


At this moment, a rage suddenly sounded. The silver hair youth looked at Lin Yu, coldly shouted: “who you are, even dare to intervene in my Void Cult, is it tired of living? “

“All of you damn it!”

Lin Yu’s eyes were indifferent to the extreme, he suddenly a finger pointed and directly pointed to the silver-haired youth.


A finger glow shot out at an alarming speed, instantly fell on the throat of the silver-haired youth, too late to get any response, his throat was directly penetrated, and then the whole person’s life aura was completely dissipate!


“you are courting death!”

This scene made many of Void Cult’s powerhouses suddenly furious. When even a few powerhouses familiar with the silver-haired youth flew out, their eyes were blood red, and they all killed Lin Yu.


The spread of the tyrannical aura, these powerhouses are all in the invincible Daojun Perfection Realm, and two of them are extremely close to the quasi-holy level. Together, it is enough to cause the ordinary quasi-holy powerhouse Certain threats.

However, in the face of these powerhouse joint siege, Lin Yu’s footsteps didn’t even move, he just took off the sword that he was carrying, waved it, a sharp sword light These people were engulfed.

Boom! boom! boom!

next moment, the figures of the several powerhouses exploded and turned into a blood mist, which instantly disappeared between Heaven and Earth!


This scene made the Void Cult crowd surprised and angry, but also made the old fool, Jian Huang and the others all show shock and disbelief.

The first time Lin Yu appeared, they recognized it, but, waiting for them to react, Lin Yu actually killed several powerhouses of Void Cult!

“Blood You’s strength has risen to such a degree!”

In their hearts, there was a raging wave, and they could be able to kill several invincible Daojun powerhouses by raising their hands and throwing their feet. Lin Yu has no doubt reached the quasi-holy level at least, and even stronger!

“A quasi-holy powerhouse!”

At the same time, a gleam erupted in the eyes of Void Cult’s burly big man. His eyes fell on Lin Yu’s sacred, and his cold voice resounded: “didn’t expect, Beilin Shengjie even hides you like this Powerhouse.”

“However, dare to deal with my Void Cult, I think you are tired of living, and die for me!”

While speaking, he suddenly stepped out. The aura of the whole person swelled instantly, and one arm swelled more than tens of times, carrying amazing power. It was moved towards Lin Yu and fell down!

“Xueyou, be careful!”

The old man suddenly changed color. He had played with this burly big man for a few rounds before. The opponent’s strength is in the realm of the quasi-St. Great Accomplishment, which is even better than him. Otherwise, he also It won’t be so easily obediently surrender.

Even if Lin Yu knows that he has reached the level of quasi-saint, in his view, to deal with the burly big man at the level of quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment, it is obviously not what Lin Yu can do!

“Do you think that your strength is very strong, can you overlook all the cultivators of Beilin Holy World?”

However, in the face of the attack of the burly big man, Lin Yu’s face did not change at all. He stepped out, and the Shengyuan sword in his hand exuded an amazing aura, which diffused toward all directions, leaving the whole Heaven and Earth trembles everywhere.


This fierce Sword Intent made the big burly big man complexion slightly changed and noticed something bad, he was coldly snorted, and his arm continued to be moved towards Lin Yu and fell down, as if Lin Yu was going to be slaughtered into flesh directly!


At the same time, Lin Yu finally waved a sword, and a sharp sword light burst out, flashing like lightning, which was so fast that even the burly big man could not react at all.


next moment, his arm was directly cut down by Lin Yu, and a sharp pain came from the broken arm, so that he was reacting, and then a big, as big as wild beast broke out Cries.

“Do you think that the cultivator of Beilin Shengjie can only be slain?”

In his stern shout, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice sounded again. He didn’t have the slightest sympathy, and once again cut off the sword. The sharp sword light suddenly enveloped the burly big man.


With an unwilling roar, the figure of the burly big man was strangled by countless sword lights and completely transformed into a blood mist!


“A quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level powerhouse has just fallen!”

For a time, all the people in Xueyan Tavern were completely stunned. Even the elderly, they could not believe their eyes.

That was a powerhouse of the quasi-Saint Great Accomplishment level. With only two swords, it fell into the hands of Lin Yu. This scene is really incredible!

At the same time, they can’t help but feel a very happy feeling.

Not long ago, these people of Void Cult still had an aloof and remote attitude and slaughtered them arbitrarily, but now even the powerhouse of the quasi-St. Great Accomplishment level has fallen into Lin Yu’s hands.

This contrast makes them all very happy!

In contrast, Void Cult’s many powerhouse faces are ugly to the extreme. The fall of the burly big man has undoubtedly caused a huge blow to their morale, making them simply unacceptable!


At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded. Among the void, a bald old man with almost lost hair emerged. His eyes were cold, and suddenly the whole void became ice. Chilled.

next moment, he opened the mouth and said: “But it is only the remnants of the killing of Beilin Holy Realm, and it can lead to a powerhouse like you. It seems that I came here in secret, but it is right! “

“I discovered you long ago.”

After hearing the other party’s eerie words, Lin Yu’s face remained unchanged, he lightly opened the mouth and said: “If you don’t show up again, I’m going to force you out.”


A cold light burst out in the eyes of a bald old man, said with a sneer: “You have enough confidence in yourself, well, take you down and take it back to the gods, it would be interesting to think about it!”

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