Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2988


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“I will take you to the station of Void Cult!”

In Qi Huai’s eyes, there was a color of resentment, and then the head rose into the sky, moving away quickly in a certain direction. Behind him, Lin Yu not at all hesitated, directly followed along.

Seeing this, Elder Yu, Jian Huang and the others no longer hesitated, when even rushing together, they quickly followed Lin Yu.


In the process of skimming, Lin Yu and the others’ figures flew over the cities, and in the center of each city stood a huge idol.

There are countless people kneeling around the idol, there are cultivators, and ordinary mortals, their faces are pious and fanatical to the extreme.

Not only near the idol, but everyone in the whole city is also bowing down to the direction of the idol. Although there are many lives, these cities feel like a dead city.

Obviously, these people have been controlled by Void Cult. They have lost their self-awareness, except that they will continuously provide strength of Faith to Void Cult, which is any difference from walking corpse not at all.

“Void Cult, Dangzhu!”

This scene made Lin Yu’s eyes very cold. Although these people are still alive, they are no longer their original ones. This method of Void Cult is cruel and cruel!

If Void Cult is stationed for a long time, everyone in Beilin Holy World and all their descendants will be reduced to spiritual slaves. This is undoubtedly an intolerable thing for Lin Yu!

“It’s here!”

Two days later, Qi Huai’s voice suddenly rang, and a huge city suddenly appeared in front of Lin Yu and the others.

The city is suspended in mid-air, with countless magnificent statues, countless cultivators kneeling around, and at least the powerhouse of the Daojun level, and fanatically bowed toward the god.

apart from this, there are also a large number of black robe cultivators in different locations in the city. They are obviously powerhouses from Void Cult, with proud colors on their faces, forming a clear contrast with the people around them.


Among them, some people held a long whip, and when they saw someone who was not pleasing to the eye, they directly pulled a whip, and some people had evil colors, constantly groping on the side nuns.

“This bunch of bastards!”

For a time, Old Man Fool, Jian Huang and the others all showed their anger. Among the kneeling cultivators, many were their acquaintances. They used to be the powerhouse of Xueyan Tavern, but now, Trapped here like a slave!

In addition to the cultivators of the Blood Yan Tavern, there are many cultivators in the Imperial Palace and Qianhe Temple in the South. They also lost their self-consciousness, just like walking corpse.

“Boy, you are dead!”

When he arrived around this city, Qi Huai was obviously more emboldened. There was a sneer on his face, the divine force diffused, and he instantly recovered his fleshy body.

Previously, in order to avoid Lin Yu attacking him, he did not dare to reunit his own fleshy body, just kept a head, but now, he obviously has no such concerns!

“there’s a road to Heaven yet you don’t walk it, hell has no way to find it yourself!”

He said with a sneer: “Boy, I really don’t know if you should be brave or foolish. I dare to take the initiative to come to my Void Cult’s station and hum. Since you are here, you don’t have to think about leaving!”

“Sect Boulder Major Sect, please also suppress this bureaucrat!”

While speaking, his voice suddenly increased, thundering like thunder, spreading all over the city below, and suddenly many of the cultivators were shocked.

“I gave you a chance to live.”

Looking like this, Lin Yu’s face did not change at all, he took the head, and then directly moved a sword towards Qi Huai.


Naihuai’s complexion suddenly changed. He thought that after arriving in this city, there was grave Major Sect and the others sitting in the town, he could naturally have no fear, but didn’t expect that Lin Yu didn’t even have the slightest Scrupulous, it is directly to him!


His subconsciously is exploded, but, after all, he just re-condense Divine Physique, the reaction speed is eventually slowed down, next moment, the sword in Lin Yu’s hand has already been cut down, will He was cut in two!

“How dare you!”

He couldn’t believe how terrified his face was. He had already returned to the station of Void Cult. Lin Yu, even dare to kill him so decisively!


next moment, the fierce Sword Intent broke out in his within the body, he screamed, and the whole person had turned into a blood mist!


“you are courting death!”

In an instant, countless surprised and angry sounds sounded. In the city, there were three silhouettes rising from the sky in an instant, all of which are quasi-Sacred Perfection level powerhouse!

“who you are!”

The man in the front is an old man with blue eyes. Although he is very old, he is extremely burly and exudes explosive power, coldly said: “Dare to kill Pope Qihuai, you Is it tired of living!”

“He is…blood secluded!”

Beside him, a cold light burst out of the eyes of an indifferent middle-aged woman, low shouted: “I once heard Hei You talk about this person, this guy actually appeared in Bei Lin again Holy World!”

“Then kill him!”

Another black hair youth murderous-looking, coldly said: “The remnants of the Blood Yan Tavern should have been completely exterminated, and now that he has thrown himself in the net, it just took him down!”

“You all step down.”

At this moment, an old voice suddenly sounded, and then, a thin and old man emerged. He was rickety, and the old man was in a bad shape, as if a gust of wind could blow him away.

The coughing sound continued, and the thin old man looked at Lin Yu, opened the mouth and said: “This person can kill Qihuai, showing that his strength is not weak. In order to avoid accidents, let me take the shot.”

“Major Sect of Gravel!”

As soon as this remark came out, the three people, such as Bi Eye old man, were shocked, looking at the dry old man together, and the black hair youth was even unable to bear opened the mouth and said: “Sir, with your It’s too much of an overstatement for the identity of this person!”

Be aware that among the Void Cult, the ones that can be ranked as “Major Sect” are at least the powerhouses of the true sacred level. Such powerhouses, under normal circumstances, will never be easy to do, just play an oversee a area Role.

At this moment, the thin old man has to personally work on Lin Yu, which is undoubtedly beyond their expectations!

“Gravel, with the strength of your true saint level, don’t you feel a bit bully the weak against this bloody ghost?”

next moment, a deep voice suddenly sounded from void.

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