Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2989


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The deep voice fell, and then, an old man wearing a gossip robe appeared, and it was Mo Yuan!

“It’s you!”

After seeing the appearance of the Moyuan, the face of the dry old man suddenly changed slightly, and a cloud of with both eyes burst out with cold light, coldly said: “No wonder I noticed a bad hunch, it turned out to be You are here!”

“As the confidant of Leizu, but dare to come to my Void Cult site, are you going to set off a great battle between Leizu and Void Cult!”


Moyuan expression was indifferent and responded: “You and I all know that great battles between the Void Cult and Leizu camps are inevitable. If you say such words again, don’t you think it is a joke?”

“Since the great battle is coming, it is better to destroy a station of Void Cult first!”

“If you want to destroy this station, you have to see if you have this skill!”

Dry and thin old man coldly snorted, eyes burst into a fierce divine light, and suddenly it seems that she is younger than many times, the whole person’s aura burst out instantly, reaching an extremely terrifying level!


Afterwards, he was loudly shouted, and one of War Ge appeared in his hand, which was directly killed to the Moyuan. The horrible aura made the void almost burst.

“It’s one battle!”

In the face of the attack of the dry and thin old man, the Moyuan expression remained the same, and immediately greeted each other. The collision between the two true holy powerhouses instantly exploded the energy fluctuations of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and a mad vent. To all directions.


next moment, Two Great Powerhouses rise up into the sky, enter the depths of void, and launch a more fierce duel!

“I said the remnants of a trifling blood Yan Tavern, how dare to kill my Void Cult’s site.”

At the same time, a cold light flashed in the middle-aged woman’s eyes, coldly said: “It turned out that I had found a reinforcement, but you think you can hire a Lei Zu’s man and you can kill me Void at will Cult’s site?”

“Without the Moyuan, I and the three of us joined forces to still kill you easily!”

“Is it?”

The voice fell, and another indifferent voice rang out. The figure of an azure long-haired woman, a square-faced big man, and Lord Feng Li emerged at the same time, and the aura of the tyrannical aura was released.

“What if we are added?”

The three of Lord Feng Li opened their mouths, and the arrogant aura spread out undisguisedly, spreading to all directions, and suddenly the faces of the middle-aged women and other three people changed!


This scene also shocked the old man and the others, and then showed the color of incomparable surprise.

Until now, they finally knew why Lin Yu dared to kill Holy Land of Void Cult. It turned out that Lin Yu actually had such a strong dependence!

A true holy powerhouse, three quasi-perfect Perfection powerhouses, plus Lin Yu’s own strength, such a lineup is indeed enough to compete with Void Cult in the power of Beilin Holy World!

“Damn Leizu!”

Bi Eyes old man The faces of the three men were ugly, and beside them, another black cloak man appeared, but his face was also not good-looking.

The black man in the cloak is the hidden powerhouse in the Void Cult station, and the powerhouse of the quasi-Saint Perfection level, but even with him, they have only four quasi-Saint Perfection powerhouses, with Lin Yu and the others is the same!

The appearance of Mo Yuan, Lord Feng Li and the others completely disrupted their plans and made them all feel great pressure!

“Today is your day of destruction!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice rang out, he exuded a fierce Sword Intent, and then stepped out, it was directly killed to the old man and the others!

“you are courting death!”

Bi Eye old man roared and said, “What if someone with Lei Zu is here? With the remnants of your blood Yan tavern, you can’t lift any storms at all, as long as you kill you, everything will happen. Solved!”


The words fell, and a monstrous killing intent emerged from him. He was holding a one azure stick, even if it killed Lin Yu!


On the other side, the figure of many other powerhouses also moved. The middle-aged woman and the azure long-haired woman fought together. The black hair youth killed the square-faced big man, while the black cloak man, It was fighting against Lord Feng Li.

Eight Great Powerhouses, divided into four battlefields, instantly a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering great battle broke out!

bang! bang! bang!

The horrible energy fluctuations swept wildly, and turned into an endless storm. Everything that had passed was broken. The city of Void Cult was also trembling violently.


The old man and the others are already that that that situation was far from good. At the same time, many cultivators in Void Cult are also madly retreating. No one dares to blend in here. Among other levels of great battle.


In the middle of the battlefield, Lin Yu’s performance is extremely strong. From at first, he directly used Gu Wuzhen’s body, and the whole person instantly climbed to the level of several hundred zhang.

Countless magic patterns emerged behind him, and he exuded aura aura as if immemorial Demon God was coming, and his eyes were like a flame beating, giving people a sense of extreme danger and terror.

“Eye of Destruction!”

next moment, the vertical eyes of his eyebrows suddenly opened, and a horrible divine light burst out, instantly attacking the old man.

“break for me!”

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