Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2990

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"Not good!"

Bi eyes old man furiously shouted, his divine force madly surging out, and the azure stick waved to the limit, leaving infinite phantoms in the void, forming a piece of azure sky guarding his body.

However, in the face of the five swords and the four swords, the azure sky has no resistance at all, and a loud bang makes a sudden bang!

"pu! "

At the same time, the old man with a big spit blood spit blood, his face full of astonished expression, he saw that the sword and the killing sword fell down together, the scary sword light instantly enveloped him in it, Divine Physique was almost directly twisted into smashes!

"Bi Yan!"

This scene makes the middle-aged woman and the others all change color, shouting, when even if you want to get rid of their opponents, come and help this old man.

"send you off!"

However, Lin Yu did not give them such a chance. His eyes were indifferent to the extreme. The Shengyuan sword in his hand was directly chopped down and fell on the Divine Physique, which was already broken by the old man.


With a stern shout, the old man's figure was completely exploded, and he fell!

"Damn it!"


For a time, the faces of the middle-aged women and the others were all ugly to the extreme, and at the same time they could not help setting off a raging wave.

Know that this old man is a well-known figure in the quasi-Saint Perfection. In their view, even if Lin Yu can’t be killed, Lin Yu can be easily entangled, but who thought that this How long has passed, he has already fallen!

From the beginning to the end, it took less than ten breaths to add, and the Bi Man old man was directly beheaded by Lin Yu. This speed is too fast, which is beyond everyone's expectations!

However, the strength gap between Lin Yu and this Bi Eye old man is not so big at all. It’s just that Lin Yu exhibited the strongest battle strength from at first. Some underestimates, at first, at first fell into a disadvantage.

If he had been precautionary, Lin Yu would still be able to kill him, but he would have to spend more thoughts on it. However, the battle between life and death, not at all, if at all, Bi Yi old man, already It is completely gone!


After beating the old man of Bi Eye, Lin Yu did not stop at all. His eyes quickly fell on the black hair youth closest to him. When he stepped out, he was already in front of the other party.


The face of the black hair youth suddenly changed. Originally, his engagement with the square-faced big man can be said to be evenly matched, and it is difficult to distinguish the victory and defeat easily. But Lin Yu’s joining will directly break this balance!

"Come well!"

At the same time, the square-faced big man is a laughed heartily. Even if he has accelerated his offensive, with such a strong aid, he is sure to kill the black hair youth in front of him!

xiu! xiu! xiu!

Next moment, Lin Yu slashed out without hesitation, and the sharp sword light whizzed out, just like howling wind and torrential rain, and instantly enveloped the black hair youth.

Under the shroud of sword light, black hair youth suddenly felt great pressure. At the same time, facing Lin Yu and square-faced big man, he obviously would not be an opponent!

"Save me quickly!"

He roared and tried his best to block Lin Yu's offensive, then turned around and wanted to flee in the direction moved towards the middle-aged woman and the others.


It’s just that Lin Yu didn’t give him such a chance. He only heard a roar, like a thunder, and the soul of black hair youth almost exploded, and the whole person stayed there. .


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yu and the square-faced big man made all-out efforts at the same time, and the terrifying divine force immediately overwhelmed the black hair youth. In an instant, his whole body burst into a cloud of blood mist!

After the fall of the old man in Bi Eye, only a few breathing time passed, and black hair youth was also beheaded on the spot!


In the depths of void, an angry roar suddenly sounded, and the skinny old man swooped down, his eyes cold to the extreme, full of endless killing intents.

Although he has been at war with Moyuan, his divine sense is still paying attention to the battlefield below. When the Bimu old man fell, he realized that it was wrong and wanted to return to the battlefield for the first time.

It's just that Moyuan is also a powerhouse of true saint level. Forcibly delayed a few breaths of the skinny old man and gave Lin Yu a chance to kill the black hair youth.

"Boy, damn you!"

The eyes of the dry old man fell on Lin Yu. His eyes were full of murderous intention and shouted: "Kill me three Void Cult Popes, above heaven under earth, no one can save you!"

"Buddy, you overestimate yourself!"

Moyuan is coldly snorted, when even one step is stopped in front of the skinny old man, coldly said: "With me, do you think you can have a chance to deal with the blood?"

"Then I will kill you!"

The dry and thin old man roared out again, and the two true powerhouses fought together again. Both of them were really angry, and the terrifying divine force broke out madly, almost breaking this world.

"True God, please!"

Suddenly, the thin old man stretched out his hand to take out a decree, and the divine force surged, causing the decree to suddenly burn. Then, a void channel emerged, and a huge towering silhouette faintly emerged from it.

"Saw that the situation was far from good, so I asked the Void Cult master to do it, and I knew that you would do it!"

Seeing this scene, Moyuan was not panicked. With a wave of his palm, another golden decree emerged, and a blazing divine light broke out. Immediately, a man wearing a purple robe with his head scattered and scattered The tall man appeared.

He doesn’t look handsome, he can only be regarded as a middle-aged person, but his eyes are incredibly blazing. If there is thunder and lightning around, he will have a kind of soul torn apart. The feeling of cracking.


After seeing each other’s appearance, although not at all seen before, Lin Yu still instantly comprehensioned the identity of the other party. Obviously, this person is Leizu among the three ancestors of Chixiao Holy World!


At the same time, Mo Yuan, Lord Feng Li and the others all showed respectful colors. When even the fighting stopped, the tall man bowed towards the moved towards, which confirmed Lin Yu’s judgment.


next moment, the icy voice sounded from the towering silhouette mouth, he coldly opened the mouth and said: "For a ant of the northern forest holy world, you should not hesitate to use a decree incarnation, south is away, you are iron Do you want to fight me in the end?"

"Less nonsense!"

The voice of the tall man is very strong, directly opened the mouth and said: "Master Void Cult, you will either disperse this incarnation immediately, or you will fight!"

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