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The words of the tall man made the skinny old man suddenly angry. For Void Cult practitioners, Lord Void Cult just waited for their gods, and the gods were blasphemed, which is naturally intolerable thing!

"Okay, great!"

At the same time, a scary rays of light broke out in the eyes of the towering silhouette, such as lightning tearing void, and an indifferent voice resounded: "South Zhengli, I am too lazy to kill you, an incarnation, Soon, I will cut you down!"

"Gravel, you go back first!"

Afterwards, he looked at the dry and thin old man, and a calm voice sounded. Hearing this, the dry and thin old man and the others did not hesitate at all, even if they quickly swept away.

Seeing that, Thunder Ancestor Incarnation does not mean to block. After all, he is just a decree incarnation. It is difficult to force a true holy level powerhouse in the presence of Void Cult master incarnation. thing.

Soon, the main powerhouse of Void Cult, such as the thin old man and the middle-aged woman, all escaped from here, and aura completely disappeared.

"Nan Zhengli, I am waiting to fight you!"

Seeing this, the majestic silhouette spit out this sentence coldly, and then his figure was dissipated. Immediately, Thunder Ancestor Incarnation moved towards Lin Yu and the others nodded, it also quickly disappeared.

"Void Cult's station was actually broken by me and so on!"

This scene gave the elderly and the others a strong sense of unreality.

Although the dry old man and the others all fled, Void Cult’s main powerhouse not at all suffered too much loss, but in any case, Void Cult’s station in Beilin Shengjie, indeed It was broken by them!

apart from this, the fall of three powerhouses at the quasi-St. Perfection level is also a huge loss for Void Cult. Being able to do this step has completely exceeded their previous expectations!


next moment, Lin Yu's indifferent voice rang, his figure quickly landed in the city below, countless sword lights landed at the same time, and shattered all the magnificent idols in the city.

"True God!"


Countless cries of crying suddenly sounded, and I saw those cultivators who were originally kneeling down to the idol, and they were all constantly knocking their heads, weeping bitter tears, a look of loss of soul.

"Damn heresy!"

"Dare to desecrate True God and fight with them!"

At the same time, a part of people showed madness and desperately killed Lin Yu. He was desperate to fight Lin Yu!


This scene made Lin Yu frown, but even a finger pointed, a force suddenly arrested all the people who killed him, and then made them comatose.

Lin Yu is not a killer. He is only targeting Void Cult. He naturally does not kill innocent people who are controlled by Void Cult.

"These people have been planted with the unique imprint of Void Cult."

Seeing that, the Moyuan could not help but sigh, saying: "Although you destroyed these gods, this kind of imprint cannot be eliminated in a short time, you need to use special means to slowly baptism."

“It’s just that since Void Cult has captured Beilin Holy World, it will naturally not give up easily, and it won’t take long for them to send a powerhouse to sit down again. I can’t wait to avoid accidents. Stay here for too long."

"I suggest that you still evacuate Beilin Holy World together with me and stay in Chixiao Holy World for the time being."


Hearing this, the old man and the others could not help but looked at each other in blank dismay, and immediately sighed together, even Lin Yu was silent.

Although they temporarily captured the station of Void Cult and killed the three quasi-sacred Perfection powerhouses, it was a breath of depression, but they also understood that they wanted to truly restore the North Lin Holy World and rebuild the blood Yan Tavern is naturally not that easy.

With the strength of Void Cult, it is naturally more than a true holy powerhouse. Once the main powerhouse of Void Cult is killed, even if Moyuan and the others are there, it is difficult for them to contend with each other!

even more how, Moyuan and the others are after all from Chixiao Holy Realm, impossible is really desperate for the blood Yan Tavern, his proposal can already be regarded as benevolent.


Without much hesitation, Elder Yu and Jian Huang and the others are nodded and agreed. Since the hiding place has been exposed, going to Chixiao Holy World is their only choice.

"Senior, you first go to Chixiao Holy World with Moyuan Senior."

next moment, Lin Yu suddenly opened the mouth and said, he looked to the Moyuan and the others, opened the mouth and said: "Moyuan Senior, I still have some things to deal with in Beilin Holy World, this paragraph During the time, Senior Wang was able to take care of everyone in the Xueyan Tavern."


After hearing this, Mo Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly, even though it was nodded, said: "You can rest assured that I will take care of you all in the Blood Yan Tavern, but today's Beilin Holy World is not kind, You have to be careful yourself and don’t have an accident here!"


Lin Yu nodded. Immediately, Mo Yuan and the others no longer stayed, and soon took the old man and the others away.


The Mo Yuan and the others have left, Lin Yu turned over the palm, and a broken tortoise shell emerged.

This broken tortoiseshell is the Xuantian tortoiseshell obtained by Lin Yu in the Xingyue Realm, which contains the coordinates of the real treasure house of Star Sea Saint only one.

However, when Lin Yu got this Xuantian tortoiseshell, it was already recognized Master Lin Yu, and only Lin Yu could use it to enter the treasure house of Star Sea Saint, so Lin Yu did not mention this to the old man thing.

"When you reach the level of invincible Daojun or Saint, you can show the space-time coordinates on the tortoiseshell..."

A thought flashed in my heart, Lin Yu’s divine force quickly poured into the broken tortoiseshell, one after another strange lines emerged from it, and finally became a map.

"Actually in Tianmang Mountain?"

Looking at the map on the tortoiseshell, Lin Yu's face could not help revealing a strange color, but he did not expect that the location of the treasure house of Star Sea Saint was actually in Tianmang Mountain!


Two days later, Lin Yu had already returned to the location of Tianmang Mountain, a streak of divine light instantly emerged from that tortoiseshell, and countless divine runes interweave to form a bizarre array diagram.

At the same time, in the void, countless ripples diffused to form a Heaven Gate, the divine runes intertwined on the surface, it was exactly the same as the one presented on the tortoise shell!

"This is the treasure house of Star Sea Saint?"

Looking at the Heaven Gate in front of me, Lin Yu saw flashes through a bright light, and then stepped into it without hesitation.

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