Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2992


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next moment, Lin Yu’s figure appeared in a bizarre space. The space was empty, with only one futon, an ancient mirror, and one broken longbow and six rotten wooden arrows.

“This is the treasure house left by Star Sea Saint?”

A thought flashed in my heart, Lin Yu even moved towards the front.

The number of treasures in this treasure house is not too much. Of course, treasures are fine and no more. Soon, Lin Yu is in front of the futon, and then just sits down.


In an instant, a strange energy emerged in the futon, and instantly led Lin Yu into a dream. His consciousness was completely empty and entered an extremely special cultivation state.

In this state, although he does not have any consciousness in his mind, the subconscious is naturally deducing the path of cultivation, and this efficiency is even stronger than his one’s own cultivation.

In a hurry, Lin Yu has been in that dream for 30 years. At a certain moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, and an amazing divine light burst out of his eyes.

One dream for 30 years, although it’s just a moment of effort in the outside world, for Lin Yu, it’s really cultivated for 30 years, and after these 30 years, the benefits he received are really too great Big!


The mighty divine force surged out of him, and his aura climbed up wildly. In a blink of an eye, it was already breaking through the limit of the six-step monarch, reaching the invincible monarch Small Accomplishment level!

At this moment, his battle strength has soared to a whole new level, even if it is against the ordinary True Saint powerhouse, he is now sure to fight the other side!

It is comparable to the true sacred powerhouse. Such strength, even looking at the entire Mingguang Ten Realms, can be regarded as stepping into the ranks of Peak powerhouse.

Even for the powerhouse of this level, Void Cult and Leizu, they may not care about the general quasi-sacred powerhouse, but they also attach great importance to the true sacred powerhouse, and are willing to spend great efforts to win over and attract.

reach this realm, although Lin Yu’s strength is still not as good as Void Cult and the others, but at least when facing the other party, he also has a certain strength!

“The level of the true saint is really extraordinary!”

Feeling the amazing divine force contained in himself, the divine light in Lin Yu’s eyes became more and more fierce. After a while, he finally converged, and his eyes turned to the ancient mirror.

His divine sense merged into that ancient mirror, and instantly knew the name of the ancient mirror, “Broken Mirror”, this is an extremely special holy weapon, it has no attack, defense power Yes, the only function is to isolate time and space!

Through this ancient mirror, you can cut off the two realms and close the two space and time channels between Heaven and Earth. Of course, this effect also has its limits. If you have a Powerhouse from Great Saint and above, you can also force it. Break the seal.

Later, Lin Yu looked at the one broken longbow again. He first picked up the broken longbow. The moment he held the longbow, his face suddenly changed.


A terrifying killing intent erupted from the longbow, which was originally broken and dilapidated, like a longbow that may collapse completely at any time, but the aura emanating at the moment is terrifying, like a one-of-a-kind murderer. Bing!

“Really strong murderous aura!”

Even with Lin Yu’s current strength, he can’t help but be amazed. This long bow is obviously not simple. The powerhouse it slashed, I am afraid it will be completely beyond his expectations!

Thinking about this, Lin Yu subconsciously picked up the six rotten wooden arrows again, and the rotten wooden arrows were in his hand. He suddenly showed a chill, unable to bear suck in a breath of cold air.

The appearance of these six rotten wooden arrows is unbearably extreme. If they are thrown on the ground, even if it has been thousands of years, I am afraid that someone will not take a look, but they really hold it in their hands, Lin Yu realized this How terrifying the six rotten wood arrows!

The interior of the dilapidated exterior contains a terrifying matchless energy. If such energy is released, it will be enough to threaten the life of the true holy powerhouse!

“This is a big killing artifact!”

In the eyes of Lin Yu, a burst of brilliance broke out. With this broken longbow and rotten wooden arrow in hand, he would wait for a powerful hole card to play an extremely important role at a critical moment!

“Perhaps, before leaving Beilin Holy Realm, I could still slaughter a real Holy Powerhouse in Void Cult!”

next moment, Lin Yu had an amazing thought in his heart. Although he had just broken through to the level of the invincible Daojun, his battle strength was quite enough to fight against the powerhouse of the True Saint Small Accomplishment.

At the same time, the treasure of the broken mirror may seem very tasteless to ordinary people, but for Lin Yu, it has a great effect.

Void Cult’s powerhouse can often find summon to get Void Cult’s incarnation, but with this broken mirror, Lin Yu can forcibly close the space-time channel and avoid Void Cult’s intervention.

In addition to the big killing artifacts of broken longbow and rotten wood arrow, Lin Yu is indeed likely to kill the powerhouse of the true holy level!

Of course, all this is easy to say, but Zhensheng powerhouse is not so killing after all, suppressing the restlessness in his heart, Lin Yu bowed to the depths of this strange space, and then left here.

In the next few days, Lin Yu not at all acted anxiously, but walked carefully in the Beilin Holy World while quietly inquiring about Void Cult.

As Mo Yuan had previously guessed, Void Cult sent two True Saint powerhouses to sit in Beilin Shengjie and were stationed in different locations.

Although the locations are different, these stations are very close, and they all have the Transmission Array method. If something really happens, the three Zhensheng powerhouses will soon be able to converge.

“That is to say, if I want to kill a true saint powerhouse, my movements must be fast enough. Once the three true saint powerhouses are all together, I am afraid that it will be very troublesome to get out!”

Lin Yu’s face has become dignified, and he wants to kill the true holy powerhouse. This is really not an easy task. Of course, he will not give up so easily.

Soon, Lin Yu has set his target. The target he is going to kill is the dry and thin old man named Gravel!

First, in the previous years, it was this grave that represented Void Cult sitting in Beilin Holy Realm and killing him, which was undoubtedly a great blow to Void Cult. Secondly, among the three True Saints powerhouse This gravel is also the relatively weakest person.

“It’s him!”

After making a decision, Lin Yu no longer hesitated, his figure should even quickly swept towards the location of the gravel!

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