Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2993


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“It’s here!”

Three days later, Lin Yu reappears in the previous city.

At this moment, the powerhouse of Void Cult has reoccupied the city, and all the gods in the city have been built again, as if nothing has changed from the previous one.

For this, Lin Yu can only sigh. He knows that unless he can pull the entire Void Cult up by the roots, otherwise, all this will be doomed to no change!

“Then start with this person!”

next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes flashed a fierce rays of light, and soon locked the aura of one of the city.

In the center of the city, a thin and old man sits under a god, overlooking the people below, like a god of aloof and remote, it is the grave Major Sect who had dealt with Lin Yu a few days ago. !

“Behead and kill this person first, charge some interest to Void Cult!”

Lin Yu looked indifferent, and then directly took out the broken longbow and rotten wooden arrow, he raised his longbow, bend bow and place arrow, and then let go, the rotten wooden arrow suddenly flew towards the gravel Direction.

The rotten wooden arrow with a ruined appearance may seem to be completely broken at any time, but the speed is almost to the extreme, but the kung fu in an instant is already in front of the gravel!


At the same time, a terrible cold light was released from the gravel eyes. He looked at the rotten wooden arrow, and he was slightly stunned, even if it showed a sneer.

Originally, he thought it was who wanted to assassinate him, but what kind of threat can such a broken and rotten wooden arrow pose to him? This simply is a joke that’s all!


He spit out these two words coldly, and then stretched out a palm at will, so he would crush the rotten wood arrow directly.


However, as soon as the palms deep in the gravel, amazing changes happened suddenly. The decayed rotten wooden arrows suddenly burst into a fierce divine light, and the changeable situation, Heaven and Earth lost their colors in an instant. The sound of the gods howling loudly resounded!

At the same time, the monstrous destructive power was released from the rotten wood arrow, and turned into a sea of ​​blood, which turned like an endless Raging Flames burning, instantly submerging the gravel in it.


At this moment, the face of the gravel was completely changed. His scalp was numb for a while, and his hair was almost exploded. In the burning sea of ​​blood, he felt a terror that was enough to destroy him!

“It is who, dare to secretly calculate me!”

He only had time to have a thought in his heart, and his whole divine force was boiling wildly. He knew that this moment had reached a critical moment. If he didn’t work hard, his life would probably be lost here!

“The Great Devil Magic Hand!”

The palms of his outstroke suddenly burst into jade-colored rays of light, as if turned into jade stone directly, trying to intercept the rotten wooden arrow, but with the sound of “pu”, his palm was The rotten wood arrow penetrated directly!


Not only that, the rotten wood arrow directly penetrated his palm, and then slammed on his Divine Physique, his chest suddenly split up and in pieces, the entire Divine Physique almost split apart directly Come.


At the same time, an endless sea of ​​blood is surging, completely covering him, and madly destroying his vitality, want to completely kill him!


The gravel was flying in chaos, his eyes were fear and surprise and angry, and he made a roaring sound. He dignified the true sacred powerhouse. If he was so secretly killed by a rotten wooden arrow, he would be too foolish. He is not reconciled!

“Destroy me!”

The amazing divine force is madly surging in his within the body. He tries his best to extinguish the blood sea burning around him. However, that kind of blood sea is extremely unique and strange, even if it is the divine force of the true holy powerhouse , It can’t be easily extinguished at all!


After three breaths, the sea of ​​blood automatically dissipated, and at this time, the gravel had been burned into a piece of coke. If you breathe another time, I am afraid it will be completely destroyed. Burn to ashes!

“It’s a pity!”

In the void above the city, Lin Yu sighed softly, only one step away, this rotten wood arrow can completely kill the gravel, but unfortunately, the powerhouse of the true holy level is not so easy to kill after all!

However, although the gravel has not fallen, it has already been hit hard. While he is sick, he is dying. At this moment, it is the best time to kill him!


With a cold great shout, Lin Yu’s figure emerged directly, rushing towards the gravel with lightning speed, and the Shengyuan Sword in his hand released the fierce Sword Intent, directly moved towards The gravel fell down!

“It’s you!”

After seeing Lin Yu’s appearance, the gravel was furious. He never thought that it would be Lin Yu who secretly calculated and re-inflicted him with a rotten wooden arrow!

A few days ago, he suffered a big loss because of Lin Yu’s relationship. For this reason, he was also ridiculed by the other high-level powerhouses in Void Cult. Today, he is almost directly beheaded by Lin Yu!

“I killed you!”

He roared, ignoring his severely injured body. When even killing Lin Yu, one palm turned into black jade, carrying a magnificent aura, and collided with the holy sword in Lin Yu’s hand. Together.


With a loud noise, he flew out like a shell and fell fiercely against the city wall, causing the city wall to collapse into a large area, and countless smoke spread out.

“How is it possible!”

At the same time, his face was ugly to the extreme. Although he had been hit hard before and the battle strength was greatly affected, it is not something ordinary powerhouses can do to fly him.

Obviously, Lin Yu’s strength has reached the level of true saint, enough to pose a huge threat to his life!

“Yue Heng, Zong Yin, come and rescue me quickly!”

Thinking of this, he immediately took out the transmission sound stone and asked the other two true sage powerhouses in the Beilin Saint Realm for help. At the same time, a golden decree appeared in his hand, and the divine force instantly poured into it. .


The golden decree burned, and the majestic power immediately diffused. Then, a void channel appeared, and a huge towering silhouette emerged from the empty channel at that time.

“True God, please!”

When he saw this, there was a fanatical color on Cobble’s face. Although his current state is extremely bad, there is the incarnation of the Void Cult master. He believes that he can definitely survive this disaster!

“What about Void Cult master?”

But at this moment, Lin Yu’s eyes suddenly burst into a cold glow, shouted loudly: “Today, no one can save you!”

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