Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2994


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Next moment, Lin Yu waved his palm, and an ancient mirror shot up into the sky. A large number of divine light whizzed out from the mirror, and instantly fell on the empty passageway at that time.

The divine light is intertwined to form an extremely strange ancient Array. In an instant, the vast space-time Law Power descends, like a large net shrouded in it, directly sealing this space-time passage!


At the other end of the space-time passage, the majestic silhouette furiously shouted, the voice exploded like thunder, and at the same time a huge palm fell, trying to smash the big net.

However, the palm of his hand landed on the big net of divine light, and only a bang came from it, but it was not able to destroy the big net at all!

In the roar of the towering silhouette, the space-time channel was completely sealed off, and his silhouette soon became illusory, and then completely isolated, and aura dissipated between Heaven and Earth!

“no! ”

In this scene, Cang Li’s complexion changed wildly. Lord Void Cult was forcibly cut off time and space, unable to appear in front of him. This was tantamount to a devastating blow to him!

Without the Void Cult Lord, with his heavy wounded body, it is almost impossible to resist a powerhouse of true saint level!

“send you off!”

At the same time, Lin Yu’s figure quickly climbed up, instantly using the ancient witch’s real body, countless magic patterns appeared on themselves, especially in the center of the eyebrows, there was a strange vertical eye composed of magic patterns.

The tyrannical power permeated from him. At this moment, he descended to the world like an ancient Demon God. After aura, the whole city thundered and trembled!

“God Slaughter!”

“Absolute fairy!”

Then, the bright and icy sword light erupted, carrying a stern sword groan, and instantly the master moved towards Void Cult chopped and chopped down. Before the sword light arrived, the gravel body was about to be chopped. The illusion!

“I did it with you!”

At a critical moment, the gravel roared and dragged the ruined Divine Physique to Lin Yu. The ink jade-like palm released an astonishing power, and countless palm prints broke out, facing the sword light.


One after another, there was a loud noise. Although Boulder had tried his best, he was severely injured after all, and his battle strength could only reach less than 30%. All the palm prints he blasted out were instantly collapsed. Shattered.

“pu! ”

A large mouthful of blood was spit out from his mouth, and his whole body fell madly. Divine Physique was like broken porcelain, showing traces of one after another crack.

If it weren’t for him as the true powerhouse, Life Strength was extremely strong, forcibly blocking the division of Divine Physique, at this moment, he might have completely burst open!

“Bitter Spring Crossing!”

“Nine Nether Tribulation!”

However, without giving him the slightest chance to breathe, Lin Yu had already shot again, and the amazing sword light broke out, flooding the entire piece of Heaven and Earth, completely submerging the boulders in it.

At the same time, five divine swords roared out, like the five divine bridge across the sky, red, green, yellow, black and white rays of light surging, violently sweeping toward the gravel from different directions, the sword qi sweeping across the sky, Enough for Annihilating Everything!


The boulder is also almost crazy. He knows that he is already on the verge of life and death, and may fall directly at any time. Only if he desperately insists on the arrival of the other two true saint powerhouses, can he have a glimmer of survival .

Under the stimulation of the pressure of life and death, his battle strength was exerted to the extreme. It was actually forcibly blocking the countless sword light and sword qi. Next moment, two amazing sky-splitting sounds sounded at the same time. stand up!

“Boulder, I am waiting to save you!”

In the burst of shouts, two figures emerged at the same time. They were a middle-aged man with an old-fashioned face, a short old man, and the other two true sage powerhouses sent by Void Cult to Beilin Holy Realm. , Yue Heng and Zong Yin!

“Stop it!”

“Dare to kill the gravel, my Void Cult will never let you go!”

After seeing the situation of Cang Li, both Yue Heng’s expressions changed, two great shouts of surprised and angry sounded, and then the two powerhouses killed Lin Yu at the same time!

“Help me!”

At the same time, a burst of hopeful rays of light burst out of Cang Li’s eyes. Even if he was soaring into the sky, he moved towards the direction of Yue Heng and flew away frantically.

“I said, today, no one can save you!”

However, at this moment, Lin Yu’s icy voice also rang. He did not hesitate to use the secret art of One Qi Becomes Three Purities, and the Dao Body and the Dharma Body rushed together to meet The two of Yue Heng and Zong Yin.


At the same time, he suddenly shouted, and a thunder-like sound suddenly exploded, causing the grave Divine Soul to tremble, and the whole person instantly stopped in place.

“Annihilation Light!”

“Quadrupole Excalibur!”

Next moment, Lin Yu’s two killing moves erupted at the same time. The vertical eyes between his eyebrows kept jumping, and a beam of destruction burst out, whizzing out at an astonishing speed, and it was Divine Physique that penetrated the gravel in an instant.

Furthermore, the four killing swords emerge from the four directions of East, South, West and North. Murderous aura heavenspan, like being born from the slaying of Heaven and Earth, attacking from all directions to the gravel, fierce The sword light bloomed, completely submerging him in it!

“Ah…I am not reconciled!”

A terrible roar rang out. Facing Lin Yu’s final lore, the boulder was finally unable to hold it. His Divine Physique burst completely, turning into blood mist and dissipating between Heaven and Earth.

Rao is a powerhouse of the true sage level. After experiencing the crazy attacks and killings of the rotten wood arrow and Lin Yu, it is finally inevitable to escape!


“Damn it!”

In this scene, the complexions of the two of Yue Heng changed wildly, and the fall of a true saint powerhouse was a major event that was enough to shake the entire Void Cult, and it was an unbearable huge loss!

Especially when both of them had arrived, but they still couldn’t save Boulder. They could only watch Boulder be beheaded in front of them. This was an unbearable shame for them!

“Kill him!”

In the shout of anger, both Yue Heng and Lin Yu madly killed Lin Yu, wanting to kill Lin Yu to avenge the grave.


However, Lin Yu didn’t have the idea of ​​continuing to entangle with Yue Heng. Being able to kill the gravel had already achieved his goal. Immediately, he laughed heartily and his figure rose to the sky.

Rao is Yueheng and both of them are true powerhouses, but when Lin Yu wanted to leave, he couldn’t stop Lin Yu at all. Soon, Lin Yu got rid of these two people, silhouette Completely disappeared.


A few days later, Lin Yu returned to the Sacred Realm of Chixiao, and according to the message Moyuan gave him before the separation, he came directly to Lei Zu City, where Lei Zu was.


Just when he came to Leizu City, Lin Yu showed a solemn look. In this city, he can clearly feel a kind of aura where wind and rain are coming and great battle is about to start!

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