Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2995


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In Leizu City, there are constantly cultivators wearing armor suits swiftly rushing around, with solemn faces, and the whole city is filled with a murderous aura, obviously a wind and rain approach!

“It seems that the battle of Two Great Factions may not be far away!”

A thought flashed in his mind, Lin Yu continued to move towards the front, and soon reached the central area of ​​Thunder Zu City. At the same time, the figure of Lord Fengli appeared in front of Lin Yu.

“Blood You, you finally arrived!”

Seeing Lin Yu, Lord Fengli is obviously sighed in relief.

He didn’t know the news that Lin Yu killed the boulder. He only knew that Void Cult sent two true sage powerhouses to the Beilin Holy Realm. He was always worried about Lin Yu’s safety, for fear that Lin Yu would not Be careful to fall into it.

Fortunately, although a few days have passed, Lin Yu finally returned to the Chixiao Saint Realm in time!

“Fengli Fellow Daoist, I don’t know how the people in my bloody tavern are doing?”

After a few words with Lord Fengli, Lin Yuxuan asked, even if he asked the people in the Blood Yan Tavern, he proposed to bring them to the Scarlet Heaven Sacred Realm, so they are naturally responsible for their safety.


Hearing this, Lord Fengli couldn’t help showing hesitation on his face. This scene immediately made Lin Yu’s complexion sink slightly and said: “What happened?”

“There is nothing wrong with their safety, but…”

Lord Fengli gave a wry smile and said: “Forget it, I won’t explain much, Xueyou, just follow me.”

Speaking, Lord Fengli led Lin Yu into a magnificent and continuous palace, and then swept all the way to the most remote corner of the palace group, a very narrow side hall.

In addition to the partial hall, there are dozens of tents around, and the fool and the others are scattered among the partial hall and the surrounding tents.


In this scene, Lin Yu was sighed in relief first, and then disabled to bear looked towards Lord Fengli, saying: “Fellow Daoist, a huge palace, my blood spread to everyone in the tavern, is it just worth living in a tent in the corner? Right?”

“Blood You, this can’t blame Lord Fengli.”

Lord Fengli hasn’t spoken yet, the old man shook the head and said: “We offered to move here.”

“During this time, Lei Zu’s camp and the Void Cult camp are about to go to war. The powerhouses of both camps have begun to gather, and the Lei Zu Palace has become the gathering place of the Lei Zu camp.”

“Not long ago, the rest of the powerhouses of the Lei Zu camp rushed to them. They didn’t look at the people in my bloody tavern at all, and they repeatedly made targeted and humiliating behaviors, if it were not for Lord Fengli or Fellow of Moyuan. Daoist and the others help, our experience is even worse.”

“It’s just that, after all, Lord Fengli, they are always impossible to protect us. In order to avoid trouble, I took the initiative to lead the people from the bloody tavern to move here.”

“It turned out to be like this!”

Lin Yu’s face sank slightly. He knew that, compared to other powerhouses in the Holy Realm, the strength of the Blood Spread Tavern was indeed lacking, but to humiliate them was still something he could not tolerate!

“Fengli Fellow Daoist, many thanks.”

Squeezing the anger in his heart, Lin Yu turned to look at Lord Fengli, moved towards the other party and bowed and bowed, anyway, the other party can help set off the bloody tavern, this is his gift.

“It’s okay.”

Lord Fengli shook the head. He was about to say something, and suddenly he sensed something. When even he said: “Xueyou, I just got the order from Moyuan Senior. The Leizu camp will carry out a small area Since you are here, you can participate in this meeting.”


Lin Yu flashes through a bright light in his eyes. He also just wants to meet the other forces in the Lei Zu camp. Right now, it is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity!

“Come with me.”

Under the leadership of Lord Fengli, Lin Yu and Lin Yu quickly swept towards the center of the palace. At the same time, during the journey, Lord Fengli also introduced Lin Yu.

“Xueyou, there are a total of six Great Array camp forces participating in this meeting.”

He opened the mouth and said: “Except for the Lei Zu Sir and the Blood Derivation Tavern you represent, the other four Great Influences are Ageless Mountain in the Dark Underworld Holy Realm, Mountain Sect in Yingtian Holy Realm, The wind and rain pavilion, and the Wild God Palace in the Great Wilderness Holy Realm.”

“Among them, Ageless Mountain is the Third Great Influences of the Dark Underworld Sacred Realm. It has always been incompatible with the Black Moroccanism, and is even a mortal enemy. They are willing to join the Thunder Zu camp, mainly to deal with the Black Moroccan. Teach!”

“Yingtian Sacred Realm where the mountain sect, wind and rain pavilion are located can be ranked sixth among the ten worlds of Mingguang. They have always been closely related to Lei Zu Sir and established an ally relationship very early.” /p>

“The strength of the Wild God Palace is relatively inferior. Although it is the Number One Influence of the Great Wild Holy Realm, the overall power of the Great Wild Holy Realm can only be ranked seventh among the Mingguang Ten Realms.”

“I understood.”

Lin Yu’s face became solemn, so it seems that compared with the Void Cult camp, the strength of the Leizu camp is still a bit inferior.

It is also from the Dark Underworld Sacred Realm. The Black Moroccan Sect can firmly occupy the position of the second force. It is obviously overwhelming the Ageless Mountain side. The strength of Void Cult is also extremely good, and the expansion speed has been even greater over the years. It is extremely amazing.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the overall strength of Void Cult definitely exceeds that of the Thunder Ancestors, and apart from this, the Void Cult camp, as well as Sword Ancestor, Spirit Ancestor, and another Great Influence!

Sword Ancestor and Spirit Ancestor, although they are not Lei Zu’s opponents, they are after all characters who can dominate one side in the Akasaka Saint Realm. They are obviously able to occupy a great advantage against Three Great Influences such as mountain sect.

Judging from the current strength comparison, it is really going to go to war. Lei Zu camp, I am afraid it will be hardly an opponent of the Void Cult camp!

Of course, the war between the two camps has not really begun after all. Before the great battle begins, what the final outcome will be is still hard to say.

“Blood You, here it is!”

At this moment, Lord Fengli had already brought Lin Yu to the front of a magnificent great hall. He seriously said: “The Peak powerhouses of Ageless Mountain and other forces have not arrived yet, but they are all sent out. A messenger of the true saint level.”

“Now, the true Sacred Envoys of Great Influence are already in the great hall.”


Lin Yu nodded, without the slightest hesitation, when he stepped into the great hall.


The moment he stepped into the great hall, he counted the line of sight and moved towards him and looked over.

“You are the bloody ghost?”

After that, a fat body within both eyes burst out a terrifying rays of light, a powerful oppression, and suddenly moved towards Lin Yu shrouded!

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