Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2996


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Lin Yu’s brows were raised slightly, and he did not see any movement, so he directly resisted this powerful pressure, and then continued to move towards the front, as if he had not been affected at all.

“Can actually block my divine force oppression?”

An unexpected color appeared on the fat and fatty face, and he was immediately sneered, looking at Lord Fengli behind Lin Yu, saying: “Lord Fengli, our Great Influence will have a pre-war meeting. You brought this person in. What do you mean?”

“Ann Sir.”

Lord Fengli bowed and said: “Blood You is the representative of the Bloody Tavern, and the Bloody Tavern is also a member of our alliance. I brought him to this meeting, not at What’s wrong with all.”


Fatty fatty coldly snorted, saying: “The so-called blood snorted tavern is just from the weakest Beilin holy realm in the Ten Realms of Mingguang. Now it has been easily destroyed by the Void Cult, panic like a stray dog, and I am willing to take it in. They are already very generous, and such forces are also worthy of alliance with me?”

“And this bloody ghost, although some little fame broke out in the Taiwu mining area, it is just a quasi-sage that’s all after all. What qualifications are there to join the powerhouse such as me and participate in this meeting?”

“Not bad!”

The voice fell, and a white-haired middle-aged man not far away faintly said: “A guy who is not even at the true saint level is indeed not qualified to sit here.”

“I think this person should be expelled first!”

Another old man with a cold face opened his mouth, his voice was very indifferent, and in a blink of an eye, there were five true powerhouses in the great hall, and three of them all expressed their opinions.

Except for Moyuan and a beautiful woman in the palace gown, the other three true powerhouses all stand on the same stand and want to expel Lin Yu!


next moment, before Moyuan spoke to ease the atmosphere, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice rang: “Is it qualified? It’s not from your lips. If you think I’m not qualified, you can drive me away. !”

Faced with the provocation of the three true sage powerhouses, Lin Yu had no plans to tolerate or give in!

He knows very well that respect is not based on speaking out, but based on strength. As long as he can show enough strength, these people will naturally put away their contempt for him and dare not show aloof anymore. and remote attitude.

even more how, knowing that the foolish old man and the others were oppressed by several forces, he also held a wave of anger in his heart. Now that the other party has been bullied on his head again, he will naturally not submit to humiliation !


Hearing this, a cold glow burst into the fat and fatty eyes. Even if he stood up, his cold voice sounded: “What a big breath!”

“Boy, since you are so arrogant, today, I will teach you a lesson to let you know what the immensity of heaven and earth is!”


The voice fell, the fat fatty directly punched towards Lin Yu, and the terrifying divine force erupted from his fist. Although the figure was fat, the speed of this fist was extremely fast, and it fell to Lin in an instant In front of Yu!

After recognizing the identities of Lin Yu and Fatty Fatty, one after another exclamation suddenly sounded, and an incredible color appeared on everyone’s face.

An Tuo, as the messenger of the mountain sect, is the true powerhouse of the true sage, and Lin Yu, although he has gained a certain reputation a while ago, in the impression of everyone, he is still only the perfection level. Powerhouse.

In the eyes of everyone, Lin Yu dared to fight Antuo. This is obviously a crazy behavior of overestimate one’s capabilities!

“Boy, even if your strength has reached the true saint level, you still have no right to provoke me!”

next moment, An Tuo’s icy voice rang out: “Today I will let you know that it is also a true saint realm, there can still be a huge gap in strength!”


While speaking, his whole figure quickly expanded. He was already very fat, and now he is even more massive like a meat mountain, but the aura that he exudes is even more powerful than before!

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