Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2998


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“How is it possible!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone present changed their colors, especially that Antuo, and the overflowing heaven stormy seas in their hearts.

Be aware that being able to defeat the true sage powerhouse and behead the true sage powerhouse are two completely different concepts!

For powerhouses of the same true sage level, it is normal to have strengths and weaknesses between each other, but in a one-to-one situation, unless the strength gap between the two sides is indeed very different, otherwise, you want to kill Opponents are almost impossible things.

Among the ten realms of Mingguang, it is not uncommon for the true sage powerhouse to be defeated, but the true sage powerhouse falls, this is a rare major event!

Lin Yu defeated An Tuo. Although it was beyond their expectations, it was still within their tolerance, but the boulders that killed Void Cult really shocked them!

“He can kill the true saint!”

“No matter what method is used, but being able to kill the gravel is enough to prove this person’s method!”

next moment, everyone looked at Lin Yu with solemn eyes. From the powerhouse of the true sage of the wind and rain pavilion, the beautiful woman in the palace robe first said solemnly: “I think this person is qualified to represent blood. Yan Tavern, join our alliance camp!”

“I agree too!”

Another old man nodded with a cold face, he is the true powerhouse of God Palace. After the beautiful woman in the palace robe, he also changed his attitude.


Not far away, the white-haired middle-aged man from Ageless Mountain also spoke faintly, and his opening meant that the matter was completely settled.

“Well, I agree too.”

I saw that the other powerhouses were all nodded. Although he was still a little unwilling, An Tuo was unwilling to go against the wishes of the people. Nodded immediately agreed.

Perhaps Lin Yu’s strength is still weaker compared to the forces behind them, but being able to kill the true powerhouse means that he has the qualifications to become one and equal to them!

In the final analysis, this Hongmeng God World speaks with strength after all. Lin Yu has shown enough battle strength. Their attitude towards Lin Yu is naturally completely different.

“Since you all have no opinion, then I will enter the great hall discussion.”

When I saw it, Moyuan was nodded. Under his leadership, Lin Yu and the others once again entered the great hall, and then the hall door closed automatically, isolating all the sounds in it.


In the great hall, Moyuan looked around at everyone, said solemnly: “To call you here today, there are mainly two things to discuss.”

“First, the confrontation between the two factions has been established. The outbreak of the great battle is only a matter of time. Since Six Great Influences has established an alliance, I naturally have to set some regulations.”

“Next, Six Great Influences will use Lei Zu Sir as the Alliance Leader, and will uniformly follow the scheduling arrangements. During the battle, all enemies will be killed and various contributions will be made. You can gain military exploits and exchange various treasures and opportunities. !”


Hearing this, An Tuo and the others were not surprised, Qi Qi was nodded.

The major event related to the Six-Party Alliance is naturally not something they can decide. In fact, before they left, the leaders of Great Influence had already settled all the details about the alliance.

They came here more to represent an attitude, just to sign the treaty of the alliance that’s all.

“In addition…”

Moyuan immediately looked at Lin Yu and said: “Xueyou, since the Bloody Tavern has joined the alliance as an independent force, it will naturally have to bear part of the war supplies.”

“Of course, I also know the current situation of the Blood Yan Tavern. Right now, you can not pay resources for the time being, but if I wait for the final victory, after the Beilin Holy Realm is recovered, these resources still have to be made up. Of.”


Lin Yu nodded, Mo Yuan’s conditions are not excessive, and it can even be regarded as a special treat for the Bloody Tavern. Naturally, he would not have any opinion on this.

“Next, let’s talk about the second thing!”

Moyuan’s face immediately became solemn, said solemnly: “You should all know that the final direction of this war, in the final analysis, depends on the highest powerhouse of both camps.”

“Now, whether it is Lei Zu and other Sirs, or the leaders of all parties in the Void Cult camp, they are all in closed-door cultivation in order to take the last step and step into the Great Saint level!”

“Even if there is no breakthrough, but the longer the retreat, the more prepared you will naturally be. If anyone goes out first, he will undoubtedly fall into a passive situation, and this is the meaning of our existence!”

“As long as I can kill the opponent’s true powerhouse as much as possible, and cause them to suffer enough heavy losses, they will be unbearable by their highest powerhouse and forced to take action.”

“Of course, compared to the Void Cult camp, I’m still a little bit weaker than others. Because of this, I’m waiting to seize every opportunity. As long as there is an opportunity to hit the opponent, I must not miss it!”

Pause, Moyuan said solemnly: “Not long ago, I received a message that Huanyu Hou under Lingzu’s command was patrolling his subordinate territories, and we have already explored where he must pass. Come out.”

“Nowadays, I have a total of six true sage powerhouses. As long as I am ambush on the path that must be passed by the phantom feathers, I will definitely be able to ambush them and remove the arm of the spirit ancestor!”


Hearing this, everyone’s eyes immediately lit up.

Illusory Feather Hou is one of the nine princes of the Chixiao Saint Realm, and is also an effective general under the Lingzu’s command. If this person can be killed, it will definitely be a great blow to the Lingzu!


Without any hesitation, Lin Yu and the others agreed to be nodded and can kill a true powerhouse of the enemy before the great battle starts. Naturally, everyone will not miss this opportunity!

“Then go!”

When I saw it, Moyuan didn’t say much anymore. Under his leadership, everyone swept to the depths of void. Three days later, everyone appeared in a quiet and silent valley, and the surroundings were empty. Yes, there is no sound.


At this time, another two days have passed. Two days later, a splitting the air sound suddenly rang, and then, a golden war chariot quickly swept from a distance, and the terrifying aura spread around, Large pieces of void torn apart.

Around the war chariot, there are two teams of repairmen wearing golden battle armor, a total of twelve people, all powerhouses of the quasi-sage level, and although the inside of the war chariot is isolated from the outside world, you can still feel it An aura that is as fierce and powerful as a furnace.


Seeing this, Moyuan and the others burst into light in their eyes, and then they were killed out of the dark without hesitation!

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