Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 2999


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The six true sage powerhouses started at the same time, and the momentum was terrifying to the extreme. The earth-shaking aura broke out, and the golden war chariot was completely submerged in an instant.

bang! bang! bang!

In an instant, the bodies of the twelve quasi-sage powerhouses burst open. In front of the six true-sage powerhouses, even the quasi-sage powerhouse is also impossible to withstand a single blow, and there is no resistance at all. , It has already turned into blood mist!


At the same time, the golden war chariot was also shattered, and one of the silhouettes also exploded. However, seeing this scene, everyone’s faces instantly changed!

“Not good!”

“It’s a trap!”

Everyone’s expressions have changed, and the silhouette that burst apart is just a Stoneman puppet, not the phantom feather at all!

bang! bang! bang!

next moment, several tyrannical auras erupted at the same time. Around the valley, a full eight powerhouses gathered from different directions, surrounded by Lin Yu and the others, all of them were powerhouses of true sage level!

“The Eight True Saints!”

This scene made the faces of Moyuan and the others ugly to the extreme. The so-called patrol by Huan Yuhou was obviously just a trap. The purpose was to lure them here!

They want to take the lead and kill a powerhouse of the Void Cult camp first, but the other party also premeditated and wanted to kill them here!

“I had expected you to be overlooked a long time ago. Today, I really caught a big fish!”

An indifferent voice sounded. Among the eight true sage powerhouses, a black robed man stepped out, and an indifferent voice sounded: “Six true sage powerhouses, if you kill all of you, I think it will be enough to severely damage the Thunder Zu Faction!”

“Didn’t expect, you have reached the level of true saint!”

After that, a middle-aged man wearing a gossiping robe also spoke up. It was the Qitian King who had appeared outside the Taiwu Mine.

His gaze fell on Lin Yu, and said separately: “I didn’t kill you at the beginning, but unexpectedly made you a climate, but you still have to die in the hands of this Eminence!”

“Why talk so much nonsense with a group of dead people?”

Immediately, another indifferent voice sounded, and a man wearing a purple jade towel coldly said: “I will wait for eight people to join forces, enough to kill them all, let’s do it!”

When the voice fell, the man wearing the purple jade turban was the first to do it. He was like a ghost, and he attacked Moyuan in an instant. The tyrannical divine force completely submerged him in an instant.

great battle, it’s about to go!


next moment, Moyuan’s eyes burst into a terrifying rays of light. Although they didn’t expect to fall into the enemy’s trap, with six against eight, they are not without a battle!


Without the slightest hesitation, Moyuan greeted the opponent. He shot dozens of palms in an instant, as if infinite mountain peaks were superimposed on each other, exuding majestic power. All the offensive was blocked.

Then, the two powerhouses immediately fought at close range, and the terrifying collision erupted, causing the surrounding void to tremble crazily!

“Kill them all!”

At the same time, the other seven powerhouses in the Void Cult camp also moved. They stepped out at the same time, and they killed Lin Yu and An Tuo.

bang! bang! bang!

A total of more than ten true sage powerhouses fought together, and countless heaven-shaking, earth-shattering rumbling sounds erupted. Such movements are truly terrifying to the extreme!

“Boy, take your life!”

The icy voice of King Qi Tian sounded, striding to Lin Yu, throwing his palm, a Little Pagoda appeared, and it quickly expanded to thousands of zhang high, surrounded by dazzling divine lights. It was moved towards Lin Yu that was suppressed!

“The first battle is!”

Lin Yu’s indifferent voice also rang. He directly used the ancient witch body, and his whole person quickly climbed to several hundred zhang heights, and countless magic lines appeared in his Divine Physique.

At the beginning, facing the Qitian King in front of him, Lin Yu had no resistance at all. If it hadn’t been Moyu Skull’s move, it would have fallen into the opponent’s hands.

But now, he has also reached the level of true sage, naturally, he is not afraid to fight the opponent!

“God Slaughter!”

“Absolute fairy!”

The stern sword light erupted, containing unparalleled power, and instantly collided with the treasure pagoda. At the same time, Lin Yu’s figure rose to the sky, actively attacking Qi in front of him. King of heaven!

“The pearl of rice grains also shine?”

The King of Heaven was coldly snorted and urged the treasure pagoda to continue to kill Lin Yu. A large number of soldiers emerged from the treasure pagoda. Many weapons such as lance, war battle, and euphorbia rose and fell, carrying amazing murderous intentions. Continue moved towards Lin Yu The town fell down.

bang! bang! bang!

The amazing rumbling sound kept ringing. In just a few moments, Lin Yu and Qi Tian Wang had already fought dozens of rounds.

As one of the nine princes of the Chixiao Saint Realm, the strength of King Qi Tian is naturally not comparable to that of ordinary true sage powerhouses. Compared with Cang Li, An Tuo and his like, he is obviously much more powerful, and soon It made Lin Yu feel the tremendous pressure!

“Good job!”

Next moment, Lin Yu’s eyes burst out with an astonishing divine light. Even after using One Qi Becomes Three Purities, Dao Body and Dharma Body appeared together, attacking each other with this Venerable.


The terrifying divine force broke out, and the three Avatars all shot together. The displayed battle strength was amazing. In an instant, the situation was reversed. Lin Yu, who was still at a disadvantage, was directly suppressed. King Qi Tian!

However, Lin Yu was able to suppress King Qi Tian, ​​but the rest of the people did not go as smoothly, especially the beautiful woman in the palace robe and Moyuan, both of which are facing the siege of the two true powerhouses. The situation can be described as such. Terrible!

“The Qiyue True Sage of Wind and Rain Pavilion is indeed a rare beauty, but unfortunately, it will be vanished fragrance and crumbled jade today!”

Suddenly, a cold voice rang, and the black robe of the Void Cult camp looked at the beautiful woman in the palace robe, his eyes were extremely cold, without the slightest have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, waving his hands. The black sickle was chopped down.


A pitch-black rays of light passed by silently, like a waning moon, exuding extremely cold aura. Everything it passed was completely frozen, and in an instant it had descended to the beautiful woman in the palace robe.

“The fantasy world sinks!”

At the same time, another powerhouse with white pupils and golden eyebrows also shot. The rays of light flowed in his white pupils, such as the vortex turning, turning into white divine light, spreading out, making the palace gown beautiful The woman was shrouded in it.

Under the cover of the white rays of light, her consciousness was in a trance, she stood in place like a puppet, watching the dark saber glow in front of her cut down!

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