Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3000


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“Qiyue is true!”

This scene changed Moyuan and the others together. Originally, their situation was already extremely bad. If one of the true saint powerhouse falls, at least half of them will be damaged. Here, even the whole army is wiped out!

“Qiyue, don’t wake up soon!”

one after another great shout rang out in unison, and at the same time, everyone desperately tried to rescue True Sage Qiyue, but the powerhouse of the Void Cult camp also broke out. Shengshengjiang Moyuan and the others were all blocked. Come down.

“It seems that the hole card must be used.”

Lin Yu sighed slightly. Now, he and Moyuan and the others are grasshoppers tied to the same rope. Seeing that the beautiful woman in the palace gown is about to fall, he naturally can’t just sit idly by!


next moment, he took a deep breath, and then a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering giant roar erupted. That sound exploded like a thunder, and instantly awakened the beautiful woman in the palace robe!


Just after regaining consciousness, she felt the saber glow that was cut down. Before she could think about anything, the blue silk of the beautiful woman in the palace robe danced wildly, and countless azure lights appeared, and the saber glow was dangerously and dangerously blocked. .

“pu! ”

For so, her green silk was cut off by a large amount, and she took a big mouthful of spit blood. Obviously, if it weren’t for Lin Yu to wake her up at a critical moment, she would at least suffer a serious injury even if she wasn’t dead!

It’s just that the crisis she was facing was not over yet, and she was not given the slightest chance to breathe. The black robe true sage and the white pupil and golden eyebrow powerhouse have once again joined forces to kill her!

“There is only one way to save the Qiyue True Sage!”

In this regard, Lin Yu is not at all surprised. He has a solemn face. The Dao Body and Dharma Body have entangled King Qi Tian with all their strength, and in the palm of his this Venerable, there is a broken longbow and one A rotten wooden arrow about to decay.

“go! “

He looked indifferent, raised his longbow, bent the bow and shot, and the rotten wood arrow flew towards the true sage of black robe, but it was just a momentary effort, and it was already in front of the true sage of black robe. !

“It’s just a rotten wooden arrow, you want to stop me?”

When I saw it, the black robe was sneaked. When even one saber cut it out, the dark saber glow passed by like a waning moon, smashing the rotten wood arrow into pieces.


However, when the two collided, the rotten wood arrow suddenly burst out with a burst of blazing divine light. In an instant, the changeable situation and endless killing intent permeated, and it was accompanied by countless gods and demons. The roaring sound!


The power of horror was released from the rotten wood arrow, as if it could destroy everything between Exterminating Heaven and Earth, countless flames burned, and in an instant, the saber glow like a waning moon was submerged and burned, and then moved towards black robe The true saint is shrouded!

“Not good!”

The true sage of black robe suddenly changed color, just like the gravel. When he saw this rotten wooden arrow, he also subconsciously had the idea of ​​underestimating the enemy, until the power of the rotten wooden arrow erupted, it was finally consciousness It’s not good!

“break for me!”

He roared, and the black sickle in his hand slashed out frantically, and countless waning moon-like Saber glow erupted. However, he only made a counterattack now, after all, it was a little late!


It was just an instant effort, all the saber glow was burned out, and then, the endless flames released from the rotten wooden arrow would envelop him in it, and then burn blazingly. stand up.


The terrible cry rang out. Even as a true powerhouse, he couldn’t extinguish the flames all over his body. His Divine Physique was burning rapidly, and his life aura was passing by!

“Not so fast!”

At the same time, Lin Yu’s icy voice was resounded. He didn’t hesitate to use the Quadruple Excalibur. The four killing swords appeared from the four directions of East, South, West, and North. Murderous intention, Qi Qi cut to the true saint of black robe.


A cold light burst out of the eyes of the beautiful woman in the palace robe. Just now, almost fallen was in the hands of the black robe true sage. Now that she has the opportunity to kill the opponent, she naturally won’t have the slightest hesitation!

“The Flower of Death!”

With a soft shout, strands of petals emerge from her body, each petal is crystal clear and near-transparent, extremely gorgeous, beautiful to the extreme, but under this beautiful appearance, what is hidden It is a terrifying killing move!

whiz whiz whiz!

Immediately, the countless petals suddenly shot towards the black robe true saint, and the terrifying aura burst out, like the sharpest blade, completely submerged in it!

“no! ”

Black robe showed despair on the face of the true sage. Under the burning of the surrounding infinite flames, he could not squeeze out his strength to resist Lin Yu and the two people. He could only watch Lin Yu and the beautiful woman in the palace gown. killing move

next moment, his body burst open, and he has completely fallen!

“Yan Xing!”

This scene changed the appearance of all powerhouses in the Void Cult camp.

With eight besieging six people, this should have been a great victory without any suspense, but now, the first one to fall is not the powerhouse of the Thunder Zu camp, but one of them!

There is no doubt that this is an extraordinary shame and humiliation for all of them!

“Kill him!”

Amid the roar, several true sage powerhouses in the Void Cult camp have all put aside their opponents and moved towards Lin Yu in all directions!

“If you want to fight, then stay with you to the end!”

Seeing this, Lin Yu’s face did not change at all. A rotten wooden arrow soon appeared in his palm. It was placed on the broken longbow, and a dangerous aura was immediately permeated. Open.


In an instant, the powerhouses of the Void Cult camp changed their faces.

Although the appearance of the rotten wooden arrow looks very tattered, it seems that it may rot completely at any time, but they have witnessed the scene of the fall of the true sage of black robe, and they will naturally no longer look down on the rotten wooden arrow. !

“Let’s go together, are you still afraid of a rotten wooden arrow?”

next moment, the king of heaven is coldly snorted, although the power of this rotten wood arrow is terrifying, but if several true sage powerhouses join forces, he will not believe it and can’t stop it!


Lin Yu expression was indifferent, two rotten wooden arrows suddenly appeared in the palm of his hand, and three rotten wooden arrows were placed on the bowstring at the same time, indifferently opened the mouth and said: “A rotten wooden arrow, maybe it can’t help you , But what about three?”


In this scene, King Qi Tian and the others changed their colors, especially when the three rotten wooden arrows were aimed at them, they all felt a chill and felt a biting chill.

A rotten wooden arrow caused the fall of the true saint of black robe. If three rotten wooden arrows were shot at the same time, any one of them would absolutely be impossible to resist!

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