Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3001


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Just hesitating for a moment, King Qi Tian and the others all made a decision, turning around and leaving without the slightest hesitation.

If it were just a rotten wooden arrow, they might not be so afraid if they joined forces, but the three rotten wooden arrows were enough to truly shock them!

Three rotten wooden arrows come out together, and may not be able to threaten all of them at the same time, but if it is only for one person, then any one of them will never have the slightest vitality, and will inevitably fall under the arrow!

Such a risk, no true sage powerhouse is willing to bear. In this case, all the powerhouses in the vacuum teaching camp chose to leave immediately.

“It’s over!”

This scene sighed Moyuan and the others in relief.

In this battle, they are undoubtedly the side at an absolute disadvantage. If it weren’t for Lin Yu’s sudden outbreak, True Sage Qiyue would surely fall, and the rest of the people would probably end up very badly.

Fortunately, under the awe of the three rotten wooden arrows, King Qi Tian and the others finally felt jealous and had to retire in a hurry. This crisis was resolved!

“Blood You, thanks to you.”

next moment, Qiyue, Moyuan and the others When even looking at Lin Yu gratefully, even that Antuo has a complex color on his face, and then bows to Lin Yu.

Without Lin Yu, at least half of them would have fallen. It is no exaggeration to say that Lin Yu is their savior!

“You are welcome.”

Seeing this, Lin Yu shook the head, but he didn’t take credit for it.

He was able to retreat Qi Tian Wang and the others, also with the help of the power of the rotten wooden arrow, but in the final analysis, it was because Qi Tian and the others underestimated the enemy.

With the strength of the vacuum teaching camp, it is naturally impossible that there is no treasure that can compete with the rotten wood arrow, but they think that with the advantage of numbers, they can easily solve Lin Yu and the others, so they did not carry that level of treasure.

But for such a thing, it is impossible to repeat the second time again. If the next battle, the vacuum teaching camp will obviously be better prepared!


At the same time, Moyuan’s complexion also became solemn, and he said solemnly: “This time I encountered an ambush, because my intelligence judgment was wrong. For this, I have an unshirkable responsibility.” /p>

“But at the same time, being able to mobilize eight true sage powerhouses at once, the many powerhouses of the vacuum teaching camp have obviously gathered, and the great battle between the two camps has exploded, I am afraid it is already not far!”

“Not bad.”

Hearing this, everyone’s faces became solemn.

Whether it is the vacuum teaching camp or the Leizu camp, the number of true saints is extremely limited. Each party may add up to only 20-30 people. At the same time, eight people are dispatched. This is already an extremely amazing Numbers.

Obviously, the main force of the vacuum teaching camp is already gathered together. In this case, the great battle may erupt at any time!


On this same day, a middle-aged azure robe with a beard and scum appeared in the center of Lei Zu City. He was exuding a tyrannical aura. He was the first Battle General under Lei Zu’s command, the Saint of Scarlet Heaven. The stone king among the nine princes of the world!

A few days ago, Shi Wang left the customs and took over the position of Moyuan. Now he is the principal of Lei Zu City.

He looked around and looked at the indignant people below, and his low voice spread: “The vacuum camp thinks that killing all living beings and exterminating the five territories can make me feel terrified?”



“For such a brutal and cruel butcher, I don’t think there is any need to say anything. Since he wants to fight, then I will stay with him until the end!”

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