Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3002


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“War! War! War!”

The voice fell, and countless cultivators drank together, and the voices of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering made the entire sky throb and vibrate.

There is no need for the Stone King to do more guidance, their fighting intents are already boiling, and everyone is ready for a great battle!


This scene caused a burst of light in the eyes of King Shi, and his low voice spread: “Although I don’t want to start a great battle, I never fear war. This time the battlefield is set at Yonggu. Off!”

“From now on, the army rushes to Yongguguan to fight to the death against the vacuum camp!”

Yonggu Pass is the 1st Layer level under the territory occupied by Lei Zu. If you want to invade Lei Zu City, you cannot bypass this Yonggu Pass. Choosing here as the battlefield is also the Stone King and the others. Decisions made.


Next moment, with a wave of the palm of the king of stone, Lin Yu, Moyuan and other true saints stepped out, standing in the forefront of many cultivators, and the tyrannical aura spread out without concealment.

Behind them, many cultivators are also fighting intents, “hong long long”, and countless warships emerged. With the order of the King of Stone, many cultivators rushed towards the Yonggu Pass!


5 days later, the grandiose army has already arrived at Yonggu Pass.

As Lei Zu occupies the first Xiongguan in the territory, this Yongguguan is indeed very magnificent, towering like a huge mountain, extending ten thousand li, like a True Dragon hovering in the earth.

On the city wall, there are so many restrictions that I don’t know. Even if it is a powerful person at the true saint level, if you want to break through this Yonggu Pass, you will have to pay a great price!

“I have seen the King of Stone!”

next moment, in Yonggu Pass, more than a dozen silhouettes rose to the sky, the first one was a true saint powerhouse, and the remaining dozens were also quasi-sage perfection level powerhouses.

After selecting Yonggu Pass as the battlefield, the ordinary cultivator here has been moved to the rear, leaving only some strong enough to guard here.

The powerful true saint headed by Lei Zu is another powerful Battle General under Lei Zu’s command. It is also one of the nine princes named Zhenxinghou. Although the strength is not as good as the stone king, it is in the true saint Small Among Accomplishment, there is also a strong one at the Peak level!

“Zhenxing, have you ever explored the movement of the vacuum education camp?”

Seeing Zhenxinghou, Shiwang looked solemn, and Dangyi asked.

“They are coming in the direction of Yonggu Pass. It is estimated that they will be here in at most three days!”

Zhen Xinghou’s face was solemn, and his words suddenly made the faces of Shi Wang, Lin Yu and the others serious.

They have arrived at Yonggu Pass immediately, but the movement of the vacuum teaching camp is also extremely fast. They will arrive in at most three days, and there is not much time for them to prepare!

“counter soldiers with arms, and water with earth weir, I will wait here for them to arrive!”

The Stone King’s voice was cold, and then he led the crowd to station in this Yonggu Pass.

In the next period of time, Lin Yu and the others, apart from familiarizing themselves with the environment, were adjusting their states silently. In a blink of an eye, three days passed.


On this day, a terrifying sky-splitting sound suddenly rang, and then, a large void of void exploded, and among the exploded void, huge warships emerged!

There are hundreds of giant great battle ships, each with countless cultivators, the weakest of which is more than three-step Taoist, and there are not a few invincible Taoists and quasi-sage-level powerhouses.

In front of those warships, there are twenty-one silhouettes standing in the void, and the auras emitted by everyone are extremely tyrannical, even above the warships behind them!

“Twenty-one true saints!”

In this scene, Lin Yu and the others immediately changed color.

For the decisive battle at this time, the lineup used by the Lei Zu faction is not strong. Ageless Mountain has sent out three true saints, including Mountain Sect, Wind and Rain Pavilion, and Desolate God Palace. Two true saints.

Under Lei Zu’s command, in addition to a true sage powerhouse sitting in the back, the three true sage powerhouses of Zhenxinghou, Shiwang, and Moyuan were also dispatched, apart from this, and three others accepted the solicitation and joined The lone true saint of the Lei Zu camp.

In addition to Lin Yu, the Lei Zu camp has used a total of 16 true saints. This lineup is enough to describe it as horror. However, the vacuum teaching camp is still five more than them. Really strong!

Twenty-one to sixteen, close to one third, this is definitely a terrible news for everyone in the Lei Zu camp!

“Stone King, long time no see!”

next moment, an indifferent voice rang. Among the twenty-one true saints, an old-fashioned gray-clothed middle-aged man stepped out. He is the first Battle General under the Lingzu’s command, named Cang Feather King.

This time, he is the leader of the allied forces of the vacuum teaching camp!

“You and I have been fighting for many years, now it should be over!”

He looked at the stone king on the city wall, and his icy voice resounded: “After this battle, the Lei Zu camp is destined to scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, and you all person will also be destroyed with the Lei Zu camp! “


Shi Wang looked cold, and responded: “If you want to kill me, then do it. I’m afraid I’m afraid that you will all be destroyed in the Yonggu Pass!”


Behind King Cangyu, a sneer was resounded, and a man wearing Purple Gold Battle Armor stepped forward, saying with a sneer: “A group of clay chickens and pottery dogs, dare to speak wild words?”

“I am the Yuan Xu of the Black Moroccanism. Today, I looked towards You and others and launched a challenge. Any powerful person at the true Saint Small Accomplishment level can take action. As long as I can survive ten moves in my hands, you will be considered a winner. !”

“What an arrogant guy!”

As soon as these words came out, the many true saints behind Shi Wang suddenly became furious.

If you don’t win within ten moves, you will be considered a loser. Yuan Xu’s tone is extremely loud, and he doesn’t put them in the slightest!

“Challenge in front of the battle. If we dare not take the battle, doesn’t it seem that we are afraid of them?”

Beside Lin Yu, the beautiful woman in the palace robe, Qiyue, coldly snorted, said: “I will weigh his strength!”

After finishing speaking, even if Qiyue was swept out, her blue silk exuded dazzling rays of light, coldly said: “Don’t use ten moves, within five moves, I can defeat you!”


Then Yuan Xu laughed heartily and said: “Is there really no one in the Lei Zu camp? Let a woman take the lead. Whether it’s a man or a woman, if you dare to challenge, then everything will be destroyed! “

Amidst the laughter, Yuan Xu’s arm suddenly swelled, and the palm of his hand was enlarged by many times. Every finger was like a supporting heaven giant pillar, moved towards Qiyue Zhensheng suppressed!

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