Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3003


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When I saw it, the true sage of Qiyue was coldly snorted, her azure exuded dazzling rays of light, and with a wave of jade hand, dozens of crystal petals emerged, and the endless frost aura suddenly spread.

bang! bang! bang!

next moment, Yuan Xu’s palm fell down, and his five fingers were like five supporting heaven giant pillars, hiding the sky and covering the earth. In an instant, dozens of crystal petals were smashed into pieces, and then continued Boom to Qiyue True Saint.

“Not good!”

The Qiyue True Sage slightly changed color, and even if she retreated, Yuan Xu’s palm skyrocketed again in an instant, closing all her escape directions, distorting time and space, and blocking Heaven and Earth. On her body.

“pu! ”

The Qiyue True Sage groaned, and a large amount of blood mist sprayed out all over his body, and the whole person was blown out of several ten zhang in an instant. With just one move, he was already slightly injured!

“This Yuan Xuan, actually cultivated succesfully!”

Beside Lin Yu, a white-haired middle-aged man changed his color slightly: “Chaotic empty hands is one of the six absolute art of the Black Moroccanism. It can distort the chaotic time and space and make the enemy unable to escape. Qiyue is afraid to lose!”


As soon as this word came out, Lin Yu and the others around also frowned.

This white-haired middle-aged man is a true sage from Ageless Mountain, and “Ageless Mountain” and “Black Moroccanism” have been fighting in the Dark Sacred Realm for many years, and they are obviously very familiar with each other.

Since the white-haired middle-aged man made such a judgment, the facts are probably pretty close. Qiyue, most likely will not be Yuan Xu’s opponent!

“Give me defeat!”

Sure enough, after that, Yuan Xu shot out several palms in succession, huge palms hiding the sky and covering the earth, the time and space around the fingers were distorted, and he couldn’t use any evasion techniques at all. Holy.

Under the strikes of this palm, True Sage Qiyue is like a quagmire, coughing up blood with a few strokes, and Divine Physique is almost torn apart!

“I will fight you!”

In this scene, the gray-haired middle-aged man was coldly snorted. He took the position of True Sage Qiyue quickly even if he strode out, and then slashed at the opponent.

bang! bang! bang!

In a blink of an eye, Yuan Xu and the white-haired middle-aged man fought for dozens of rounds. However, although the strength of the white-haired middle-aged man is stronger than Qiyue True Sage, he still loses to Na Yuan. brag.

After more than a dozen rounds, Yuan Xu slapped the white-haired middle-aged man’s chest with a violent palm, and immediately made him spit out a mouthful of blood, and he flew out directly!

“Lei Zu camp, can no one fight me?”

He defeated Qiyue and the white-haired middle-aged man one after another. Yuan Xu’s imposing manner became more and more prosperous. He said with a big smile: “clay chickens and pottery dogs, impossible to withstand a single blow!”


Amid the laughter, his voice suddenly paused, his eyes suddenly fell on Lin Yu, and an amazing cold glow burst out: “I heard that you have killed two true saints. , It seems that there should be some strength, why, now you dare not come out for a fight?”


Yuan Xu’s words suddenly made Lin Yu’s brows slightly raised. This Yuan Xu actually initiated an invitation to him?

“Blood You, watch out for traps!”

Beside him, Moyuan revealed a grave expression and said in a deep voice: “This person knows that you have killed two true saints and possesses a big killing artifact like a rotten wood arrow, but he still dares to take the initiative to you The invitation to the battle is obviously a means to deal with you.”

“I suspect that he deliberately provoked before to force you to take action. There must be a conspiracy!”

“I will be careful.”

Lin Yu nodded, what Mo Yuan said is indeed very reasonable, but the other party has already taken the initiative to challenge by name. If he dare not play, doesn’t it appear that he is afraid of the other party?

“If you want to fight, then it will be a fight!”

Next moment, Lin Yu stepped out, and a fierce Sword Intent suddenly flooded out of him, and his whole person seemed to be transformed into one Peerless Ominous Sword. Sword edge was going to be that Yuan Xuan!

“hahaha…good come!”

Seeing Lin Yu stepping out, Yuan Xu couldn’t help being laughed heartily, and then without the slightest hesitation was hands-on, a huge palm fell down, and he was bombarded in front of Lin Yu in an instant!


In an instant, the time and space around Lin Yu was completely distorted and distorted. The huge Time and Space Strength suppressed him, making him seem to be trapped in a quagmire, and even his normal actions were greatly restricted.


A cold glow flashed in Lin Yu’s eyes. Even though Xuan displayed the ancient witch’s body, his whole body instantly climbed up, and countless magic patterns appeared on itself. Forcibly, the breakthrough was the restriction of time and space around him.

“God Slaughter!”

Then, the Sacred Yuan Sword in his hand also skyrocketed, and it was enlarged thousands of times in a blink of an eye, carrying an amazing aura, even when it collided with Yuan Xu’s palm!


Along with a loud noise, Lin Yu and Yuan Xu’s body shape burst back. Yuan Xu’s previous unfavorable arrogant hand was blocked by Lin Yu this time!

“Absolute fairy!”

Next moment, Lin Yu took the initiative to kill Yuan Xu. The Sacred Yuan sword in his hand slashed out, and the fierce sword light swept out like howling wind and torrential rain, covering Yuan Xu.

At the same time, the five-handed Divine Sword straddles Heaven and Earth like a divine rainbow, emitting incomparable dazzling rays of light, rushing towards Yuan Xu in different directions, and the sky full of sword qi suddenly submerged it. Among them!


Yuan Xu loudly shouted, and the aura all over his body actually climbed up again, the palm of his hand kept shooting out, causing the surrounding time and space to collapse continuously, smashing countless sword light sword qi together.

Immediately, his figure swept towards Lin Yu like lightning, and he fought Lin Yu at close range!

bang! bang! bang!

In a short span of time, Lin Yu and Yuan Xu have fought for hundreds of rounds, and the horrible collision sounded constantly. If it weren’t for the stone king and the others to stop, just the aftermath of the battle, I’m afraid It is enough to kill countless repairers around!

“It’s now!”

Suddenly, a burst of cold and severe rays of light burst out of Yuan Xu’s eyes, and a jade bottle suddenly appeared in his other palm, and then crushed it apart without the slightest hesitation.


A strand of black thread suddenly erupted from the mouth of the bottle, like a black snake, the speed reached the extreme, and it was in front of Lin Yu in an instant.

The speed at which all this happens is so fast, even Lin Yu has no time to react. The black thread is already integrated into his body!


In an instant, an astonishing pain erupted from Lin Yu’s soul. Even if Lin Yu was a true saint, he could barely bear this kind of pain and almost fainted!

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