Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3004


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It hurts! pain! pain!

A shocking pain erupted in Lin Yu’s soul. Even though he was a true saint and Soul Willpower was extremely powerful, he could barely bear this kind of pain, and he almost fainted.

“Hate! Hate! Hate!”

“hahaha, go to hell with me!”

“Come on and perish together!”

At the same time, countless extremely cold and bitter voices sounded in his mind. The voice was full of resentment qi, and he didn’t know how terrifying torture he had suffered before he was able to form such a terrifying resentment!

Under the influence of these spiteful voices, Lin Yu completely lost control of his soul, strands of black thread entangled in his soul, as if to completely isolate his soul from Divine Physique.

“Six Spites!”

Not far away, the white-haired middle-aged man of Ageless Mountain’s complexion changed completely. He was surprised and angry and said: “The Black Moroccan Sect has used such a vicious means. This is in trouble!”

“It turned out to be six spites!”

Hearing this, the faces of several people around who knew about it also changed.

Although they don’t understand the Black Moroccanism as well as the white-haired middle-aged man, they have also heard of the name “six spites”, which is a vicious method with a reputation and is said to have almost killed A true Saint Great Accomplishment level powerhouse!

Great Accomplishment, a strong person, even if it is rare in the entire Ten Realms of Mingguang, there are only a few people in each sacred realm. One step further, to reach the Perfection Realm, is the Thunder Zu, the vacuum Sect Lord The strong at this level.

Even these powerful men were almost wiped out by the Six Spites, enough to see the horror of this thing!

“Hurry up and rescue Lin Yu!”

next moment, the gray-haired middle-aged man swept in the direction of Lin Yu, and everyone else was immediately followed along. However, even though their reaction was fast enough, they were still too far away from Lin Yu after all some!

“Boy, you can go to death!”

Looking at Lin Yu, who was stubborn and completely unable to move in front of him, a sneer appeared on Yuan Xu’s face, and the next palm was moved towards Lin Yu and fell.


The huge palm quickly zoomed in, and the five fingers resembled a supporting heaven giant pillar, distorting the surrounding time and space, carrying an unstoppable situation, and blasted down, blasting Lin Yu to pieces!


In this scene, the white-haired middle-aged man and the others all changed their colors. Facing Yuan Xu’s palm, Lin Yu, who had lost control of himself, might not be able to resist it at all!

“you think you can kill me, it’s not that easy!”

At the critical moment, Lin Yu’s tyrannical Soul Willpower played a role. He sensed the coming of life and death crisis in the dark, and actually forcibly suppressed the pain in the soul, and briefly recovered his sobriety!


A terrifying divine glow broke out in his eyes, and one broken longbow suddenly appeared in his hand. Two rotten wooden arrows appeared on the longbow. There was no time for hesitation at all, it was a bow. Shot these two arrows!

Shoo! call out!

Two rotten wood arrows roared out at the same time, and instantly fell on the huge palm, a terrifying force burst out, a sea of ​​blood appeared, and the raging flames burned, directly submerging the palm. In it.

It was just a momentary effort, the huge palm was completely burned to ashes, and then, the monstrous flame was cast away unabated, hiding the sky and covering the earth moved towards Na Yuanxuan!


Yuan Xu’s hairs all over his body exploded in an instant, and his scalp numb, but he never thought that Lin Yu would be able to regain consciousness at a critical moment, and performed such a killing move against him!

“After being hit by six spites, he can still recover sober, what kind of monster is this guy!”

In his heart, both shocked and angry, the six spites, are terrifying means that can threaten the strong of the true sage Great Accomplishment, and for the strong of the true sage Small Accomplishment level, it is almost mortal.

Because of this, after Lin Yu was caught in the six spites, he put down all guards against Lin Yu, but now, his carelessness is to plunge him into a terrifying crisis!

“Spell it!”

He shouted furiously, the divine force all over his body surged crazily, and at the same time he counted his palms and shot them instantly. One after another palm prints appeared in the void, continuously superimposed, and then all rushed towards the dreadful sea of ​​fire. .

He knows very well that two true saints have already fallen due to the rotten wood arrow. If he can’t block the flames in front of him, he will become the 3rd dead soul under this rotten wood arrow!


The terrifying divine force spread out, with dozens of palm prints superimposed on each other, carrying the power of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and the grandiose ground collided with the sea of ​​fire. However, it was just a momentary effort, the former Is completely submerged!

“no! ”

Then, under Yuan Xu’s horrified gaze, the dreadful sea of ​​fire had already come to him, without giving him more opportunities, countless flames had already fallen on him!


The screaming scream sounded, Yuan Xu’s Divine Physique quickly burned, and one rotten wooden arrow was enough to inflict heavy damage to the true Saint Small Accomplishment powerhouse, and two rotten wooden arrows came out together, which was Yuan Xu’s The strength is good, and there is no resistance at all.

In an instant, Yuan Xu’s whole person was already turned into a “flaming man”, and then he was burned clean, without a drop of blood remaining!

“pu! ”

At the same time, Lin Yu took a big mouthful of spit blood. After a brief period of recovery, he soon encountered a more terrifying backlash.

Endless pain erupted in his soul, even surpassing his endurance limit, causing him to faint directly!

“Go back with blood!”

When he saw this, he finally rushed to the white-haired middle-aged man near Lin Yu and shouted loudly. When he caught Lin Yu who was in a coma, he moved towards the rear and quickly retreated.

“Damn it!”

“How could this happen!”

On the other side, seeing Yuan Xu’s fall, the many powerful people in the vacuum teaching camp are also surprised and angry to the extreme.

The guy who had been hit by six grievances and was destined to fall was actually one of the true saints who desperately died, which made them equally unbearable!

“Kill them all and avenge Yuan Xu!”

Along with a cold great shout, a barefoot gray robe man took the lead to kill Lin Yu and the others, and behind him, the rest of the true saints in the vacuum camp were also immediately killed. .

Although Yuan Xu died unexpectedly, in the Lei Zu camp, Lin Yu’s battle strength was also lost, and at the same time, the big killing move of “rotten wood arrows” was lost. In contrast, they still It is the dominant party.

At this moment, naturally, it should be in a spurt of energy to completely defeat the many powerful players in the Lei Zu camp. Of course, we must ensure that Lin Yu is killed!

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