Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3005


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Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering was resounded. Except for the fallen Yuan Xu, the remaining 20 true sage powerhouses from the Void Cult camp killed Lin Yu and the others together, erupting a terrifying matchless aura !

“Then fight!”

Seeing this, the many powerhouses in the Lei Zu camp have no room to retreat. When even they all greeted them, a great battle broke out in an instant!


The terrifying aura spread madly, and more than 30 true powerhouses fought together. This movement was truly terrifying to the extreme, and it instantly shattered the void around it.

If it wasn’t for the powerhouses to deliberately steer the energy aftermath to void, the aftermath of the collision alone would be enough to cause the surrounding cultivator army to lose countless instantly!

However, in this fierce battle, the Lei Zu camp quickly fell into a disadvantage.

Originally, the number of true sage powerhouses in the Lei Zu camp was reduced by five people. Although Yuan Xu died, Qiyue and the white-haired middle-aged man were all injured, and Lin Yu was even more unconscious. Past.

In contrast, the Leizu camp suffered a greater loss, which is reflected in this battle, which naturally further expanded the strength gap between the two camps!


After fighting fiercely for more than a dozen breaths, watching everyone gradually reveal their ruin, Shi Wang was unwilling to shout loudly, and then he waved his palm, and there were 36 big flags on the city wall of Yonggu Pass. Rush up.


36 The banners were shaken together, and the violent wind erupted in an instant, the tyrannical divine force surging, turned into dozens of rays of light and roared out, every rays of light were enough to threaten the true powerhouse. At the same time, bombard the powerhouse of the Void Cult camp.

Yonggu Pass, after all, is the 1st Layer Pass under Lei Zu’s command. Naturally, it is not easy to break through. There are many methods of attack and killing on this city wall. At this moment, it happens to have played a role!

Under the large number of divine light strikes, even if the Void Cult camp has 20 true sage powerhouses, they had to temporarily retreat. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shiwang and the others quickly retreated to Yonggu. Guanzhong.

After that, the 36 banners shook again, and countless ripples spread out, forming a huge Array, covering the entire Yonggu Pass.

“I will let you go for the time being today!”

When I saw this, King Cangyu and the others sneered, and did not continue to chase.

The Lei Zu camp, after all, is also a gathering of powerful Great Influence from several holy realms. It is obviously impossible to completely defeat it in a short time.

For this, King Cangyu and the others were also mentally prepared. Of course, this was also because they had enough confidence in themselves and believed that they would surely be able to win the battle, and they were unhurried at this time.


“Damn it!”

“This is only the first battle, I have suffered such a big loss while I waited!”

In contrast to the calmness of King Cangyu and the others, the complexions of many powerhouses in the Lei Zu camp were ugly.

Although he returned to Yonggu Pass in time and suffered no further losses, at this moment, everyone’s mood was unable to get better.

The army of the Void Cult camp had just arrived, and it was only a tentative battle. They were almost defeated, and the strength gap between the two sides was too obvious.

At the same time, even though that Yuan Xu was beheaded, Lin Yu is still in a coma and does not know his life or death. This is even more bad news for them!

“Jinglin, among us, you know the six spites best.”

Shi Wang looked solemn and looked at the white-haired middle-aged man, said solemnly: “According to your guess, can Xue You survive this disaster?”

“Not good said.”

The white-haired middle-aged man “Jinglin” shook the head. He looked at Lin Yu, who was still unconscious, said with a bitter smile: “Six spites, a combination of Gu poison and Curse Killing means, in the entire Mingguang I am afraid that many evil and malicious secret art in the ten realms can be ranked at least in the top three.”

“In the old days, a true saint Great Accomplishment powerhouse was almost wiped out by the Six Spites. This incident is not just a rumor, but it did happen!”

“And the true sage Small Accomplishment powerhouse, there are 17 people in history who have suffered from these six grievances. Among these 17 people, only one survived, and has since become useless, crazy, insane, and the rest Sixteen people, without exception, have fallen!”


Jing Lin’s words shocked the rest of the people, and their faces became even more ugly.

Of the seventeen true sage Small Accomplishment powerhouses, sixteen have fallen, and the remaining one has also become useless. Even the true sage Great Accomplishment powerhouse almost fell due to this, enough to see the terrifying of these six spitefulness!

Faced with such terrifying methods, can Lin Yu hold on?

“These methods are indeed terrifying.”

Jing Lin gave a wry smile and said: “Once you are infected with these six spites, the terrifying pain and resentment qi will erupt within the body. Among the sixteen true powerhouses, most of them cannot bear this The impact is directly lost.”

“Even if the impact of this first round is blocked, it is far from over.”

“In the next seventy-seven 40 Nine Heavens, the resentment qi and pain will continue to erupt, torturing the recruits, and the degree of pain will continue to increase with the ebbing of time.”

“At the end, even if it is a powerhouse of the true saint Great Accomplishment level, if Soul Willpower is slightly weaker, it may fall directly!”

“These six spites are so terrifying!”

Listening to Jing Lin’s introduction, the faces of Shi Wang, Moyuan and the others became increasingly ugly.

Originally, they had only heard of these six malicious names, but they didn’t understand how they were. Only now did they finally know that these methods are so vicious, evil and terrifying!

“Blood You, I am afraid it will be difficult to survive this catastrophe…”

“What a pity, what a pity!”

Everyone looked at Lin Yu and sighed together.

After knowing the terrifying of the six spites, they can no longer expect Lin Yu. In their opinion, Lin Yu is destined to fall in the footsteps of the seventeen true sage powerhouses, even if they don’t fall. You will definitely be driven mad!


At this moment, Lin Yu finally woke up from a coma. He was sweating profusely, his face was extremely pale, and his whole body was extremely weak.

“Blood You, you are awake!”

Seeing Lin Yu wake up, Mo Yuan’s complexion was extremely complicated. He glanced at the people around him, then gave a wry smile, and repeated Jing Lin’s previous words to Lin Yu.

“Seven Seven 40 Nine Heavens?”

After listening to Moyuan’s words, Lin Yu also fell silent.

It was just the first round impact of the six spites, which almost made him almost unable to withstand it, and in the next 40 Nine Heavens, he will continue to experience this torture, and the pain of this torture will still Will continue to improve!

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