Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3048


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“Holy King Cave Mansion?”

Lin Yu’s eyes condensed, and Lu Family Old Ancestor and the others not far away showed a look of shock.

St. King Level, other powerhouses are not very common in the true song sacred world, and they are enough to compete for the position of the world master. The value of the Cave Mansion left by the powerhouse is obviously extraordinary!

“However, the token I got is just one of the tokens.”

Next moment, Nafu Old Feng Demon then opened the mouth and said: “There are six tokens like this one. Only when six tokens are collected can the Cave Mansion be truly opened.”

“It just so happened that soon after I got this token, I found the owner of other tokens, and agreed to open the Cave Mansion together 3 months later.”

“It’s just that, compared with the owners of other tokens, my strength is not much superior. In addition, hundreds of years ago, due to the pursuit of the Middle Class forces, I lost several treasures.”

“It is for this reason that I made my mind about this mineral vein and Lu Family. I want to earn some source stones to buy treasure and enhance my battle strength!”

“so that’s how it is.”

Lin Yu nodded, said: “You said this, do you intend to buy your life with this talisman?”

“Not exactly.”

Help Old Feng demonic path: “This token can not only allow one person to enter. In fact, each token can accommodate up to six people. We can cooperate to form a small group and enter the Cave together. Mansion exploration!”

“In addition, you don’t have to think about murdering to seize the treasures. After all, it is me who knows the other Owners of the token. Without me, even if you get this token, it is of no use at all. “

“At the same time, if your Excellency is unwilling to let go, I would rather destroy this token directly, rather than make others in vain!”

Speaking, a confident look appeared on the face of Fu Old Feng. He believed that it was about the Holy King Cave Mansion, and Lin Yu would never dare to mess around, and he would definitely give in!

“Are you threatening me?”

However, when he heard this, Lin Yu’s brows were slightly frowned, next moment, without any sign, a sword light suddenly appeared, and he slashed directly at the throat of Fu Old Feng!


Fu Old Feng’s complexion suddenly changed. However, this sword light appeared too abrupt, and its speed was too fast. He had no defense at all, and the throat was directly penetrated by this sword. !


A pillar of blood spurted out, and then, without giving any opportunity to help Old Feng’s demons, Lin Yu’s three major Avatars wielded swords at the same time, and their fierce sword light instantly strangled them to pieces!

“Sorry, I do not accept threats!”

Looking at the Fu Old Feng demon who was smashed into pieces, Lin Yu’s complexion was extremely calm and indifferent.

The previous abrupt sword light is the “Sword of Mind”, a Sword Art similar to the “Alaya Sword of Recognition”, and it is even more weird and difficult. It is silent and disappear without a trace. Can take the life of the enemy.

“Bloodyou Fellow Daoist, did you kill that guy like this?”

Seeing Lin Yu directly attacked and killed the Old Feng Demon, Lu Family Old Ancestor not far away couldn’t help but open his mouth and said: “That guy is die without regret, but he stayed with the powerhouse of the holy king Cave Mansion, aren’t you tempted?”

“Of course I am tempted.”

Lin Yu shook the head, saying: “However, I don’t trust this old Feng demon. This way of doing things that people always destroy the whole family is obviously not a good thing. I let him go today. I am afraid that it will cause many troubles.”

“For these notorious guys, killing directly is the most simple choice!”

“That said.”

When I heard this, Lu Family Old Ancestor slightly startled and immediately clicked nodded.

Indeed, helping Old Feng demons this person has always been seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, temperamental, and cooperating with this person, I’m afraid that he will be entrapped by him first if he doesn’t get any benefits.

“In addition…”

After a pause, Lin Yu continued: “If that guy hadn’t lied, the owners of the other runes would never let the original plan fall to nothing. They would definitely Find a way to find us.”

“We don’t need to help Old Feng matchmaking at all. As long as we have this token, we are naturally qualified to participate in the exploration of Cave Mansion!”

“Brother Xueyou is still thinking about profound things.”

As soon as these words came out, Lu Family Old Ancestor suddenly realized, even if it was a compliment to Lin Yu.

In the next few days, Lin Yu and Lu Family Old Ancestor first sent people to continue to dig this vein. At the same time, they both went to Qi Family, Teng Family, and Yue Family.

In front of the two of them, the Three Great Families had no resistance at all, and they obediently handed over the treasures they had accumulated for many years.

It is conceivable that after the Great Saint powerhouse is lost, the Three Great Families will soon fall. This is the cruelty of the cultivation world. The fall of a powerhouse may directly lead to the destruction of one party.

Of course, no one is to blame for all this. If it were not for the three silver-haired old man plot against first, they would not have fallen to this end.

“All the treasures of the Three Great Families, plus that vein, we can get nearly five thousand source world stones!”

5 days later, after counting all the treasures in front of him, Lu Family Old Ancestor’s face couldn’t help showing a look of shock.

Five thousand source world stones, this is definitely a huge sum of money for ordinary Great Saint powerhouse!

Under normal circumstances, ordinary forces such as the Lu Family want to earn five thousand Source World Stones, which may take hundreds of years, even nearly a thousand years!

“According to the previous agreement, we each get half of the source stone in the vein.”

Forcibly suppressing the greed in the heart, Lu Family Old Ancestor took a deep breath deeply, and then said solemnly: “As for the treasure you got from Three Great Families, it is your spoils of war. You should own it.”

“Counting down, my Lu Family can be allocated a thousand source world stones, and the rest belong to Brother Xueyou!”

Speaking, Lu Family Old Ancestor couldn’t help showing a look of envy in his eyes, but he also knew that if it weren’t for Lin Yu, he wouldn’t even be able to take back these thousand source world stones, and maybe even his own life could not be saved.

He has already earned this thousand source world stones. If he has to be greedy, I am afraid it will bring accidents to himself!

“That’s it.”

Lin Yu clicked nodded. Now when he lacks the Source World Stone, he is not at all deliberately modest, which is to agree with this distribution method.

“By the way, the value of these treasures is not small. If you want to safely exchange these treasures into Source World Stones, you must go to Xiaoyang City.”

next moment, Lu Family Old Ancestor thoughts move, opened the mouth and said: “Bro Xueyou, why don’t you and I take a trip together?”

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