Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3049


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“Xiaoyang City?”

Lin Yu thoughts move, and then slightly nodded.

In a chaotic and cruel place like the Sacred Realm of Zhenqu, ordinary forces like Lu Family can only build a castle as a place to stand, and those who are qualified to open up a city are at least Peak forces!

In other words, only Great Saint Perfection-level powerhouses are qualified to establish a city. Under their control, these cities often have a relatively fair and peaceful environment.

Except for the City Guard, which is responsible for patrolling, no one else is allowed to fight in the city without authorization. Once you violate Law, you will be expelled from the city at least, or killed!

In this case, various trading venues are often stationed in various cities, and in order to ensure safety, many repairers will try their best to conduct various transactions in the city.

Xiaoyang City is the closest large city to Lu Family. Its controller is the overlord within hundreds of millions of miles, Luo Family!

“It’s not too late, we’ll set off now.”

Immediately, after collecting all the treasures into the storage ring, Lin Yu and the two rushed to the location of Xiaoyang City. Three days later, an extremely magnificent Great City appeared in front of them.

This city occupies an area of ​​several million li. A city alone is larger than the rule of the entire Lu Family. The city wall is so high that there are countless restrictions on it.

“This is Xiaoyang City.”

Lu Family Old Ancestor revealed a grave expression, said solemnly: “In order to build this city, Luo Family spent hundreds of years of effort, even if it is the Great Saint Perfection powerhouse, it is difficult to break through the restrictions around the city!”

“There are indeed some means.”

Lin Yu clicked nodded. He has cultivated Tianshu and he is also an Array Dao master, so he can naturally perceive those restrictions out of the ordinary.

Over the years, although he has been negligent on Array Dao, he has also reached the Perfection Level of Array Dao master, which is only one step away from Array Dao Grandmaster.

To be so, it would take at least one month to crack all the restrictions around the city without any interference!

“Let’s go.”

With distractions, Lin Yu and Lu Family Old Ancestor soon arrived at the city gate. After paying two Source World Stones, they entered the city.

“Just for the cost of entering the city, you need a source boundary stone. After that, you have to pay a source boundary stone for every year you stay, and you should pay the source boundary stone first, even if you stay less than a year later, Cannot get any refund.”

After entering the city, far away from the guards guarding the city, Lu Family Old Ancestor couldn’t help but said with emotion: “It’s really easy to earn Source World Stone.”


Lin Yu can’t help but be nodded. At first glance, the cost of entering the city for this Source World Stone seems to be low, but you should know that the number of practitioners who enter and leave every day in a large city like Xiaoyang City is extremely large.

Under such a population base, even if each person is just a source stone, it adds up to a huge number!

Apart from this, every time you stay for a year, you have to pay a source boundary stone, which ensures the long-term income of Xiaoyang City, and even the ability to collect money in this area far exceeds the cost of entering the city.

After all, the permanent population in Xiaoyang City has already reached hundreds of thousands. Coupled with the huge floating population, the source stone that can be earned every year is probably counted in millions. !

Of course, in order to maintain the many restrictions outside Xiaoyang City, a huge source stone expenditure is also required, but compared with the huge profits that can be obtained, it is undoubtedly insignificant.

“No wonder, those Great Saint Perfection-level powerhouses are willing to spend a huge price to build a city.”

Lin Yu has a clear comprehension in his heart. The cultivator is not a philanthropist. As the Great Saint Perfection powerhouse, if there are not enough benefits and benefits, why do they need to open up a city to shelter the rest of the cultivator?

For a small force like Lu Family, it is extremely difficult to earn thousands of Source World Stones, but for example, Luo Family behind Xiaoyang City, relying only on this city, even if they do nothing, You can easily earn ten times, one hundred times the Source World Stone.

But even the Luo Family has to pay a huge amount of Source World Stone to the owner regularly. This is the importance of strength!

“I have the strength of Great Saint Perfection as soon as possible. With my Array Dao knowledge, it is not difficult to open up a city. In addition, after Saint King Realm, must find a way to win the position of the master!”

Lin Yu quickly set a goal in his mind. On the road to cultivation, his own innate talent is important, but external conditions such as cultivation resources are also indispensable.

Of course, this is not something that can be done in the short term. Immediately, under the leadership of Lu Family Old Ancestor, the two of them quickly found a trading market and exchanged all treasures for Source World Stone.

After that, the two temporarily settled in Xiaoyang City.

After paying the stay fee for one year, they naturally don’t need to leave in a hurry. Compared with the outside world, the cultivation environment of Xiaoyang City is indeed better, even the public residential area, Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi Also more full-bodied.

That night, Lin Yu began to retreat.

When he was in Lu Family, his cultivation base was already very close to the quasi-sage Great Success Realm, and the battle with the Old Feng Demon and the others made him feel the critical point of breakthrough.

As he expected, this retreat was extremely smooth. After only half a month, he successfully broke through to the quasi-sage Great Accomplishment level!

This breakthrough means that his battle strength is enough to compete head-on with the powerhouse of Great Saint Boundary Great Accomplishment. If he wants to, he can directly establish a Middle Class power in the realm of True Music.

If he fights another battle with Nafu Old Feng Demon and the others, he doesn’t need to expend any effort at all, he can defeat him directly with a single sword!

Not only that, but his Soul Power has become more aggressive, and his Spiritual Consciousness has become more acute.


next moment, his brows raised slightly, and he felt that a silhouette was approaching quickly, and its speed reached the extreme. Although he intentionally converged aura, with Lin Yu’s current strength, he could easily determine the true strength of the opponent. .

This is a powerhouse of Great Saint Boundary Great Accomplishment!

“Could it be…”

A thought flashed in his mind, even if he had converged his aura, he would restore the aura to the original level, and then, he pretended not to notice anything and was still continuing the cultivation.


Not long after, a thin man with a bronze-mask suddenly appeared in front of him.


Lin Yu pretended to be startled, his complexion changed suddenly, and his figure exploded.

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