Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3050


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“It’s you, killed the guy Fu Old Feng?”

next moment, the corners of the thin man’s mouth slightly tick, playing with the taste: “The strength of the Old Feng Demon is not weak. You can kill him, but you have some ability.”

“Are you here to help Old Feng demons?”

Lin Yu raised his brows and said: “I haven’t heard of any friends who can help Old Feng Demon.”

“I am indeed not his friend.”

The thin man gave a faint smile and said: “I came here just for a token. If I guessed correctly, the token should have fallen into your hand?”

“Sure enough!”

A thought flashed in Lin Yu’s mind, but there was no wave on his face. With a wave of his palm, the half-moon-shaped token suddenly appeared, and at the same time, he said: “It seems that your Excellency is the other tokens. One of the Owners.”

“Well, before the devil who helped Old Feng died, I really told you about the Cave Mansion.”

The thin man nodded, said: “Since you are all understood, I don’t have to go around with you. I am here this time for the sake of the Holy King Cave Mansion!”

“The devil who helped Old Feng died will die. However, since you inherited his rune, his quota will naturally belong to you.”

“In two and a half months, we will gather at Yanglu Mountain, three million li in the south-east direction of Xiaoyang City. At that time, you can bring five people to open the Cave Mansion with us.”

“Don’t try to play tricks, if it is because of your relationship that we have missed the time to open the Cave Mansion, the rest of us will not let you go!”

“Of course, the Cave Mansion left by the Holy King Powerhouse, I don’t think you will miss it in vain.”

Speaking, the thin man chuckled and didn’t stay any longer. He turned into a phantom, and disappeared in the same place in a blink of an eye, as if he had never appeared before.

“Brother Xueyou, what happened just now?”

Next moment, Lu Family Old Ancestor’s figure quickly emerged, his complexion looked extremely solemn.

Just now, he felt that an extremely powerful aura suddenly disappeared from Lin Yu’s house, and realizing that it was not good, he rushed over immediately.

“It’s okay.”

Lin Yu shook the head and told Lu Family Old Ancestor what had happened just now, but he still concealed the news that he had broken through.

Now, he has confirmed that the Holy King Cave Mansion does exist, and judging from the thin man just now, the owners of the remaining runes are by no means good.

In this case, hiding your strength is equivalent to leaving an important hole card for yourself. At the critical moment, you may be able to exert unexpected effects!

“The Holy King Cave Mansion, it really is true!”

After listening to Lin Yu’s story, Lu Family Old Ancestor also showed a happy expression on his face, saying: “The old Feng Demon still tried to coerce us with this matter, but didn’t expect that those people didn’t care about him. .”

“No matter who it is, as long as he has a token, he can participate in the opening of Cave Mansion!”

“Brother Blood You…”

Thinking of this, he suddenly looked at Lin Yu and seriously said: “I remember that Old Feng Demon said that every token can accommodate six people into Cave Mansion. I wonder if I can give me a place? “

“If I can get a spot, I can make a soul vow. No matter what treasure I get in the Cave Mansion, I can give you half, and you can choose first!”


Lin Yu raised his brows and immediately nodded, said: “Yes.”

“In addition, in addition to my two followers, there are two spare spots, which will be handed over to you. However, must invite a reliable powerhouse, and at the same time, they will also establish with you The same soul vow.”

“Don’t worry.”

Lu Family Old Ancestor seriously said: “You can have the opportunity to explore the Holy King Cave Mansion. No matter how harsh the conditions are, you can easily invite a group of powerhouses. Besides, Brother Xueyou, your conditions are already extremely generous.” /p>

“Within half a month, I will find the remaining two powerhouses for you!”

“Then leave it to you.”

Lin Yu nodded, then also left the residence and went to various trading markets in Xiaoyang City.

In the next few days, he first bought a void Dao Talisman at the price of 1,000 Source World Stones, and then spent 1,500 Source World Stones to purchase three Aegis Dao Talisman.

Void Dao Talisman, no matter where you are in the environment, even if void is blocked, you can forcibly break the void and send it to any place within a radius of 100,000 Li.

The Aegis Talisman can form a guardian Array after activation, which can resist one hour under the bombardment of the Great Saint Boundary Great Accomplishment powerhouse, or block the full strength attack of the Great Saint perfection boundary powerhouse.

These two kinds of Taoism are both life-saving treasures. If there is a crisis in the Holy King Cave Mansion, Lin Yu can also have a lot of confidence with these treasures.

Apart from this, Lin Yu spent another three thousand source world stones and bought a set of sword array called “Luohe”.

With Lin Yu’s current strength, the five-color Divine Sword is no longer able to play any role, and because its original material is average, it will cost more to upgrade to the Great Holy Artifact level, so it is better to buy it separately. A set of sword array.

Luohe sword array is also divided into three grades, which are composed of 18 handles, 36 handles, and 81 Divine Sword respectively. With Lin Yu’s current financial resources, only the sword array composed of 18 Divine Swords can be purchased. .

However, this Grade 1 Luohe sword array is enough for Lin Yu today. Among ordinary Great Holy Artifacts, this Luohe sword array is definitely worthy of the fierce word!

After purchasing these few things, Lin Yu has already spent the four thousand source world stones and the savings he originally got from the token space, and even borrowed more than two hundred sources from Lu Family Old Ancestor Boundary stone.

The so-called spending money is like running water, and thousands of Source World Stones are not enough for him today!

“I hope I can gain something from the Holy King Cave Mansion.”

A thought flashed in his mind, Lin Yu returned to the public residential area and continued to cultivate.

The time is in a hurry. In a blink of an eye, more than two months have passed. Lin Yu’s cultivation realm has been completely stabilized, and his strength has improved a lot compared to before.

However, despite deliberately hiding, from the outside, he is still at the Small Accomplishment level of Great Saint Boundary, and he is still the only one who knows that he has breakthrough.

“Almost there!”

On this day, Lin Yu stopped his cultivation. It was only three days before the agreement with the thin man. It was time for him to leave for Nayang Lushan.

“I have seen Brother Xueyou!”

At the same time, Lu Family Old Ancestor and the two powerhouses he invited also appeared in front of Lin Yu.

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