Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3051


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Except for Lu Family Old Ancestor, the other two are a skinny old man and a middle-aged man with purple hair. Judging from the exuding aura, they are both at the Peak level of the Great Saint Boundary Small Accomplishment.

“Brother Xueyou, let me introduce to you.”

Lu Family Old Ancestor said solemnly: “These two, Su Yan Fellow Daoist and Jiang Heng Fellow Daoist respectively, have already made a soul oath and are willing to give half of the harvest from this operation to Brother Xueyou. “


Lin Yu nodded, in addition to Lu Family Old Ancestor, Su Yan, and Jiang Heng, there are also two of his followers, Han Zhen and Hui Yu, who add up to exactly six people.

next moment, everyone no longer delays time, when it is even set off.


whiz whiz whiz!

Three million li away from Xiaoyang City, Yanglu Mountain, six figures descended quickly, Lin Yu and the others.

On this mountain peak, there are already six people waiting there. The leader is the thin man Lin Yu has seen before. He still wears a bronze-mask and can’t see the real appearance.

“Blood You, here you are.”

When Lin Yu appeared, the thin man was slightly nodded and said, “You came very fast. Apart from me, you are the first to arrive.”


Lin Yu expression moved without saying much, but looked towards the few people behind the thin man.

Except for the thin man himself, the other five people are all at the Great Saint Boundary Small Accomplishment level, which Lin Yu expected.

As the leader of a small team, this thin man obviously would not find a strong helper, otherwise it would be beyond his control and it would become a troublesome thing instead.

“Someone is coming!”

Suddenly, Lin Yu noticed something and looked not far away, where the three teams landed almost at the same time.

The leaders of these three teams are a beautiful woman in palace gown, a middle-aged white-haired man, and a bald man.

The gray-haired middle-aged expression is indifferent, carrying a one sword, giving people the feeling of inaccessibility, while the bald man is laughed, very gentle, and it forms a clear contrast with the gray-haired middle-aged.

The strength of the two of them is at the Great Saint Boundary Small Accomplishment level, but Aura is extremely tyrannical, even better than the old Feng demon who was beheaded by Lin Yu.

The beautiful woman in the palace robe is the strongest among the three. She is only 30-40 years old, with a beautiful face and full of temptation, but her strength has reached the Great Saint Boundary Great Accomplishment. level!


At this moment, an overbearing aura suddenly roared from a distance, and then, a man with red hair exuding hot aura, like a stove, appeared in the sight of everyone.

With his appearance, the surrounding temperature suddenly rises sharply, and the terrifying aura spreads arbitrarily, making Lin Yu and the others look slightly different.

The strength of the red-haired man who appeared at last was obviously out of the ordinary. From the aura, it even completely overwhelmed the two of the thin man and the beautiful woman in palace robes!

“Red Sky!”

After seeing the appearance of the red-haired man, everyone changed their colors and their faces became more solemn.

Red Xingtian is also the powerhouse of Great Saint Boundary Great Accomplishment, and its strength is among the same rank. It is definitely a well-known figure. More importantly, he comes from a Peak power, the Aka!

You must know that any Peak force has the powerhouse of Great Saint Boundary Perfection. If this Chi Xingtian moves out of the powerhouse of the Chi family……

“Don’t worry, since I’m here to participate in this operation, I won’t notify Akira.”

It seems to have seen everyone’s worry, that Chi Xing Tian suddenly sneered and said: “Holy King Cave Mansion, even my Chi family Old Ancestor will be extremely tempted, huh, if they are notified, I can still get it. What are the benefits?”

“I am the only one involved in this operation, and even the helpers I invited have nothing to do with the Akami. You can rest assured!”

“There are indeed no people from the Akira family.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked at the people behind Chi Xingtian, and then they were all nodded, temporarily relaxed.

“Well, now that everyone is here, we all introduce ourselves, and by the way, we will test their own tokens.”

next moment, the thin man stepped forward, a token appeared in his hand, and at the same time said: “My name is Gu Chen, and I discovered the location of the Holy King Cave Mansion.”

“My name is Ying Wuque.”

bald man also took out a command symbol, laughed opened the mouth and said.


The white-haired middle-aged man only said two words and also took out a token.

“Gong Ruyue!”

“Blood You!”

“Red Xingtian!”

After that, Lin Yu and the beautiful woman in the palace robe also did the same, and they took out the tokens they mastered.

“Everything seems to be fine.”

Seeing the six signs appearing one after another, Gu Chen nodded, said: “In that case, I will set off when I am here!”

whiz whiz whiz!

Under the leadership of Gu Chen, everyone rose up into the sky in full and swept deep into the void.

“Brother Blood You…”

In the process of looting, Lin Yu suddenly heard a secret sound transmission. The secretly instructor was the Gu Chen who led the way, but from the outside, there was no clue at all. .

“What’s the matter?”

Lin Yu thoughts move, also not revealing the waves, and responded secretly.

“You should have seen that in this operation, a total of six forces participated.”

Gu Chen reported: “Before the opening of Cave Mansion, and even in the initial exploration stage, we may still be able to live together peacefully, but once we find a treasure, all influence cast aside all considerations for face, even life and death battles, It can be said to be inevitable!”

“You were brought into this operation by me, which proves the fate between you and me. I think we can form an alliance and take care of each other in the Cave Mansion, so we can be more sure.”

“If we win any treasure, we can achieve 70% to 30%, what do you think?”


Gu Chen’s words made Lin Yu’s mind move slightly, and immediately responded calmly: “Yes.”

“Very good, then that’s it.”

An imperceptible smile appeared on Gu Chen’s face, while continuing to move towards the front.

“Brother Xueyou, can you talk about it?”

And not long after the communication with Gu Chen just ended, Lin Yu received a secret message from the bald man.

“What’s the matter?”

Lin Yu remained calm and responded calmly.

“You should have seen that among the controllers of the six runes, Gu Chen, Gong Ruyue, and Chi Xingtian are all Great Saint Boundary Great Accomplishment powerhouse. In contrast, the strengths of you, me, and Jifeng are obviously superior. At a disadvantage.”

“If there is a fight, any one of the three of us will find it difficult to contend with them. When the time comes, it may be a waste of work, or even lose our own life.”

“In order to avoid this situation, I think the three of us must join forces!”

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