Peerless Sword Emperor Chapter 3065

Shua! Shua!

While speaking, three puppet soldiers suddenly appeared around him, and the tyrannical aura radiated from them at the same time. Each puppet soldier actually possessed the well- of Great Saint Boundary Great Accomplishment. known figure battle strength!

“The previous golden armor puppets were just my own cards. These three puppet soldiers are another great opportunity I got from Cave Mansion!”

A confident color appeared on his face, lightly said with a smile: “Scarlet Heaven, although your strength is strong, these three puppet soldiers are enough to delay you for a while.”

“When I solve the bloody ghost and cooperate with these three puppet soldiers, I will not believe that I can’t kill you!”

In the sound of light laughter, he waved his palm, and the three puppet soldiers burst out in a monstrous killing intent, and then they shot out at the same time, their figure resembling lightning, and they were already surrounded by Chi Xing Tian Up among them.


After that, without the slightest delay, the three puppet soldiers shot at the same time. The amazing aura erupted like a torrential torrent, and a great battle broke out!

“Blood You, you will be next.”

At the same time, Na Ying Wuqian looked at Lin Yu, lightly said with a smile: “Are you going to admit the game by yourself, or wait for me to kill you?”

“Ying Wuxia, you can create such a situation with the weakest strength, you do have some means.”

To Ying Wuqian’s expectation, Lin Yu’s face was extremely calm. He looked towards the golden armor puppet not far away, and suddenly said: “putting it that way, the previous sneak attack in the void corridor, Is it your golden armor puppet?”

“Not bad.”

Ying Wuqian nodded, said: “I originally wanted to sow discord with this matter, but now it seems that it hasn’t played any role.”

“You plot against quite a lot.”

Lin Yu was slightly nodded, and immediately shook the head again, saying: “Unfortunately, you still miscalculated a bit.”


Lin Yu’s words made Ying Wuwei slightly startled.

“You count thousands, but after all, you miscalculate my strength!”

Without waiting for him to guess more, Lin Yu’s indifferent voice rang. Next moment, an amazing aura erupted from Lin Yu, like a volcanic eruption, making the surrounding void almost unbearable. It almost burst open!


At the same time when this aura burst out, Lin Yu suddenly cut out with a sword, and a cold sword light burst out suddenly, like a galaxy pouring down, the amazing divine light instantly flooded the world.

In an instant, the whole piece of void seemed to fall into a static state, and then with a “ka-cha” sound, void instantly cracked a huge crack.

An astonishing sword light lit up in the crack, carrying the momentum of the stormy sea, like a billowing torrent, unstoppable, and blasted towards Ying Wuxiao before him!

At this time, Lin Yu no longer hides his strength. The real battle is now just beginning!


Feeling the astonishing power of a sword light, Ying Wuqian’s complexion suddenly changed.

He guessed that Lin Yu must have hidden some strength, but in his eyes, even if Lin Yu hides his strength, it is just about the same as Gong Ruyue and Gu Chen, at best slightly stronger that’s all.

From this point of view, Lin Yu’s strength is more than just one point better than Gu Chen and the others? This is clearly stronger than one level!

Even if his strength has skyrocketed, facing Lin Yu’s sword, he still felt a great pressure!


His complexion became extremely gloomy in an instant, and then a fierce light broke out, shouted: “So what? I worked so hard to plot against all of this because of the final opportunity of this Cave Mansion, and the sky was blocking it. No way, you, me, too!”

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