Peerless Sword God Chapter 4162


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“The inner hall is bigger than the outer hall. Besides, I am not very familiar with the Tianxing Hall. How can I find you when the time comes?” Lin Chen said in confusion.

“This is easy to handle. I’ll give you a talisman seal. When you reach the inner temple, just contact me.” The long-haired flame-haired young man said with a relaxed expression.

“It’s not appropriate. If you use Fuzhuan, the movement is too loud, and it is easy to attract the attention of others, especially those of the God Emperor.” Lin Chen shook the head, said: “Think of another way.”

The long-haired young man with flames frowned secretly, thinking Lin Chen was not easy to fool, and immediately said a few more methods, but Lin Chen denied all he didn’t expect.

The long-haired young man with flames feels a headache, and his heart is helplessly said: “Heavenly Sword God King, are you too cautious? Would you like to say a contact method?”

“You can’t be cautious! Those are all God Emperors, if they find out, we will definitely dead end.” Lin Chen gave a wry smile, said resolutely.

In this sentence, he was telling the truth. Both the Blood Buddha and the Withered God Emperor wanted to use him. Once he entered the inner hall, there was a mortal danger.

“Think about it again.” Lin Chen said earnestly.

“I can’t think of it anymore.”

The long-haired young man with flames smiled bitterly, and in his heart Lin Chen scolded a dog-blood sprinkler, thinking that he was a lot of shit.

However, looking at Lin Chen’s posture, he knew that if he didn’t come up with a safe method, he might not let him go.

“I know that there is a bloodline tracking method, that is, if you have someone else’s Bloodline, you can quickly find him.” The long-haired young man gave Lin Chen a fearful look, and said without thinking.

“Oh, do you specifically do this?” Lin Chen said curiously.

“Simply put, the Bloodline you pass, according to the Bloodline tracking method, can accurately find my location.” The long-haired flame youth said.

“Yes, if you have no opinion, then do as you say.” Lin Chen nodded said.


The long-haired flaming young man didn’t expect Lin Chen to agree, and wished to slap himself on the spot.

The mouth is cheap!

Why should I tell him this method?

The intestines of the young flame-haired young man are all regretful.

However, this is the end of the matter, and he has no choice. If he goes back, I am afraid Lin Chen will doubt his intentions.


The long-haired young man with flames forced a smile nodded, he was no choice but to suffer in silence having unspeakable bitter suffering, he had to agree, raised his right hand, forced out a drop of flame-colored Bloodline, and prepared to give it to Lin Chen.

But at this moment, he suddenly saw Lin Chen look harmless to humans and animals and said, “Will one drop be too little? I have never used this method before. If something goes wrong, I can’t find it. You, get more.”


Lin Chen took out a jade bottle from the storage ring and placed it under his right hand.


Seeing this, the long-haired young man with flames had a smile on his face that was uglier than crying, but he had no choice but to brace oneself nodded and put a full bottle of Bloodline.

He thought Lin Chen would be satisfied, but he didn’t expect to see Lin Chen surprisedly said: “Why did you put a bottle of Bloodline? Will it be too much?”

“Didn’t you tell me to put a bottle?” The long-haired young man with flames widened his eyes.

“When did I say that? I was just thinking that you would put a few more drops on it, but didn’t expect you to put a bottle on your own initiative.” Lin Chen’s eyes were surprised and he was wronged.


When the young man with long hair heard this, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood, and said blankly: “Why didn’t you say it earlier? Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“I originally wanted to dissuade you, but you didn’t seem to care, so I didn’t remind you.” Lin Chen hearing this smiled, then patted his shoulder and said with relief: “It’s okay, just a little bloodline. .”

“A little bloodline?”

Hearing this sentence, the long-haired flame-haired young man wanted to cry without tears. His Bloodline was used to obtain the Heavenly Punishment Ding. If it were more, then the hope would be bigger!

“Well, you will tell me the method of using Bloodline.” Lin Chen said with a smile.


The long-haired young man choked speechlessly. After a long pause, he told Lin Chen how to use it.

“Okay, you go to the inner hall first, be careful, don’t be discovered by those unified God Emperors, if you let them know your Bloodline, they can get the Heavenly Punishment Cauldron, you know the end.” Lin Chen reminded.

The long-haired young man with flames glanced at Lin Chen with a bitter look, and walked away like a deep-bowed woman with a cloud of fire.

“I hope this kid doesn’t mess around, otherwise even if he has a Bloodline, he will become a pawn for others.”

Lin Chen watched the flaming long-haired young man go away, then turned and looked towards the Ghost Statue area behind. He saw that King Lei Kong hadn’t given up yet and still wanted to break through.

“Come again!”

Lei Kong Halberd King failed once again. He was knocked out by a combined array of several Ghost Statues. His face was pale as paper, but he clenched the teeth off and stepped into the Ghost Statue area again.

At this moment, a sonorous and powerful voice suddenly sounded in his ear: “From the Gen position, go and shake the position, advance and leave the position…”

“This is the voice of…Heavenly Sword God King?”

Lei Kong Halberd King heard this for a moment, and hurriedly did what Lin Chen said. He turned into a lightning, within the body divine force, burning with speed, dangerous and dangerous, but just right Avoiding the Ghost Statue’s combined attack array, in a short breath, passed the Ghost Statue area and landed on the bluestone slab.


The king of Lei Kong halberd is big, clenched his fist and waved it, then cup one fist in the other hand with both hands, bowed and said sincerely: “Heavenly Sword God King, now it’s hard to repay me, please allow me I will repay you in the future.”

After saying this, he got up and looked up all around, but didn’t find Lin Chen’s silhouette, hurriedly stepped over the bluestone and entered the outer hall.

Looking at the ten thousand li in front of him, the scene of devastation, King Lei Kong halberd immediately stayed in place, unable to recover for a long time.

What’s the matter?

What happened here just now?

Why are the ghost magic spear emperor and Qing Jiao emperor missing?

Could it be…

Were they killed by Heavenly Sword God King?

King Lei Kong’s halberd stunned suddenly, with an astonished expression in his eyes, and then he didn’t dare to think about it anymore. He secretly told himself that he must not disclose today’s affairs.

breathes deeply, as if nothing happened, King Lei Kong halberd quickly went deep into the outer hall of the Tianxing Palace and started his own treasure hunt.

“Find a place to see the harvest this time, and then go to Luohunyuan.”

Lin Chen spirit strength perceives the departure of King Lei Kong’s halberd, and immediately ponders a little, condensed his breath, and turned into a sword light to escape to the mang mountain forest.

After a cup of tea time, Lin Chen found a cave in the ravines, leaving two armored iron wings outside before going in.


Lin Chen sat on a cool rock and took out the storage rings of Flame Emperor, Qing Jiao Emperor, Ghost Spear Emperor, and Feng Yang Sword King.

Fengyang Sword King is only a half-step God Emperor, and his wealth is not as good as the Flame Emperor trio, but even if a little, it’s still better than nothing.


Erase the Spiritual Imprint left by Fengyang Sword King on the storage spirit ring, Lin Chen condenses a hair-like spirit strength, lightly sweep it, and you can see a lot of treasures.

The first is a Divine Stone, nearly 60 Million.

Lin Chen currently owns 470,000,000 Divine Stone. For him, 60 Million Divine Stone is almost negligible, but it is better than nothing.

So, the number of Divine Stones he owned, breakthrough 500 million, reached 500 million 30,000,000.


Lin Chen grabbed his empty hand and ingested Fengyang Sword King’s Life Source Divine Weapon, the silver yellow Divine Sword.

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