Peerless Sword God Chapter 4163

Finally, there are the heavenly materials and earthly treasures of Lingtian Low Grade, mainly including thunderbolt attribute and fire attribute. There are more than ten kinds, which Lin Chen has never seen before.

“This time I really made a fortune.”

Lin Chen’s calm and composed state of mind, could not help showing a hint of joy, after all, it was the first time that he had received so many Pill God medicines of the Low Grade level of Lingtian.

After the inventory was completed, Lin Chen breathes deeply, and his mood calmed down. He muttered to himself: “My vision is still too low. As I continue cultivation, if I become a God Emperor in the future, don’t talk about Lingtian Low. Grade, even the heavenly Middle Grade, and even the heavenly materials and earthly treasures of Lingtian High Grade can be seen.”

Mindful of this, Lin Chen calmed down completely, and after leaving the Tian Xing Palace, he must have a good experience in Qinzhou and increase his knowledge and experience.

Because of the improvement of knowledge and experience, it is also an important part of cultivation.

After counting the contents of the storage spirit ring, Lin Chen gently picked up the ghost storage spirit ring.

This storage ring is dark in color, exudes gloomy and cold aura, and is engraved with delicate ghost patterns.


Lin Chen drew bottle gourd in the same way, erasing the Spiritual Imprint left by the ghost magic gun emperor.

The spirit strength of the ghost law gun emperor is weaker than that of the Flame Emperor. Lin Chen can crack it more easily.


Lin Chen glanced at the treasures in the storage spirit ring, and his eyes lit up. The first thing he noticed were those low grade heavenly materials earthly treasures, the overwhelming majority were death and dark attributes, and there were more than thirty kinds.

This is definitely good news for Lin Chen.

There was a smile at the corner of his mouth, and he said: “These heavenly materials, earthly treasures, to me of the Comprehended Death Shinto and Dark Shinto, are tantamount to provide timely help.”

After all, he has realized the 2nd Layer of both divine ways, and only the heavenly materials and earthly treasures of the Spirit Heaven Low Grade level are useful to him.

Lin Chen thought to himself that in the next period of time, he cultivation the dark and death gods, and he doesn’t need to worry about the heavenly materials and earthly treasures of these two gods.

After receiving his own storage spirit rings one by one, Lin Chen counted the Divine Stones, but he was a little disappointed because there were only less than 100 million Low Grade Divine Stones.

“Why are there so few?”

Lin Chen is puzzled.

Like the Flame Emperor, both of them came from the second-rate Holy Land in Qinzhou. Although it is not as good as the top ten, it is much higher than the Yun Prefecture Five Great Holy Lands.

Since Thunder Blade Flame Imperial Capital owns more than 300 million Divine Stones, it shouldn’t be the Divine Stone owned by Ghost Sword Emperor.

But why is there so much less?

Over 200 million!

Looking at more than 30 kinds of Darkness and Death Attribute Spirit Heavens Low Grade heavenly materials earthly treasures that have been obtained, Lin Chen has a guess, and it is estimated that the Divine Stone has been used by the ghost magic gun emperor.

Missing a little, Lin Chen looked at the Spiritual Imprint storage ring of the Qing Jiao Emperor again, and erased the Spiritual Imprint on it to see that he didn’t expect that there were not many Divine Stones, he looked like he was in his early 100 million.

However, the number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures is more than that of the Flame Emperor. There are no less than 30 kinds, mainly divine medicine from Divine Physique, which made Lin Chen’s eyes bright.

In all fairness, Lin Chen’s Divine Physique is slightly inferior to Qing Jiao Huang without using his life Divine Race Bloodline.

At the beginning, he chose to comprehend the Spirit Sword body, just to make up for the defects of Divine Physique.

However, how can this method of enhancing the power of Divine Physique through Divine Law compare to the strength of Divine Physique itself?

So, Lin Chen took a lot of divine medicine to strengthen Divine Physique during the cultivation of Southern Region.

However, since he worshipped Dao Sect cultivation in Dao Sect cultivation, he rarely took similar Pill God medicine, not because he didn’t want to, but he didn’t get such divine medicine.

Now, from the Green Dragon Emperor’s storage spirit ring, it is a surprise to get so many heavenly materials and earthly treasures from Divine Physique at once.

Cang dragon’s blood fine!

Yan Geng Origin Stone!

Thundercloud purple flowers!


“With these divine medicines, it is enough to more than double my Divine Physique, and it is a big boost for me to hit the God Emperor realm in half a step.”

Lin Chen’s eyes flashed brightly, his current situation is not good, even very bad.

Once he enters the inner hall, he will be subject to the blood Buddha and the withered torture God Emperor and the others, and he will not even have the opportunity to stand up.

However, if Lin Chen can step into the God Emperor realm, his strength will inevitably increase and he will have the capital to compete with the blood buddhas and the others.

This is why Lin Chen knows that Soul Falling is dangerous and still has to go there to find divine liquid.

The spirit recovers completely, and the chance of him breaking through a half-step God Emperor realm will be much greater.

Lin Chen’s eyes burst with a firm rays of light, and soon all treasures were counted, and all the Heavenly Low Grade heavenly materials and earthly treasures were carefully stored by him.

As for the Divine Stone, although they only got more than 200 million Divine Stones from the Green Dragon Emperor and the two storage spirit rings, plus the ones just got, it reached 1.1 billion.

“By the way, before I entered the Heavenly Penal Palace, I obtained the storage spirit rings of the Beast Sect Eighth Elder, Tenth Elder and the others. I haven’t had time to count.”

Lin Chen remembered this, and immediately took out several storage spirit rings from his body, and roughly counted them.

Don’t look at the Beast Sect Eighth Elder and Tenth Elder and the others. They are the Beast Sect Elder, the status is noble, and they are the newborn God Emperor, but the Beast Sect is not even the Holy Land in Qinzhou.

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